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Get in contact with us by clicking this link: Support Center

You can also send Andreliverod or VesselOfCreation a message on our Discord server, or get in contact with any of the helpful people in the public channels there.

Deck Hub

Enrich your deck description with interactive card names that can be hovered and clicked. All you need to do is to write double square brackets around the card names like this: [[Aether Hub]].

How do I get my deck Featured on the frontpage?

Content creator decks are featured on the frontpage, in addition to decks containing writeups of text of 2.500 characters or more.

  • The description content is long enough and well written. The more detailed the better.
  • It is of newer date, we look at Created date and not last updated date.
  • We take the 160 first characters of the description and display it on the frontpage, it is important that this is well written.
  • We provide youtube and twitch links on the top and bottom of your deck in addition to your profile signature

Follow these bulletpoints and chances are high you will be put on the frontpage. We want to feature everything from in-meta writeups and your crazy brews as long as the content is good.

How do I get Twitch and Youtube video links in my profile and in my public decks?

While we give all users the ability to link to their Youtube and Twitch channels, only people who has the "Content Creator" status can have direct video links in their public profile. With this status you can also embed Youtube videos in your deck lists. Content creator is a premium function, currently only given out to certain users.

How does the ordering in the Deck Hub work?

The default ordering of decks is a combination of popularity and deck attributes. If the deck contain a video or a longer writeup it will get extra bonus points. Marking the deck with at least one tag will also increase the point counter. Decks that are over 30 days old are considered out of meta and will get reduced points.

Tourney Hub

I put in the wrong results last round, how do i fix this?

To avoid these mistakes it is a good idea to share the Tournament for the public so that users can check the results and pairings themselves at the site. The Tourney does not appear on the public list before it is finished so you need to either give them the link or you can also click the "share" button to share the tournament on a Facebook Group or Chat. By using the paginator at the bottom you can go back to earlier rounds and edit the results. If you do this we recommend you unpair all users in the current round and auto pair them again.

How do i unpair users?

Unpairing can only be done when no results has been saved, if you need to revert this go to a result and set it as 0-0-0. When all results are 0-0-0 the button "Manual Pairings" will be visible. Click this and click the "Select all" button under "Paired Players" then click the "Unpair" button and Save. You can now Auto-pair users again or manually Pair them.

The Auto-Pairing is disabled

The button is disabled if users are already paired and you have to unpair them, please see the question above.

I ended the Tourney but the results are wrong, can i go back and fix

No this is not possible.It is important to let users check the standings before the last round to ensure everyting looks good.

Profile Management

I have put in a link to my Youtube but it does not work!

You have to use your Youtube channel name! Please note that this is not the same as a Youtube username.

Your Youtube channel name can be found if you go to Settings on your Youtube Account and then click Advanced. You will have something called "YouTube Channel ID" there, this is the ID you need to get. If you have not customized this name, it will look like something like this: UC1vldwLrbz2NWvQLfopslng

We want to give users more flexibility by pointing to a channel instead of a username.

I have installed the DeckHub Twitch Extension but it does not work

The setup for this is easy and fast. You can find detailed instructions and a video tutorial Here.