Basic User
  • Browse all articles and public decks on Aetherhub
  • Create unlimited Public decks
  • Ability to embed Youtube videos in your decks
  • DeckHub Twitch Extension
  • Arrange or take part in Tournaments and Leagues
  • Access to all search functions, apps and tools on AetherHub
  • Add up to 20 Favorite decks
  • 1 Card Collection
  • 2 Card Binders

All base functionality on AetherHub free to use for everyone. We appreciate you supporting us by not using Ad blocker on the site. Ad revenue helps supporting the site.

  • Premium Subscriber on your profile
  • Unlimited Private and Open decks
  • Unlimited Deck folders
  • Unlimited Card Collections
  • Unlimited Card Binders
  • Unlimited Favorite decks
  • See who follows you
  • No Ads
  • Our Gratitude for supporting AetherHub

Premium Users gets all the base functionality provided as a Basic User, but with no limits, no ads and a few select Premium-only features.

Content Creator
  • Content Creator on your profile
  • Free for Twitch Partners and Youtube channels with over 1000 subs, contact us!
  • Access to posting Articles
  • Videos from Content creators shows up on front page
  • Videos from Content creators shows up in the MTGA Assistant Extension!
  • Twitch: five live Twitch Content creators will be shown on the front page
  • Deck folders: get five deck folder for sorting decks
  • See who follows you
  • All content you post will have additional visibility on Aetherhub
  • Earn revenue on card sales as a TCGplayer affiliate, see requirements below

Graphic assets are available for use and download for both Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators.


Earn card affiliate sales from decks with the TCGplayer referral system! Read more about earning sales commissions here.


If you do not want to buy a recurring subscription, you can unlock features separately with NRG. Perfect if you do not want a full subscription but want some of the premium features.

NRG can be used to unlock these features:

  • 3 NRG - 5 extra Private or Open Decks
  • 2 NRG - 10 extra Favorite Decks
  • 1.5 NRG - 1 extra Deck Folder
  • 5 NRG - 1 extra Card Collection
  • 2 NRG - 1 extra Card Binder
  • More features to come

Donating helps us with hosting costs and expanding the site. If you like the site and what we do, feel free to make a donation. Our goal is to continue making useful tools for the community.

If you would like to help us out but cannot donate, just disabling any Ad-blockers helps out a lot. We try to make them as non-intrusive as possible.

We appreciate your energy!