Conviene il bundle Historic Anthology IV?

13 Mar by MagicMalGiocato

Conviene il bundle Historic Anthology IV? Analizziamolo insieme.

Making Mythic with Boros "Good Boys" Dog Tribal

06 Mar by Intrepid_Tautog

Yes, sometimes Jank can get there. All the way to Mythic. The puppers went the distance!

New Kaldheim decks

01 Feb by andreliverod

A sourced list of the top-performing decks from the Kaldheim Pre-release weekend.

Fifteen amazing Kaldheim brews to try out

26 Jan by andreliverod

Content creator Covertgoblue has made a bunch of brews to try out this Prerelease.

Quick Drafts

23 Jan by andreliverod

In Quick Drafts, you do the draft portion of the event with AI bots.

Tinkerers Cube Draft

23 Jan by andreliverod

In the Tinkerer's Cube, raw power isn't going to be enough to succeed.

Premier Drafts

23 Jan by andreliverod

Select one card at a time from rotating draft packs. The cards will be added to your collection.


23 Jan by andreliverod

In sealed you receive 6 booster packs to create a 40 card deck.

Upcoming MTGA Events January 2021

22 Jan by andreliverod

These are the events available January in MTG Arena.

Eon Mirus fundraise Tournament

29 Dec by Aeny

fundraise tournaments to support Eon and Mrs. Eon, Format Pauper

MTG Arena Events December 2020

22 Dec by andreliverod

Here is a list of events you can play this December!

MTGA Assistant version 2.0 released

21 Dec by andreliverod

The new version introduces a completely revamped interface of the popular MTGA extension.

Kaldheim - A first look

15 Dec by andreliverod

Vikings. Gods. Myths. Legends. So many beards. Let us have a look at the new plane Kaldheim.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

15 Dec by Kagros

Need some help picking a gift for your MTG lover? Check this out!

MTG Arena Bob Ross Codes Revealed

01 Dec by andreliverod

You can redeem Bob Ross Basic land codes in MTG Arena with the following codes.

Winners of Kaladesh Remastered Giveaway

01 Dec by andreliverod

The 200 booster giveaway has ended and we have drawn the lucky winners.

Full Secret Lair: Secretversary Superdrop Preview

25 Nov by Kagros

The full Secret Lair Secretversary Superdrop has been revealed. Check it out!

The way WOTC handles Historic & the banlist could be way better.

24 Nov by ThyrixSyx

In this article I talk about my thoughts on how Wizards can improve the way they handle historic.

MTG Arena Event Calendar November 2020

21 Nov by andreliverod

A list of all planned events in MTG Arena from November to December. And the latest updates.

Bob Ross Art discovered in MTG Arena

13 Nov by andreliverod

The rumors were true, Bob Ross card art found in MTG Arena

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