MH3 Collector's Edition Eldrazi Precon Contains No Extended Art Cards!

Genoslugcs June 4, 2024 2 min
MH3 Collector's Edition Eldrazi Precon Contains No Extended Art Cards!

Despite being a "for Modern" set, Modern Horizons 3 has four Commander precons coming with it. Each of these four decks is avalible in a regular version and a collector edition version. The collector versions come with all foil contents and are supposed to have 13 "new-to-Magic" extended art cards that are only available in the special edition versions. However, it seems that the Eldrazi precon doesn't have any extended art cards. Let's take a look at the issue and the very poor way WOTC is choosing to handle it.

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Collector's Edition Eldrazi Incursion Has No Extended Art Cards

Collector Edition versions of Commander precons are something we've seen before. They are all foil versions of the given deck and usually contain card treatments you can't get anywhere else. This is supposed to be the case for the upcoming Modern Horizons 3 precons. Each Collector Precon is supposed to contain the deck in foil and 13 "new-to-Magic" extended art cards.

However, in the case of the Eldrazi precon, there are NO extended art cards. Instead, you get the same versions as the regular precon in foil. You can understand how people who paid 300+ dollars for the Collector version are upset they aren't getting what they paid for.

You can see the Collector version and the regular version opened side-by-side here Unboxing Modern Horizon III Eldrazi Commander Deck Collector's Edition. FYI, the video is a bit slow and verbose. So, I suggest you play the video at 2x speed and perhaps without the audio–You won't miss much without it.

Wizards Of The Coasts' Excuse

Not only is WOTC not fixing the mistake, but They're saying it was never a mistake to begin with. They meagerly addressed it (in a much larger article) by saying, "Of note, the 13 new rares from Eldrazi Incursion show up with the same art and treatment as you will find in their Commander deck due to Eldrazi already having a colorless transparent frame." Yep, you read that right. You can read the original article here.

They're trying to play it off like Eldrazi doesn't get extended art versions because they're Eldrazi and have "a colorless transparent frame." Not only is this generally a terrible cover-up, but we also know that they're lying. How? Because there are Eldrazi in the main set (available in Collector Boosters) that do indeed feature an actual extended art frame.

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There you have it, my friends. If you'd planned on picking up the collector edition version of the MH3 precons, specifically the Eldrazi deck, be aware of this issue. If you've already preordered the product, don't count on WOTC to correct the issue. That said, I have heard of many people canceling their preorders. So, you can consider going that route.

Comment below and let me know how you feel about this issue and how WOTC is choosing to "handle it." Until next time, get out there and enjoy some MTG.


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