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ChrisCee 21 Sep
Has this ‘broken’ combo embedded itself into the Standard MTG meta?
Genoslugcs 20 Sep
Ponies: The Galloping 2 is here and has something for everyone, MLP fan or not.
Genoslugcs 19 Sep
Many powerful enchantments are at all-time low prices thanks to Enchanting Tales reprints.
Genoslugcs 17 Sep
Adventures make a comeback in WOE - Here are my picks for the ten best adventure cards in MTG!
21 Sep by TOTALmtg
New meta decks for standard! See how Wilds of Eldraine is impacting the meta!
19 Sep by MTG_Joe
Best Meta Decks in MTG Arena Standard Best of One (Bo1)
18 Sep by MTG_Joe
125 Player MTG Standard Tournament Top 8 Coverage
17 Sep by MTG_Joe
MTG Arena: Explorer Meta Update from Wilds of Eldraine

Featured Creator Decks

Genoslugcs 15 Sep
MTG has some GREAT artists - Here are my top 10 picks for art from Wilds of Eldraine.
Genoslugcs 15 Sep
Complete decklists for both decks from the 2023 Starter Kit.
ChrisCee 13 Sep
A very, very brief breakdown of the latest official post about constructed formats in MTG Arena.
ChrisCee 11 Sep
Which MTG cards in Wilds of Eldraine became the most popular a week after release?
15 Sep by MTG_Joe
5 Off-Meta Standard Decks that 5-0'd MTGO Leagues
Why mess around, when you can focus on the best options?
13 Sep by MTG_Joe
Best Meta Decks in Traditional Standard Best of Three | MTG Arena & MTGO
Don't have a big collection? We have a plan!
Genoslugcs 10 Sep
Like combo decks? WOE has you covered - Infinite tokens, endless mana, and... turtle combo?
Genoslugcs 09 Sep
Wilds of Eldraine cards are making themselves felt in Stardard! Here's a look at five strong decks.
Genoslugcs 09 Sep
Orzhov Tokens is back on the menu thanks to some spicy new additions from the recent LOTR set!
Genoslugcs 06 Sep
A look at how Adventure works with commander tax for Beluna Grandsquall & Kellan, the Fae-Blooded.
12 Sep by TheMTGRebellion
State of the Meta is back with decks from Wilds of Eldraine Standard.
12 Sep by HamHocks42
The MagicJank crew discuss how WOE is impacting Standard.
11 Sep by dahero671
Why is land destruction hated? The most hated strategy?
11 Sep by TheMTGRebellion
In this episode I gather the team to discuss Wilds of Eldraine and how it has impacted Standard in p
ChrisCee 05 Sep
A look at the MTG Standard Tournament, Bo3, and Bo1 metagame in September of 2023.
Genoslugcs 03 Sep
LOTR Scene Bundles' new cards got spoiled early and are incredibly strong.
ChrisCee 02 Sep
A quick rundown of the best picks in Limited for Wilds of Eldraine.
Genoslugcs 02 Sep
Use these five tips to quickly improve your next MTG draft.
10 Sep by TOTALmtg
Today I have some new budget decks with zero rares for WOE standard!
10 Sep by MTG_Joe
Best Decks for MTG Standard Best of One | Wilds of Eldraine
08 Sep by MTG_Joe
What is Winning & What Is Not So Far in Eldraine Best Standard Best of One
For those looking to get the most from their Jump In experience!
ChrisCee 31 Aug
At least two from the list have very serious meta potential for MTG Standard... hopefully.
Genoslugcs 31 Aug
A look at the most expensive cards from Wilds of Eldraine!
Genoslugcs 27 Aug
Players don't ALWAYS have to be enemies in EDH... Come, master commander politics, and up your game!
ChrisCee 23 Aug
Virtue and Valor and Fae Dominion decks show excellent value for what are being offered so far.
Genoslugcs 20 Aug
Everything you need to know about the upcoming Standard Rotation and the MTGA renewal season.
ChrisCee 18 Aug
Showcasing every anime card of the upcoming enchantment exclusive extra set of Wilds of Eldraine!
Genoslugcs 15 Aug
A breakdown of all the best commander cards from Wilds of Eldraine.
Genoslugcs 13 Aug
We have a chunk of Wilds of Eldraine spoilers that have been leaked, and they're quite powerful!
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