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MtgLife is a webapp developed by for easy management of your Magic the Gathering© life totals designed to work both online and offline on all devices. It can be downloaded to your smartphone as an offline app.

It is especially good for multiplayer games like Commander with multiple life pools. Players join a game room and can control the same gamestate which is synchronized between everybody. Display the gamestate on a big monitor like a TV while controlling the gamestate from your phones. Get a good overview of commander damage done on all players, let players draining life from multiple players handle all the manual labor they are causing.

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"I find it satisfactory to tick down the life total of opponents by my own hand."

- Purphoros

"Finally. Now I can use my phone to track commander damage instead of a piece of paper."

- Zur the Enchanter

"This app makes it easier for me to help those in need."

- Phelddagrif

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