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Down Falls the Ban Hammer. Yet Again.
Historic Standard 

01 Jun by Intrepid_Tautog

Big changes to both Standard and Historic are upon us. One deck dies, Companions slow down, and more

June 1, 2020 Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

01 Jun by Kagros

Wizards has made a change to the Companion mechanic and updated it's Banlist!

Ranked Ladder results for May 2020
Competitive MTGAAssistant 

01 Jun by andreliverod

The Mythic ladder May season has passed and the results are in.

Lore Lost to Time: Obscure & Inexpensive Commander Hidden Gems
Commander Economy 

30 May by Intrepid_Tautog

What forgotten cards dwell in Magic's past? Let's find out with some budget EDH hidden gems!

Arena Open decklists to play and look out for
Metagame MTGA 

30 May by andreliverod

Here is what you have to look out for Day 1 in the Arena Open

Figure out what decks you can build with the Deck Helper
Guide MTGA 

28 May by andreliverod

Get help with finding the meta decks you can afford.

MTG Arena leaving GeForce NOW platform
MTGA News 

28 May by andreliverod

Geforce Now has been a popular alternative for many people to enjoy MTG Arena.

Full Secret Lair: Summer Superdrop Preview
News Release 

26 May by Kagros

The full Secret Lair Summer Superdrop has been revealed. Find out the remaining Secret Lair cards!

Secret Lair: Ornithological Studies Preview
Release Spoilers 

26 May by Kagros

Check out the beautiful new Secret Lair "Birds" Preview!

Secret Lair: Full Sleeves Preview
Release Spoilers 

25 May by Kagros

Come check out the Previews for Secret Lair: Full Sleeves. These are NOT card sleeves.

New Commander Legends Teaser
Interview Spoilers 

22 May by Kagros

Some new information about a now-anticipated Commander Legends card dropped today!

New Masters Set: Double Masters
News Spoilers 

22 May by Kagros

Come find out information about the new Masters set! UPDATED WITH WEEKLY MTG STREAM INFO

Arena Historic Preview Discussion: Honden Brews Part 2
Historic Metagame 

20 May by Intrepid_Tautog

We continue brewing up deck ideas for the Honden cycle in Arena Historic Anthology Vol 3

Arena Historic Preview Discussion: Brewing with Hondens
Historic Metagame 

20 May by Intrepid_Tautog

Arena Historic Anthology III is almost here and there's a Legendary cycle just asking for brewers!

MTG Arena: State of the Game May 2020
MTGA Updates 

20 May by andreliverod

A lot to take in this May with both game modes and new functions coming.

May 18th Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

18 May by Kagros

Wizards has updated the banlist for several formats! Come check it out

Your Guide to the Festival: Battle Royale Event
Guide MTGA Events 

16 May by Kagros

Come take a quick look on how to quickly get 5 wins in the event!

Why you should use MTG Arena Deck Trackers
deck tracker MTGAAssistant 

14 May by andreliverod

Let us take a look at how Deck Trackers can enhance your MTG experience.

The Standard, Historic and Brawl Metagame May
Metagame MTGA 

13 May by andreliverod

What is hot in the May Meta in the different MTGA Formats? Let us take a look

Arena Historic Preview Discussion: Momentary Blink
Historic Spoilers 

12 May by Intrepid_Tautog

Do not underestimate this card, folks! Read how this common has some spicy brewing potential.

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