Standard BO1 Top metagame decks January 2022

Standard BO1 metagame data sourced from Platinum+ ranked users of the MTGA Assistant extension over the last 30 days. Download the extension to contribute anonymously with metagame data.

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Most used colors in Standard BO1 last 30 days
White: 0%
Blue: 0%
Black: 0%
Red: 0%
Green: 0%

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Don't let this set sneak up on you.

Strange but true.

Crimson Vow Standard has more to offer than Izzet Epiphany and two flavors of aggro.

Yoman5 reviews the format one last time.

Everything's the same! Kinda. Not really.

The future of Kamigawa is looking bright!

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A list of who's feeling nervous.