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Deck Tech Standard
DMU STD white-ench-midrange
Traditional Standard

23 Sep by dunebug

Designed to compete against a mono black world, and some of the rest of the meta.

23 lands - a little lower but with 2 era of enlightenment and 6 spirited companion, you can keep 2 land hands and reliably draw into a 3rd land. The 3rd land


Turn 1 - do nothing

Deck Tech Standard
[DMU] Phyrexian Archives
Traditional Standard

20 Sep by bonbondon

Oni-Cult with a twist.

The idea of this deck is to explode. It's the classic Oni-Cult Anvil and Dragonspark Reactor double engine package, generating tons of cheap creatures and artifacts early game and clogging up the board for the opponent. We want to generate tons of creatures, then ton...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Hands-Down The Best Deck In Standard
Standard BO1

09 Sep by Jiroxys

How can we make mono-black even better? While also packing enough heat to destroy mono-black midrange?

Splash white and green.

According to WotC, the core colors of each wedge have officially changed to match their Ikoria counterparts. Abzan's core is now black, making the oppressiv...

Deck Tech Historic
Historic: Persistent Goblins Combo DMU
Historic BO1

05 Sep by slayeroffrog

update: replaced yawgmoth with hoardmaster, this should add consistency to the combo, as once the infinite mana loop is stablished hoardmaster allows us to draw through our deck to search for a finisher, or it can help find a missing combo piece if its due or die time.

All i...

Deck Tech Commander
Faith Requires Sacrifice

01 Sep by Avacyn_Believer

This deck traces its origins back to when I started playing EDH and my first attempts at a Boros deck with an angel as the Commander. Voltron style became one of my favourite styles to play and it was inevitable to end up with my favourite Magic character (Archangel Avacyn) as the Commander. ...

Deck Tech Standard
[DMU] Jaxadrabik Controlish
Traditional Standard

26 Aug by quantumquark

Jaxis and Ratadrabik are the combo. First, you can get down Ratadrabik (Jaxis can be first, but Rata has ward). Then, you can blitz Jaxis into play. Then, use Jaxis's ability, making a copy of Rata. That copy of Rata will die to the legend rule (and you'll draw a card to replace the discarded one...

Deck Tech Standard
[DMU] Jaxadrabik Legends
Traditional Standard

26 Aug by quantumquark

Jaxis and Ratadrabik are the combo. First, you can get down Ratadrabik (Jaxis can be first, but Rata has ward). Then, you can blitz Jaxis into play. Then, use Jaxis's ability, making a copy of Rata. That copy of Rata will die to the legend rule (and you'll draw a card to replace the discarded one...

Deck Tech Historic
[HIS] [TIER S] Treasures Combo
Historic BO1

25 Aug by mmcreativo


This in an original deck based on auto-win effects that will catch your opponents off guard. If your opponent doesn't play any creatures, you win. If he does, you wipe the board and win by other means. It's all about trickery. I've realized most people don't u...

Deck Tech Traditional Explorer
Esper Doom Explorer
Traditional Explorer

10 Aug by Lisna

Doom Basics

If you are reading this chances are that you are a vivid fan of doom foretold – just like most of my opponents roping me when facing this deck on Arena.

Should you be oblivious to the Doom archetype though do not worry for I am going to provide a short summary of it here...

Deck Tech Pioneer
Grinning Birgi Combo

10 Aug by Szmaglord

This is one of the most annoying combo decks I've met.

With Hazoret's Monument and Birgi, God of Storytelling you can cast Grinning Ignus and return it to hand, redraw from monument if necessary, and basically gain infinite mana. You loot untill you find a wincon and that's it.


Deck Tech Commander
Satoru ETB/Flicker (option 1)

05 Aug by WanderingTaoist

This deck runs on an ETB theme, so the creatures mostly have ETB triggers, plus a bunch of cards to flicker them or copy the triggers.  Any instant speed flicker spells will both help you get a few more ETB effects on the stack, but also allow your creatures/permanents to evade targeted remo...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
🧠MYSTIC PESTS - high IQ anti-aggro
Standard BO1

05 Aug by MrQirn

Mystic Reflection is an incredibly good card that I think many are sleeping on. It can act as:

1) Removal (turning your opponent's entering creature into something weak, like a 1/1 Pest token)

2) Copy the best thing your opponent controls (for when you're behind)

3) Copy the ...

Deck Tech Commander
Satoru List (for Justin; phase 1)

04 Aug by WanderingTaoist

So I would build your core around cheap-to-cast creatures with Shadow (can't be blocked by any creature without shadow, BUT also can't block any creatures without shadow) and other cheap "can't be blocked" creature options.  They don't need any extra cards to make them unblockable, ...

Deck Tech Traditional Historic
Mono Black Control/Midrange
Traditional Historic

01 Aug by PenguinHugs

This decklist is centered around building up toward an inevitable end and has multiple ways of getting there, which is something I always enjoy as it keeps things fresh from game to game. I chose BO3 as I find there are fewer gimmick decks where you're either building specifically against them or...

Deck Tech Traditional Historic
[TOP 500]Retrofitter Foundry
Traditional Historic

31 Jul by theAjforce

Okay, this deck is insane


It isn't often you hear people going around claiming that they just ...

Deck Tech Historic Brawl
Captain Sisay Ain't Need No Pdox
Historic Brawl

28 Jul by Silentpoppy

Captain Sisay Is the Coolest, however she seems to have lost her engine and she needs you to help her. Help Captain Sisay Avenge her loss by finding Phyrexian Praetors, Legendary swords and making control players have to spend 5 additional mana to cast there spells.

Deck Tech Pauper
[Pauper] U/G Infect

27 Jul by theAjforce

Hey guys, what up?

This is my first pauper brew and I'm going to preface this by saying; I do not hav...

Deck Tech Historic Brawl
Jadar's Ghoulag
Historic Brawl

27 Jul by SamuelDuDimanche

--------------------[ 09 - 2022 - adding Dominaria United (7 change) ] --------------------


  • Liliana of the Veil
  • Cult Conscript
  • Braids, Arisen Nightmare
  • Braids Frightful Return
  • Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet
  • Weatherlight Compleated
  • ...

Deck Tech Historic Brawl
Historic Brawl

05 Jul by Luke_

This is a storm combo, which means it relies on casting multiple spells on the same turn. To cast spells, we need mana and cards. The mana will be provided by a mix of Nyxbloom Ancient, Paradox Engine and mana rocks, such as Mox Amber, Cultivator's Caravan and The Great Henge, which will untap ev...

Deck Tech Commander
Tergrid, the Hated One (budget: <$300)

03 Jul by WanderingTaoist

This is the budget version of my other Tergrid deck.  I basically took out almost everything that cost $12 or more, unless it's too good to leave out and under $20.  The Maybeboard has everything I took off of the other decklist, plus other options to help get your initial deck...