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Build and share decks, host tournaments, look up card information and manage your Magic The Gathering card collection. All with an easy to use mobile first interface which enables you to manage your assets from all your devices. Our management tools are free to use.

Our aim is to give you the best tools you need to manage all your MTG needs.

Find and share decks

Explore the Deck Hub and discover other peoples creations. Post and share your own lists, quick Import / Export functions or Favorite decks to easily have access to them later. Add deck descriptions and link cards by using our card tag functions, as a content creator you also have access to embedding youtube videos in your deck lists.

Your tool for MTG Arena

With the Twitch Deck Hub extension you can embed any public Aetherhub.com deck in your stream by installing our app on Twitch.tv. A small transparent button will be available for your viewers access your deck. Easily swap between decks by selecting currently played deck, the Deck Hub Twitch extension was made for use together with the popular Deckmaster Twitch extension. Let your users see your decklists and at the same time give them access to hover in-game assets.

Create Tournaments

With the Tourney hub you can create, manage and track Magic the Gathering swiss tournaments. With the help of autocompleting names of players in earlier tournaments you can quickly set up tourneys without having to type in all the names and DCI numbers. Tournaments you create are not publicly visible and the players you add to the database is only viewable for you. The Tourney hub will automatically assign the correct number of rounds and also automatically pair players up against each other with the option to manually overriding rounds and pairings.

Keep track of your decks

The Deck Hub helps you with your deckbuilding needs. Want to share a creative deck with other players before the next FNM? Just send them a link. Want to keep your decks secret before your next tournament? Just set them as private. Keep track of the manabase and curve of your decks and select from a variety of deck types.

Future functions

Card collections

Manage your collections, trade and saleslist in the Collection Hub. Organize all your cards digitally and create binders of your different collections for easy viewing and to show your collection. Your collection data are by default private, but you have the option to make it public.


Need a card or want to trade away som newly opened cards? With our trade tool makes it easy to trade your unwanted cards with other players. Create wishlists and match with other players wishlists.

Cube Builder

Having access to your collection makes managing your Cubes an easy task. Keep track of owned and missing cards, manage and share your Cubes with other players. AetherHub provides you with the tools needed for your Cube needs.