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The Constructed: Standard Tourney MTGA Weekly hosted by alfawolf_614
Starts in

The Constructed: Standard Tourney The Team Aether League 6 hosted by MTG_Arena_META
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Wren's Run Vanquisher is a placeholder for Wrenn and Six from Modern Horizons.
Risendragon posted a Arena Standard writeup
20 hours ago
Good morrow Magic Malcontents! One of the more recent developments in the MTG meta has been the introduction of the "Superfriends" concept. Basically, you take a bunch of planeswalkers and craft a deck around them while exploiting their powers to your advantage. You can do this for just about any de..Read more
Kazu commented the Standard deck The Rock
1 day ago
Take naturalize out of the sideboard in favor of return to nature because it deals with Phoenix as well
Loses hard to RDW, waste of wildcards.
This was a ton of fun, can’t wait till the next one!
Nice stuff, thanks for the effort of organizing this!!
Blakeizen posted a Arena Standard writeup
1 day ago
Blakeizen's Hero Tokens the tokens we deserve, but not the tokens we need right now. Hello Spellslingers! Blakeizen with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! I've been playing my last list I posted (Greathearted Curve) almost exclusively this week, and have climbed to Plat 1 so far. I'm taking..Read more
Here is some photo proof of what happens in drawn out stalemates or if you get good hands:   Honestly ive been tweaking and changing this for weeks. Usually im grabbing God-Eternal Rhonas. All you do is setup to Finale of Devastation +10 ..Read more
New Standard Tourney lists May MTGA MCQ
2 days ago
CaptainJamoke posted a Standard writeup
3 days ago
List modified for June 2019! Previous list is located here.   Bant Control is a permission-based deck suited for players who enjoy options, combos, and of course control. The cards in this list have numerous synergies and mid-to-late game can often feel like you are playing a combo deck. Wilder..Read more
This is fantastic news! Great job Andreliverod and the rest of Aetherhub! Everyone able to should absolutely take advantage of this opportunity. 10k gems is 50$!
andreliverod wrote an article
3 days ago

200+ boosters and 160k gems in the prizepool for our upcoming tourneys

Competitive Streaming 

We have gotten sponsored by Wizards of the Coast with over 200 boosters and thousands of Gems to hold Tourneys for the community. Compete every week in our tourneys hosted by Team Aether members.

Hydrothermia posted a Modern writeup
4 days ago
The Original Idea This has been my Modern pet project for more than five years. I wanted the original iteration to be good, but it never panned out that way. Mostly due to the high mana cost of a few Coldsnap cards, specifically Rimescale Dragon and Rimefeather Owl. I would combo them with Tamiyo, t..Read more
Risendragon posted a Arena Standard writeup
6 days ago
Good evening Magic Midrange Aficionados! Hope you all had a good Monday and are settling in for a well-deserved rest at the end of the beginning of your work week. So in watching AliasV and her piloting of Grzegorz Kowalski's Dimir Control deck, I decided to look at a Dimir Midrange build. Control, ..Read more
andreliverod wrote an article
6 days ago

Tier 1 War Lists - Diversity equals bye bye wildcards

Competitive Meta 

As someone who has to try all tier 1 decks, the current meta situation has me in a bind. It is too diverse for my wildcards to handle. For those of you looking for a new deck, look no further.

New Modern Tourney lists SCG Classic Modern - Syracuse - 05/19/2019
7 days ago
AdamantMTG wrote an article
11 days ago

Pro vs Schmo -or- It's not RNG it's you.

Beginner Competitive 

Self improvement goals should not be about winning, but managing losses, learning and finding how you can do better next time.

ADustedEwok wrote an article
13 days ago

Frenzies, and Chandras, and Risks, Oh My!

Competitive Meta 

The first competitive War of the Spark week is over, the Champion to no one's surprise, RDW. RDW from last Standard is the litmus test for this Standard. The issue is, which Value Engine is best?

andreliverod wrote an article
1 month ago

Top decks to try out in the War of the Spark Streamer Event

Event Streaming 

The event is approaching, you might be streaming or watching your favorite streamer play. Here is a collection both of some competitive, fun, interesting and janky brews to try out.

New Legacy Tourney lists MagicFest Niagara Falls 2019
1 month ago
New Vintage Tourney lists MTGO Competitive Legacy League: 10/20/2018
7 months ago
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