Basic User

All base functionality on AetherHub free to use for everyone. We appreciate you supporting us by not using Ad blocker on the site. Ad revenue helps supporting the site.

  • Add up to 20 Favorite decks
  • 1 Card Collection
  • 2 Card Binders

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Doing so will give you these additions:

  • 1 extra Deck Folder
  • 2 extra Private or Open Decks
  • Premium Subscriber in your AetherHub profile
  • Premium Subscriber in your MTGA Assistant profile
  • No Ads on the AetherHub website
  • No Ads in MTGA Assistant
  • Additional settings in MTGA Assistant
  • Unlimited Private and Open decks
  • Unlimited Deck folders
  • Unlimited Card Collections
  • Unlimited Card Binders
  • Unlimited Favorite decks
  • See who follows you
  • Our Gratitude for supporting AetherHub

Premium Users gets all the base functionality provided as a Basic User, but with no limits, no ads and Premium-only features.

AetherHub Content Creator
  • Free for Twitch Partners and Youtube channels with 500 subs. Fill out this form.
  • Content Creator on your profile
  • Access to posting any of your Youtube MTG related Videos on the site. These will show up on the frontpage
  • Deck Videos from Content creators shows up on front page and in our MTGA extension!
  • Deck folders: get five deck folder for sorting decks
  • See who follows you
  • All content you post will have additional visibility on Aetherhub
  • Earn revenue on card sales as a TCGplayer affiliate

Learn more about how to leverage AetherHub as a content creator here!


If you do not want to buy a recurring subscription, you can unlock features separately with NRG. Perfect if you do not want a full subscription but want some of the premium features.

NRG can be used to unlock these features:

  • 3 NRG - 5 extra Private or Open Decks
  • 2 NRG - 10 extra Favorite Decks
  • 1.5 NRG - 1 extra Deck Folder
  • 5 NRG - 1 extra Card Collection
  • 2 NRG - 1 extra Card Binder
  • More features to come