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Why am I not able to reset my password?
If you registered with Facebook, Google or Twitch you do not have a password stored on our server, you only use external login by clicking the login button. You do not need to remember a password or even the username.

About us

AetherHub is a website that helps you easily manage your Magic The Gathering card collection, your decks, tournaments and helps you keep in contact with other magic players and see what they are up to. By using a mobile first design philosophy our website can be used on all devices and scales nicely on both your mobile phone and computer. We provide most functionality on our website for free, except for a select few premium features.


We use MTG icons and mana symbols made available from Andrew Gioia

The Magic: the Gathering mana symbol font
The Magic: the Gathering set symbol font

*Logos and product names are copyrighted by their respective owners, Wizards of the Coast.