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Deck Tech Arena Standard
Standard BO1


 This deck to this point, is my final form of my angel sacrifice deck. It takes a new spin on the angel sacrifice in the way of the legendary angels. I thought about using Mirror box, to be able to cast multiples of them, but I remembered the true purpose of the deck. We want angels to in ce...

Deck Tech Vintage

20 Jun by Chaosentity

rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats rats&nb...

Deck Tech Commander
Gluntch, The Conqueror

14 Jun by lifewarrior42

Strategy: Help the table with Gluntch's ability and other group hug cards, but try to make sure that the person benefitting the most is always you (And try to give the second biggest benefit to the player that's farthest behind). Use cards that prevent people from attacking you to ensure that the...

Deck Tech Commander
Loop Daddy

13 Jun by lifewarrior42

Goal: Keep flickering my stuff at instant speed to draw cards, protect myself, untap my mana rocks, and recur instants that flicker stuff. Use Abdel so that single target effects can flicker the whole team, and keep stuff exiled with him so that my board state is difficult to interact with. Creat...

Deck Tech Commander
Sidisi's Milling Station (phase 1)

13 Jun by WanderingTaoist

This is a dredge-engined deck fueled by draw/discard or discard/draw mechanics, letting you keep reusing the best dredge cards to mill yourself every time you discard/draw... simply discard dredge cards in exchange for your dredged back cards, milling yourself as the consequence.  With creat...

Deck Tech Commander
Top 'Background' Pairs (see description)

11 Jun by WanderingTaoist

*Abdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward + Far Traveler (W ETB flicker, Soldier tokens)

Abdel Adrian, Gorion's Ward + Veteran Soldier (W Soldier tokens, flicker)

Amber Gristle O'Maul + Agent of the Shadow Thieves (R/B aggro)

Amber Gristle O'Maul + Guild Artisan (R aggro discard/draw, tre...

Deck Tech Historic
60 Shades of Gray
Historic BO1

11 Jun by godofcreed69

Creatures (All buffed by Forsaken Monument):

- 4 Stonecoil Serpent

- 2 Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

- 1 Meteor Golem

- 4 Animated Guardian Idol

- Animated artifacts with Karn, the Great ...

Deck Tech Alchemy
Revel Bombs
Alchemy BO1

08 Jun by cobaltbluedw

Cabaretti Revels

This deck seeks to take full advantage of Cabaretti Revels to do hilarious things.



  • Grinning Ignus can re-cast its self for 1 red, triggering Revels many times in a turn.
  • Antique Collector can put all your creatures back in...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Abzan "Shigeki Soul" Control
Standard BO1

07 Jun by Jiroxys

What is Shigeki Soul?

Shigeki, Jukai Visionary + Soul Transfer

This combination has been flying under the radar for some time, and it is without a doubt one of the nastiest combos to loop Shigeki with.

But what about Colossal Skyturtle?


Deck Tech Commander
Elder Dragon Dragon Highlander

05 Jun by lifewarrior42

Strategy: Ramp to an insane degree, play Miirym, and double up those dragons. Hit people with dragons. Burn people with dragons. Play more dragons. Blow the table out in the late game by generating ludicrous amounts of mana via treasures and stuff, and draw most of my dec...

Deck Tech Explorer
Self-Wounding Aggression
Explorer BO1

05 Jun by RedemptionGames2018

Hello everyone! Today I'm doing my 1st deck write up on a Rakdos (Red/Black) Aggro/Midrange hybrid deck that features Shadow of Mortality  as one of the deck's main gameplan and win condition. So, what makes this deck absolutel...

Deck Tech Standard
Izzet Delver v2 (SNC)
Traditional Standard

04 Jun by LibertyMTG

Delver of Secrets: a solid turn 1 play against an unknown opponent. An early Delver of Secrets that flips can end games pretty quickly.

Faerie Vandal/Magmatic Channeler: I've been playing Faerie Vandal on MTGA since I don't have wild cards to craft Magmatic Channelers. Faerie Vandal is a f...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Standard BO1

31 May by MikeLikes

Hello everyone. I love the atmosphere depicted in the cards from ***Streets of New Capenna. As such, I'm enjoying trying new decks created that feature legendary creatures from this new set. I've already dedicated an entire column to Giada, Font of Hope, and this week I have three new decks that ...

Deck Tech Commander
Brago's Petitioning Advisors (Final)

28 May by WanderingTaoist

First and foremost, Persistent Petitionersonly care about tapping Advisors, which includes Changelings.  The overall count of Advisors and Changelings is 27, with Irregular Cohort making one extra (included).

A Brago mill deck really begs to have a range of powerful ETB cards in it, b...

Deck Tech Commander
Henzie Blitz Target List

22 May by WanderingTaoist

The Maybeboard has cards that fit the deck but can either be blitzed in for a limited effect plus a draw, or cast normally for longer-term benefits as well.  They are not second-tier cards, but they are not just a blitz target.  Many of them are excellent in this deck....

Deck Tech Traditional Historic
Traditional Historic

20 May by godae



This deck aims to ramp using colorless TRON tools and some built in white land grabs.

Deck Tech Alchemy
Shigeki's Wish Archive
Alchemy BO1

19 May by Frag.Machine

new version of the old shigeki's archive deck. this deck is waaay too fun. basically you stall to the point of being able to abuse the endless recursion of Shigeki + Skyturtle, but the deck is full of other combos and interaction within itself


old cards:

Geistwave ->...

Deck Tech Commander
Henzie's Tülbox (phase 2)

15 May by WanderingTaoist

Once you've cast Henzie twice, Magus of the Order turns into a GGGcc creature search that puts any creature onto the battlefield, then you draw a card!  And then it becomes a priority recursion target.

Ebondeath Dracolith is an interesting card in here... when blitzed in it d...

Deck Tech Pioneer
Marvel (Paprykarz series#13 top8)

09 May by Szmaglord

I choose Marvel for Paprykarz Series #13 simply because I love the deck and I have played it since it was in standard back in 2017.

Pioneer is the format I'm playing since it came out - I felt like it was designed exactly for people like me in mind - I've played standard since 2013 (regula...

Deck Tech Commander
Henzie's Tülbox (phase 1 list)

09 May by WanderingTaoist

3-2-1 Rank is my system for ranking cards' synergy with the commander, or how important I feel the card is to the goal of the deck.  3 is the best, and 1 is the worst.

Fell Shepherd works great with Henzie, providing both a sac outlet for creature, to gain extra value out of them, but...