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Core Set 2020 Spoilers Wednesday 19. June

1 cards spoiled

The Constructed: Standard Tourney The Team Aether League 9 hosted by MTG_Arena_META
Starts in

daseeker25 commented the Modern deck Blue 1 Drops
7 hours ago
I would consider Delver of Secrets or Faerie Seer for creatures. Docent of Perfection can be a fun payoff for some of your wizards.
I gotcha then yea snapcaster is not great when budget is a factor. [[Light Up the Stage]] is better supported by your mana base but I think [[Opt]] will be better. [[Spirebluff Canal]] is a big upgrade to the mana base but not the cheapest land either. I've seen similar decks run 2ish [[Burst Lightn...
pokeygooses posted a Commander writeup
8 hours ago
Morophon, the Advisor I could never see Morophon being an advisor but he fits the role well, I mean I personally wouldn't take advice from a weird shapeshifting elk thingy but that's beside the point. Lets get to writing a petition! Part 1: Main Pieces Morophon, the Boundless Persistent Petitioners ..Read more
DanGion commented the Modern deck Wizards' Prowess
12 hours ago
daseeker25, tnx for advices. My point was to create deck cheaper then 500$. [[Light up the stage]] is only for fuel - 2 cards for 1 mana. May be replaced for [[Sleight of Hand]] or [[Opt]].
If you have a lot of uncommon wild cards and nothing to use them on, then you have come to the right place my friend! You've heard of a superfriends deck well this is kind of a mediocrefriends deck, instead of plansewalkers we have every guildmage... lets get to tapping! Part 1: Guildmages Assemble!..Read more
KrabKore posted a Arena Standard writeup
1 day ago
Wildcards Needed:Common: 6Uncommon: 25Rare: 4 Mythic: 0 The majority of this deck is made up of the uncommon Planeswalkers from War of the Spark so hopefully you have been able to pick some of those up by this point to make constructing this deck easier. The only 4 rares that need to be crafted..Read more
Introduction  This janky little red deck that relies on a bunch of goblins, Cavalcade of Calamity and Banefire as a win-con. It comes in at a whopping $20 price tag on paper. Not sure if this could be a good starter deck for a person just getting into Magic? Though adding a sideboard would help..Read more
The Esper Control is sick. People concede mostly after first board wipe. Got my last 6 wins in no time (approx. 30 mins)
Blakeizen posted a Arena Standard writeup
3 days ago
Blakeizen's Naya Superfriends the green one didn't get as much screen time anyways. Hello spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the weekly Saturday morning build for you! I've been working on this list for a bit and It's gone through some big changes, but I finally landed on one that has started to cli..Read more
andreliverod wrote an article
3 days ago

Commence the Endgame Counters Event High Wins Decklists

Decklists MTGA Events 

The Endgame is finally here, equip yourself with one of these lists made by the great people of Reddit. We have scoured the MTGA Subreddit for the best decklists, results are as posted by the authors.

sinpyro posted a MTGA Events writeup
3 days ago
Disclaimer: This is meant to be a budget-friendly deck for people who want to get their stained glass without having to spend a bunch of rares or mythics. As a consequence, this is not a Tier 1 deck for this event. However, it is good enough to get most people through the event with little fuss so l..Read more
andreliverod wrote an article
4 days ago

The Super Spiffy Tournament II

Streaming Tournament 

AetherHub is an official sponsor to AliasV's next Super Spiffy Tournament! Compete with 400 other contenders for a variety of different prizes. Tourney Date 14th July

andreliverod wrote an article
7 days ago

We now have a spoiler section on the website

Spoilers Updates 

Starting with Magic 2020, we now have our own spoiler section on the website. Spoilers will also be shown on the front page feed, displaying the daily spoilers with links to the spoiler page.

andreliverod wrote an article
8 days ago

The MetaHub, Detailed overview of the current Metagame and statistics

AetherHub Updates 

The new MetaHub is now available on the site. We have separated the user posted decks from the tournament lists. Summaries and statistics are available making it easy to get an overview of the meta.

Message from admin
9 days ago

New Metagame & Statistics update

New Standard Tourney lists MagicFest Taipei 2019
10 days ago
New Modern Tourney lists SCG Invitational Modern 2019
10 days ago
Thanks for adding my Esper Control list ! :) Just wanted to point out that i updated the list with the Mastermind Aquisition Package. Good luck in your games!
Agreed, import / Export is an important base function of any collection system.
New Legacy Tourney lists MagicFest Niagara Falls 2019
1 month ago
AdamantMTG wrote an article
2 months ago

AdamAnt Prismatic

MTGA Tournament 

This article is intended show basic techniques and provide a high level overview of how a massive pile of cards can work to provide an enjoyable MTGArena Direct Challenge experience.

New Vintage Tourney lists MTGO Competitive Legacy League: 10/20/2018
7 months ago
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