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24 Nov by powrdragn
Many people struggle replicating results from decks they download from deck play videos and vlogs.
24 Nov by ThyrixSyx
In this article I talk about my thoughts on how Wizards can improve the way they handle historic.
22 Nov by powrdragn
There's been a lot of talk about the Arena shuffler being broken. We talk about why people may be fe
22 Nov by powrdragn
I take weird decks from fans, fix them up, and see if they are even playable.
20 Nov by TOTALmtg
Unboxing the new precon Reap the Tides!!
20 Nov by andreliverod
A list of all planned events in MTG Arena from November to December. And the latest updates.
14 Nov by powrdragn
I interview The Professor from Tolarian Community College about motivation and self worth.
13 Nov by andreliverod
The rumors were true, Bob Ross card art found in MTG Arena
11 Nov by CardCounterChris
Here is the review for all the Kaladesh Remastered Spoilers I think that impactful for Historic.
10 Nov by TOTALmtg
Which cards from Kaladesh Remastered will have the most Impact in Historic? Today i go through some!
08 Nov by andreliverod
We have gone back to 2016-2017 and brought back the best of Kaladesh
08 Nov by Bandit_MTG
Kaladesh Remastered, de Commander Legends et de l'état du format Standard.
03 Nov by andreliverod
We are giving away 200 MTGA boosters this November to celebrate the remaster of Kaladesh.
03 Nov by TitanSmashMTG
Kaladesh Remastered is coming soon to MTG Arena. What cards will make an impact? Lets discuss.
02 Nov by Kagros
The Kaladesh Remastered card image gallery is now live. Check out what's in and what's out.
02 Nov by powrdragn
Figured I'd give my take on what's been good & bad about Commander Legends thus far.
30 Oct by Kagros
Jeweled Lotus, one of the biggest cards in Commander Legends, isn't as good as you think
29 Oct by JasonFleurant
In this episode we speak to one of the largest Magic the Gathering Youtubers Covert Go Blue. We spea
26 Oct by Kagros
There has been an unfortunate delay to pushing out MTGA Arena to mobile devices
26 Oct by TitanSmashMTG
MTG Arena needs another competitive queue outside of ladder play. Leagues are the answer.
20 Oct by Kagros
A new Secret Lair for Extra Life 2020! Come check out what lies within!
18 Oct by Bandit_MTG
Dans ce sixième épisode d'Objectif Mythique, Bandit et Gabriel Nassif découvrent Yorion Blink.
The Sliver Hive joins us in this dead-eye perspective of Magic's latest Secret Lair:The Walking Dead
13 Oct by Kagros
The monthly MTGA State of the Game has released. Come check out what November has in store for us!
12 Oct by Kagros
A B&R announcement after the Grand Finals. Check out what changes await the metagame!
11 Oct by andreliverod
Here is the October update summary for Aetherhub. Have a look at our new metagame page.
10 Oct by JasonFleurant
In this episode we breakdown the best decks in Standard and talk about Seth's Unique deck choice


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