Drafting Hyper-Aggro in Amonkhet Limited: It's Back!
Discussion Limited 

14 Aug by Kagros

The aggressive archetype in an already aggressive Limited environment: Hyper Aggro is Back!

MTG Arena Shortcuts and hidden hotkeys
Guide MTGA 

12 Aug by andreliverod

MTG Arena has many hotkeys and shortcuts that can make your digital MTG life easier.

Double Masters is a Culmination of the MTG's Past Five Years
Discussion Economy 

09 Aug by Kagros

Come take a trip down memory lane as we explore how Double Masters came to be!

Amonkhet Remastered Release Details
News Release 

04 Aug by Kagros

Amonkhet Remastered is fast approaching! Here's what you need to know!

Deck Tracker Update, MTGA Assistant version 1.7 is out.
MTGAAssistant Updates 

04 Aug by andreliverod

MTGA Assistant version: 1.7.0 has been released and contains several new big features.

August 3rd Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

03 Aug by Kagros

A surprise B&R announcement right after the Players Tour. Check out what changes await the metagame!

Mark Rosewater's SDCC Stream Summary
News Updates 

26 Jul by Kagros

Mark Rosewater hosted a stream where he discusses Zendikar Rising! Check out what was discussed!

MTGA July 2020 State of the Game
MTGA News 

15 Jul by Kagros

The monthly MTGA State of the Game has released. Come check out what August has in store for us!

July 13th Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

13 Jul by Kagros

Wizards has surprisingly unbanned something. Come check it out!

The Historic Metagame July - Preparing for The Arena Open
Competitive Metagame 

13 Jul by andreliverod

Arena Open is coming Agust 1st, lets look at what is played in Historic right now.

MTG Arena Standard Metagame July
Metagame Standard 

09 Jul by andreliverod

One week into the July, there are a couple of new decks that are performing well, let us take a look

Upcoming 7/13 Banlist Update
News Updates 

07 Jul by Kagros

Wizards has announced that the new Banlist update will be on 7/13. Find out which formats!

Lore Lost to Time Part 4: Obscure & Inexpensive Commander Hidden Gems
Commander Economy 

06 Jul by Intrepid_Tautog

What forgotten cards dwell in Magic's past? Let's find out with some budget EDH hidden gems! Pt4!

MTGA Power and Glory: Brawl Decklists
Decklists MTGA 

03 Jul by andreliverod

The Power and Glory Event on MTG Arena pit 5 brawl decks against each other. Here are the decklists.

The story behind MTGA Assistant
AetherHub MTGAAssistant 

02 Jul by andreliverod

A deep dive into how the Overwolf Software platform enabled us to build an MTGA extension.

Status of the Historic Meta May 2020
Metagame MTGAAssistant 

01 Jul by andreliverod

A quick look at the top-performing decks in Historic these past months.

M21 Standard Decklists - Week 1 Metagame
Metagame MTGA 

01 Jul by andreliverod

Check out the latest decklists from MTGA Assistant in the Standard formats.

How MTG Arena duplication protection works
Guide MTGA Events 

28 Jun by andreliverod

The hidden mechanics of duplication and reprint protection in MTG Arena explained.

MTG Arena June Update
MTGA Updates 

25 Jun by andreliverod

MTGA version has been released, here is whats new.

Fresh Magic 2021 season Decks from Content Creators
Content Creator Decklists 

24 Jun by andreliverod

We take a look at the latest M2021 brews from AetherHubs content creators.

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