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andreliverod wrote an article
19 minutes ago

Getting comission payments from posting decks on the site!


With Aetherhub, Content Creators have a unique opportunity to earn commission payments from TCGPlayer by posting decklists on the site.

Vokasak posted a Standard writeup
5 hours ago
This is the engine that makes this deck go: Sunbird's Invocation On paper we've 5 colors, but we're overwhelming Red, White, and Blue, with just the tiniest splash of Green (For Zacama, Primal Calamity and Gaea's Blessing) and Black (Exclusively for Mastermind's Acquisition and sideboard shenanigans..Read more
Cost more than your rent x10
Ditch Unclaimed Territory. Add check-lands.
andreliverod wrote an article
13 hours ago

Congratulations to the winner of Aether League Season two


Our weekly Tourney ended for the season, after thirteen intense rounds a winner finally emerged. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

vMorfinv posted a Standard writeup
15 hours ago
A midrange deck that built up around synergy with Wilderness Reclamation.   Mainboard   Biogenic Ooze - thou its only 2x2/2 for 5 mana, it can make you an army of growing oozes. It's ability have great synergy with Wilderness Reclamation and will work even better with Nissa, Who..Read more
Good works against saprolings
getyhgfs posted a Standard writeup
1 day ago
Version 1.0 Since rotation UW's biggest problem has been spot removal and a more traditional way to close out the game than just Teferi. With the new additions coming in the next set the toolkit is getting where it needs to be to not need a third color, which has several deckbuilding and gameplay be..Read more
So it's nearly a Cube setup. Nice.
Xafanya posted a Standard writeup
3 days ago
Concept: This deck is the base of a mono white prison deck. I am testing it with a janky mana base including most of the memorials. My goal is to complete it once War of the Sparks hits the shelves. The future set is extremey promising for a standard prison deck with Blast zone, Emergence Zone, Mobi..Read more
delintron posted a Arena Standard writeup
4 days ago
I loved Rhythm of the Wild when it was first previewed, but I was sort of dissapointed with its effectiveness when I actually got my hands on it. I could see the card had a lot of potential with its interactions, but it just didn't feel good being too slow for both aggro _and_ control. So I experime..Read more
New Modern Tourney lists MTGO Modern MOCS 4/13/19
5 days ago
Canberg posted a Arena Standard writeup
6 days ago
I've been playing on the Arena ladder with quite a few of my own iterations on a Golgari deck, and this is the one I'm most happiest with at the moment.  With my other deck here I found that glowspore shaman was my favourite creature to have out, and whenever I would draw an orzhov enforcer or ..Read more
Sweet man. I've been working on getting a non-singleton 5 Color format called Type 5A going that's a throwback to the original 5 Color format from the late 90s. I've got a video about it here:
AdamantMTG wrote an article
9 days ago

AdamAnt Prismatic

MTGA Tournament 

This article is intended show basic techniques and provide a high level overview of how a massive pile of cards can work to provide an enjoyable MTGArena Direct Challenge experience.

AetherHub wrote an article
16 days ago

TCGplayer plus Aetherhub equals Sale commissions to Content Creators

AetherHub News 

We are very excited to announce our partnership with! This enables us to do something unique for our content creators.

andreliverod wrote an article
20 days ago

Redeem a free sleeve and six alternate arts with this code


The code is "starterstyles". This gives you the following alternate art cards and a sweet looking sleeve. There is also more codes from the Mythic Invitational. Find all inside!

New Vintage Tourney lists MTGO Competitive Legacy League: 10/20/2018
6 months ago
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