09 Jul by andreliverod
One week into the July, there are a couple of new decks that are performing well, let us take a look
07 Jul by Kagros
Wizards has announced that the new Banlist update will be on 7/13. Find out which formats!
06 Jul by Intrepid_Tautog
What forgotten cards dwell in Magic's past? Let's find out with some budget EDH hidden gems! Pt4!
01 Jul by andreliverod
A quick look at the top-performing decks in Historic these past months.
01 Jul by andreliverod
Check out the latest decklists from MTGA Assistant in the Standard formats.
01 Jul by andreliverod
The Power and Glory Event on MTG Arena pit 5 brawl decks against each other. Here are the decklists.
30 Jun by andreliverod
A deep dive into how the Overwolf Software platform enabled us to build an MTGA extension.
28 Jun by andreliverod
The hidden mechanics of duplication and reprint protection in MTG Arena explained.
25 Jun by andreliverod
MTGA version has been released, here is whats new.
24 Jun by andreliverod
We take a look at the latest M2021 brews from AetherHubs content creators.
22 Jun by andreliverod
The original target was late summer but it is already coming this week!
21 Jun by Intrepid_Tautog
What forgotten cards dwell in Magic's past? Let's find out with some budget EDH hidden gems! Pt3!
17 Jun by Kagros
Wizards has announced that the Jumpstart release on MTGA will be slightly different than paper
17 Jun by andreliverod
Core 2021 is fully spoiled and available in the AetherHub Database.
14 Jun by andreliverod
The decklists from Players Tour are in, spoiler Alert: Temur, Temur everywhere.
14 Jun by andreliverod
Website and extension updates this June. A lot of new features and a new format has been added.
11 Jun by andreliverod
As a response to the recent article from Wizards we have done updates to our database.
09 Jun by Intrepid_Tautog
What forgotten cards dwell in Magic's past? Let's find out with some budget EDH hidden gems! Pt2!
09 Jun by andreliverod
Winota is suspended in Historic BO1 and Traditional Historic.
07 Jun by andreliverod
Barely two days have passed since the bans, but we have collected the best performing lists for you.
10 Jul by Kdog3030
10 Jul by DrSpilikin
10 Jul by absurd_heroine
10 Jul by Vladislaugh
10 Jul by Titansfan920
10 Jul by TheFhulk
09 Jul by HelloGoodGame
09 Jul by LegenVD
09 Jul by DinoMTG
09 Jul by powrdragn
09 Jul by TOTALmtg
09 Jul by FlummoxKid
09 Jul by ThyrixSyx
08 Jul by MTG_Joe
08 Jul by mtgalchemy
08 Jul by SuperMadLad
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