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Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena decks
Meta Standard 

22 Sep by andreliverod

Dipping our toes gently into Throne of Eldraine, we have compiled decklists with a focus on cards from the old set with a few new cards and a couple of new spicy lists that will burn your wildcards.

Eldraine Pre-Release Weekend Community Tourneys- 60k Gems 60 boosters in prizes
AetherHub Tournament 

20 Sep by andreliverod

Join the Worlds first Standard Tournies, explore a fresh meta and help shape the beginning of the Eldraine Standard format. Three tournaments over two days with a large prize pool sponsored by Wizards launches Personal Statistics Profile Pages for MTG Arena

20 Sep by AetherHub

HearthSim LLC, the company behind and, har launched a new feature in their app: Personal Statistics Profile Page.

MTG Arena Beginners Guide - What you need to know starting off
Guide MTGA 

15 Sep by andreliverod

There is a lot to discover in the MTG Arena client. In this guide, we will focus on the client and not gameplay, how the events are built up, some tips for both beginners and experienced MTG Players.

MTG Arena Quest List
Guide MTGA 

15 Sep by andreliverod

Quests in MTG Arena rewards you for completing objectives and they encourage you to try a variety of decks to do this. Quests reward you with gold and XP. This is a list of all quests in the game.

Why Wizards should think a long time before adding curated cards to Historic
MTGA News 

14 Sep by andreliverod

Historic has a lot of potential as a format and the community is split on whether or not it is a good idea or not to add curated cards to the format.

Arena Standard
Mean Green Mono Green

09 Sep by Risendragon

Good afternoon Magic Malcontents (yeah, let's settle on that!). Last week I posted a Mono Green deck that did well in casual play but was getting absolutely stomped in competitive ranked play. Being the responsible content creator that I am, I updated the deck based on some of the other content more

UB Reanimator Write-Up + Sideboard Guide

28 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

This deck is by no means the best deck in Standard, nor will it profit you a lot in Constructed. However this deck is very fun to play, and I believe people should be aware of this deck. The decks main goal is to mill Agent of Treachery and/or Scholar of the Ages and then bring them out for a low more

Arena Standard
Izzet Phoenix (PR)

25 Aug by Risendragon

Good morrow Magic Magpies! Risendragon here with my take on a rotation-proof (RP) Izzet Phoenix build. Those that have followed me and my deck building know that I love to experiment and brew and this is one brew that I feel has potential in a post-Ixalan/Dominaria rotation. This archetype has made more

Arena Standard
Grixis Amass Control M20

24 Aug by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Grixis Amass Control coming back to my baby for M20 standard. What's up spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning build for you! Sorry, we took a week off. Check out the Deck Tech on YouTube: Grixis Amass Control. The video goes over the card choices and showcases the deck more

Jeskai Walkers Write-Up +Sideboard Guide

19 Aug by MTG_Arena_META

Jeskai Walkers is a tough deck to play. The decisions you make between planeswalkers plays are crutial and you cannot make all the right decisions after every turn. However just like any control deck, if you make it to the late game, you have set yourself up for success from your later draws. My more

Arena Standard
Jeskai and Taxes

18 Aug by SonzeySpace

Good afternoon gamers! Today I have something a little different to give you gals/guys. You see normally I do not like to tackle the metagame because I prefer fun over the monotonous grind of using cookie cutter net decks. For me the fun in magic comes from unlocking unique mechanics and more

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