Create a Collection to get started

Before you start adding cards you need to create a new collection by clicking the Manage tab.


You can have multiple collections depending on your needs. Depending on how you like to organize your collection you can separate cards in a private and hidden collection and have another public collection that is visible to everyone, if you run a card store you might want to have all cards for sale separate from your private collections. Digital games like MTG Online and MTG Arena can be split in different collections, it is all up to you. It is easy to swap between different collections.


Binders help you organize your collection and is also great for collectors that collects specific cards to organize and display their collection. Make a binder for your foil collection, organize your set collections by set names or use binders to hold your cards for trade. Use the binders just as you would in real life, to organize and to show off your cards. Deleting binders or removing cards from binders will not affect the card quantity in your collection. Binders is a way of showing and displaying your collection. Cards in the binder is just a representation of your Collection, card can therefore exist in multiple binders and is mapped to the same card in your collection.

Deleting and Importing Collections
If you delete a collection, you will also delete all the cards and binders associated with it! Be aware of this. Also remember to take backups before importing collections as something might fail during the import and you will have an incomplete collection