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MTG Secret Lair - Winter Superdrop 2024
Genoslugcs 16 Feb
The MTG Secret Lair winter superdrop 2024 contains 6 awesome drops. Today, I'll cover what they are and what they contain and show all the cards that you won't want to miss.
Top Standard Decks - February 2024
ChrisCee 07 Feb
A look at the MTG Standard Tournament, Bo3, and Bo1 metagame in February of 2024.
How To Build, Maintain, And Play A Cube In Magic: The Gathering
Genoslugcs 28 Jan
Everything you need to know to build, play, and maintain a cube in Magic: The Gathering.
Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Precons Decklist Complete
ChrisCee 25 Jan
Which of the four MTG Commander Detective flavors do you prefer?
18 Feb by MTG_Joe
Looking for the best decks in mtg standard best of one (Bo1) after the release of Karlov manor. I summarized early ranked ladder data up to mythic rank.
18 Feb by TheMTGRebellion
In this episode @TheMaxDamage9999 asks the tough questions regarding recent statements by content creators and influencers in the MTG community. Is Standard made stale by a 3 year rotation?
17 Feb by MTG_Joe
MTG Timeless best of three (Bo3) weekly metagame breakdown for best decks in MTG Timeless Best of Three on MTG Arena. If you are looking for a Tier List of the tier 1 decks up to mythic rank, we are h
Lets put a new twist on a Trend which is other wise getting stale. Bat Heist deck building, with an often overlooked card pool. No more same old Bat heist decks.

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Murders at Karlov Manor Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers
ChrisCee 14 Jan
We go back to Ravnica once more, to solve a mystery murder case on February 9, 2024.
MTG Color combination guide
andreliverod 09 Jan
A guide to all the color combination names in Magic: The Gathering.
Top Timeless Decks - January 2024
Genoslugcs 07 Jan
A look at what people are playing in Timeless MTG in January 2024 - Including BO1 and BO3.
Top Standard Decks - January 2024
ChrisCee 03 Jan
A look at the MTG Standard Tournament, Bo3, and Bo1 metagame in January of 2024.
14 Feb by TheMTGRebellion
This MTG Rebellion State of the Meta features the most decks we've ever tracked in one episode! As always your hosts are here to guide you through the Bo3 Standard meta.
13 Feb by MTG_Joe
Best NEW Decks for MTG Standard Best of One Karlov Manor up to Mythic Rank on the MTG Arena Ladder. Focus is on decks using new cards from the Karlov Manor set.
12 Feb by TOTALmtg
Today i have 5 new MKM standard budget decks with just 5 rares in each! These decks are great for budget, new or beginner players! I've included some optional upgrades so you can add some more power i
It's an ideal time to take stock of your BRO collection, and consider crafting lower rarity staples! There is still 18months of Standard to be played.
Mono-Black Storm In Timeless Is Amazing
Genoslugcs 31 Dec
Mono-Black Storm with Necropotence, Dark Ritual, and Beseech is killing in Timeless!
The Motley Pirate Deck Flavors of The Lost Caverns of Ixalan
ChrisCee 28 Dec
We check each of the major pirate decks used in MTG Arena for the last month.
Mindless Timeless with Brainless Tyrranax Rex
ChrisCee 21 Dec
Relieve your day stress with a nice, warm, no-thoughts-head-empty Timeless MTG Arena deck.
Ravnica Remastered Anime Cards Complete List
ChrisCee 15 Dec
Collecting all anime cards from the upcoming Ravnica Remastered MTG set in a single place!
New, F2P and Budget players often need to approach Arena differently, and Draft is no exception.
08 Feb by TOTALmtg
See which cards I think will impact standard from MKM and let me know yours?
Helping you get the most from your Jump In experience!
06 Feb by Capricorn
A full set review for the multicolored cards in MKM!
Khans of Tarkir Limited Bombs
Genoslugcs 14 Dec
Get ready for Khans of Tarkir on Arena by brushing up on all the best limited bombs.
Ravnica Remastered Set Information
ChrisCee 14 Dec
Featuring all the things that you loved from the city of guilds, jam-packed for January 12, 2024!
Blood Rites Upgrade Guide - Lost Caverns of Ixalan Precons
Genoslugcs 11 Dec
Want to increase the power level of the Blood Rites commander precon? I've got you covered.
MTG Fallout - All Available Products And Their Contents
Genoslugcs 09 Dec
A look at all of the products coming with the MTG Fallout set and what they contain.
06 Feb by Capricorn
A full set review for the multicolored cards in MURDERS at KARLOV MANOR!
06 Feb by Capricorn
A full set review for the multicolored cards in Murders at Karlov Manor
06 Feb by Capricorn
A full set review for the multicolored cards in MURDERS at KARLOV MANOR!
Affording the Mastery Pass doesn't have to be Murder!
Khans of Tarkir Set Information and Latest Updates
ChrisCee 09 Dec
Khans of Tarkir is coming to MTG Arena on December 12th 2023, along with the new Timeless format.
Murders at Karlov Manor - Set Info, Spoilers, And More
Genoslugcs 08 Dec
Did you miss the first look at MKM? Don't worry we've got you covered with spoilers and much more.
Timeless is the Newest Format for MTG Arena
ChrisCee 05 Dec
This Vintage-lite format looks like the ultimate, free-for-all, build-it-all format for MTG Arena.
B&R Announcement December 4, 2023 - RIP Karn, Fury & More
Genoslugcs 04 Dec
We've got bans, we've got unbans, and Fury is no more - Come check it out!
Top Standard Decks - December 2023
ChrisCee 04 Dec
A look at the MTG Standard Bo3, and Bo1 metagame in December of 2023.
Predictions For The Big Bans And Unbans Coming To Pioneer & Modern Tomorrow
Genoslugcs 03 Dec
My predictions for tomorrow's B&R announcement which will have bans & unbans for Modern and Pioneer.
Lost Caverns Of Ixalan Precons Ranked
Genoslugcs 02 Dec
Raking all four of the Lost Caverns of Ixalan commander precons from worst to best.
Helping Pugnacious Hammerskull Bulldoze Through in Standard
ChrisCee 02 Dec
Can we build a good enough MTG deck focused on this three-mana 6/6 green bruiser?
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