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Dominaria Standard Shakeup best decks
Meta MTGA Events 

18 Aug by andreliverod

The new Standard Shakeup brings in a lot of bans in an attempt to make it more brewer friendly. We take a look at the decks we expect to be at the top in this event.

Exploring Off-Meta Decks
Arena Standard Standard 

16 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some fun Tier 2-2.5 decks like Simic Leyline Ramp, UW Blink, BW Knights and Rakdos Control

Content Creator Events, The Guests.
Brews Streaming 

13 Aug by Maechael1916

First foray into Showing off Other MTG CCs in arena in article form. Featuring T1Glistenerelf, Majin_shinsa, and LevDev. With janky brews, and silly matches as the backdrop to the talk

Singleton Amonkhet Plane-cation Chronicles Decklists
Decklists MTGA Events 

11 Aug by andreliverod

Need some quick wins in singleton or want to enjoy yourself with some cool brews? Check out these decks and tips for the Amonkhet Place-cation event

Aetherhub playing Against MTGJeff - The MTG Arena Budget challenge
Content Creator MTGA 

10 Aug by andreliverod

I had the pleasure of being invited by MTGJeff to a challenge where we built 3-color decks out of commons/uncommons. We had a lot of fun brewing and playing against each other in this unique format.

Rotation Proof Decks Pt 3
Arena Standard Standard 

09 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some potential decks/archetypes which contain cards surviving this upcoming rotation. We look at MonoB Midrange, 5C Golos Gates, GW Tokens and Esper Tempo/Hero

Arena Standard
Jeskai and Taxes

18 Aug by SonzeySpace

Good afternoon gamers! Today I have something a little different to give you gals/guys. You see normally I do not like to tackle the metagame because I prefer fun over the monotonous grind of using cookie cutter net decks. For me the fun in magic comes from unlocking unique mechanics and more

Arena Standard
Sultai Friends

11 Aug by WaifuGate

Deck Tech: Deck focused around Planeswalkers both to gain card advantage and to produce value. It focuses on mainly preying upon vampires and Scapeshift, while having decent matchups vs most creature-based decks.    Sideboard Tech: The sideboard focuses mostly on ensuring games more

Arena Standard
Get F&!?ing Rektdos

11 Aug by Risendragon

Good evening Magic Murder Hobos! Gonna start off by saying how grateful and thankful I am to be a part of this community. It is very supportive and the amount of feedback I have received over the past week has been nothing but phenomenal. I have started recording videos for these decks and while I more

Arena Standard
Amplifire Thud-Punch (Jund)

10 Aug by SonzeySpace

Beware, this deck contains true jank.... Good evening gamers! It is time for the next tier 1 deck, just for you tonight I have an unbeatable deck. I personally guarantee that this deck will take you from iron elo to diamond/mythic/Global-Elite/challenger rank. In my extensive testing I achieved more

Arena Standard
Mono White Bishop

10 Aug by Blakeizen

Blakeizen's Mono White Angels Pretty Angels.  What's up spellslingers! Blakeizen here with the Saturday morning afternoon build for you! There's no video for this one yet, that will be tomorrow. I've moved the video schedule a bit thanks to my career, but you can head over to my YouTube more

Arena Standard
Yarok n' Roll

07 Aug by Risendragon

Good morning Magic Minders of Business! Today I bring to you a take on a deck that is starting to take off: Sultai Elementals. Except, we are not running a ton of elementals in this deck, so let's call it Sultai Aggro for now! The main purpose of this deck is to get down some early beefy bois & more

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A very fun deck to play. Reef helps get land and cards, Dismissal helps control board, Krasis helps with life and cards, clone a couple oozes and drop...
paywy, this deck's objective is to strap down the opponent using control in 2-headed giant games while the teammate deals damage to the opponent. I co...
This deck was similar to Marduuuuu and I loved that deck so I played this one and it makes me happy! These red black aggro decks are yummy. Hmmmmm tha...
the best way to beat simic flash is to play white and rule of law
The key to beating Simic Flash, play Simic Flash....
Wow - I completely disagree with the other comments on this section - I made Platinum using a different version of this very deck. Great construction ...
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