Bidding For The Serialized 001/001 One Ring Is At One Million Dollars!

08 Jun by Genoslugcs

Only one "The One Ring" will be printed... And it'll likely take all the gold in Gondor to get it!

March of the Machine Teaser Reveals Transforming Tokens?

07 Apr by ChrisCee

Possible Battle card mechanic, returning legends, modified old abilities, and more!

March of the Machine Spoiler Feature the Most Hyped Planeswalker

29 Mar by ChrisCee

Also reviewing the rest of the planeswalkers for MoM during pre-release season!

Oathbreaker Guide: How To Choose A Powerful Oathbreaker & Signature Spell

26 Mar by Genoslugcs

Today I'll be covering how to pick powerful Oathbreakers and good spells to go with them.

Unleashing the Jankiest Emrakul Decks in Explorer

26 Mar by ChrisCee

Playing the most anticipated Eldrazi in Shadows over Innistrad Remastered!

Huge Dungeon's & Dragons Movie Secret Lair Leaks

24 Mar by Genoslugcs

Six new legendary creatures from a "DnD movie" Secret Lair have been leaked... And they're good!

How To Play Oathbreaker - MTG's Newest Format: Rules, Banned Cards And More

23 Mar by Genoslugcs

Oathbreaker has been made an official format! Come learn how to play, specific rules, and more.

WOTC Sending Cease & Desist Letters To Proxy Websites

18 Mar by Genoslugcs

Today we talk about proxy sites - More specifically, WOTC's recent crackdowns on them and why.

Shadows Over Innistrad Remastered Set Information

16 Mar by ChrisCee

Featuring 302 cards total, from a selected list within the well-beloved classic Innistrad block.

New Mono-White Humans Build Taking Modern By Storm - See What's Enabling It!

16 Mar by Genoslugcs

There's a revamping of an old aggro favorite in Modern and one spicy card is making it possible.

The One Ring Revealed And More! - LOTR MTG Spoilers

16 Mar by Genoslugcs

LOTR spoilers are upon us - Come check out the MTG version of the most notable characters!

Shadows over Innistrad Remastered Introduces Rotating Limited Packs

15 Mar by ChrisCee

Shadows of the Past event will feature different cards for Draft and Sealed every week!

Solphim, Mayhem Dominus EDH Deck - Three Different Builds

14 Mar by Genoslugcs

Interested in a Solphim, Mayhem Dominus EDH Deck? Come check out three unique ways to build it.

"The Legendary Flyers (Not That Kind)" Secret Lair Turns Cards Into Band Flyers

14 Mar by Genoslugcs

Taking a look at the "The Legendary Flyers (Not That Kind)" Drop and its cards.

Cheapest MTG Collector Booster Boxes Right Now

10 Mar by Genoslugcs

Looking to crack Collector Boosters without breaking the bank? Well, I have five sets for you!

Which Oil Counter Deck is the Best in Standard?

10 Mar by ChrisCee

Finding the oil counter decks that truly matter in Standard, theme and play-wise.

Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth: Fake Spoilers Surface

10 Mar by Genoslugcs

A rather large batch of fake LOTR-themed cards surfaces on the web. Don't be fooled!

The New Pauper Infect Deck: Poison Storm - Phyrexia: All Will Be One

09 Mar by Genoslugcs

Do you like proliferating poison counters? If so, this new Pauper deck is for you.

Phyrexian Language Cards Proving To Be "A Mistake" For ONE Draft

08 Mar by Genoslugcs

Phyrexian Language cards being included in Draft Boosters is complicating ONE draft play.

Expressive Iteration And More Banned In Legacy

07 Mar by Genoslugcs

A look at the newly banned cards for Legacy - Why they were banned and what the meta looks like now.

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