7 Underappreciated Brothers’ War Cards

02 Dec by ChrisCee

Our picks for some of the (initially) lesser rated Brothers' War cards.

More Eldrazi coming to MTG Arena

01 Dec by ChrisCee

Thought-Knot Seer officially unveiled for EA2, and it may be just the beginning.

Jumpstart 2022 Pre-Release Overview

29 Nov by ChrisCee

Jumpstart 2022 will have 121 cards total, 51 new cards, 14 legendaries, and 46 themes.

Jumpstart 2022 Anime Cards Notable Picks

26 Nov by ChrisCee

We look at some of the more interesting alternate "anime" art cards for Jumpstart 2022.

Mono Color Brothers’ War Decks for Arena Standard

26 Nov by ChrisCee

Our top three competitive mono-color deck picks that feature The Brothers' War cards.

First top Performing Brothers' War decks

21 Nov by andreliverod

Diving into the top-performing decks from the first days of Brothers' War.

The Brothers' War Commander decklists

20 Nov by andreliverod

Urza vs. Mishra, the ultimate battle of two brothers. Now available in Commander format.

MTG Arena: Are Split Wildcard Bundles Better Now?

20 Nov by ChrisCee

Split from $49.99, to $19.99 and $9.99. Does this make them practical now? Or still just as bad?

New decks from Brothers' War for Historic

19 Nov by andreliverod

Brothers' War introduces some great new Historic decks for MTG Arena.

The Brothers’ War: Mechanics Quick Recap

19 Nov by ChrisCee

Three brand new meld pairs for a glorious total of twelve, and more!

Brothers' War New Decks for Standard

19 Nov by andreliverod

The content creators of AetherHub have started off the MTG Arena brewing season.

MTG Arena: Golden Packs and BRO Wildcard Bundles

18 Nov by ChrisCee

Golden Packs add a delectable bonus for purchasing packs, wildcard bundles revamped.

Bank of America Reports that Hasbro is Killing Magic: The Gathering

16 Nov by ChrisCee

Bank of America predict economic trouble for MTG from overprinting and having too many sets at once.

Everything you need to know about the MTGA Crafter’s Challenge

17 Mar by variancekills

Providing information on the event's EV and implications on wild card valuation

Limited Report: Innistrad Crimson Vow

25 Nov by variancekills

In this article, I provide a summary of 30 VOW drafts that I did to complete the set

Expected Cost for a Day 2 Token in MTG Arena Open: Draft

25 Nov by variancekills

Re-computing the expected cost of obtaining a Day 2 token with the new prize structures

Historic Brawl Staples and Why You Need Them

20 Nov by bpradiant

Staples for the Historic Brawl Format with a writeup on each one. Long but worth it.

Magic colors,clans and shards…What do they mean/do?

29 Oct by Eliteomega8

What is each color and color combo known for plus more!!

Home brews are all about fun!

22 Oct by Eliteomega8

One of the most fun, educational, and gripping things is to win with a home brewed deck.

Limited Report: Innistrad Midnight Hunt

20 Sep by variancekills

Brief report on my 15 runs of Premier Draft for MID.

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