Arena Historic Preview Discussion: Momentary Blink
Historic Spoilers 

12 May by Intrepid_Tautog

Do not underestimate this card, folks! Read how this common has some spicy brewing potential.

Upcoming 5/18 Banlist Update
News Updates 

12 May by Kagros

Wizards has announced that the new Banlist update will be on 5/18. Find out which formats!

Historic Anthology III Preview Locations
Historic Release 

09 May by Kagros

Check out the Historic Anthology III Preview Locations and get ready for the Historic shakeup!

All Historic Anthology III Previews
Historic Release 

09 May by Kagros

Come check out all of the Historic Anthology III Previews here as they go live! ALL CARDS Live

Website and MTGA Assistant Updates May 2020
AetherHub Updates 

06 May by andreliverod

Here is the update summary for the website and MTGA Assistant for May 2020.

MagicFest Online Weekly Championship 2 Top Decks
Arena Standard Tournament 

05 May by The_Magician

Who won this MFO Weekly Championship? Which Decks made Top 8? Let's find out.

Ikoria Limited Strategy Part 3: Ally-Archetypes!
Guide Limited 

04 May by Intrepid_Tautog

Ikoria's enemy-color affinity is apparent, but what ally-color Aggro synergies abound in Limited?

Constructed Ranked Ladder results April Season 16
AetherHub Competitive 

02 May by andreliverod

April Constructed season is over and the results from the MTGA Assistant ladder are in.

Artisan FNM: Mono Black Devotion Standard Deck
Deck MTGA Events 

02 May by Kagros

Need a deck to get quick wins for the FNM Artisan event? Here's one that should beat the top deck!

Tournaments are flourishing for MTGA
Arena Standard Tournament 

01 May by The_Magician

how do MTGA tournaments and Red Bull come together? Well let's find out here...

Weekly MTG News: MTGA Events and Historic
MTGA News 

01 May by Kagros

Check out the Weekly MTG News here along with a big Historic announcement

MTG Arena daily deals are off to store issues since yesterday.
Arena Standard Updates 

30 Apr by The_Magician

MTGA Daily Deals are currently not available to a Store issue

End of an Era: Wizards is Nixing Planeswalker Points and DCI Numbers
Community Mothership 

28 Apr by Intrepid_Tautog

On May 27th, 2020, things change yet again in the world of Magic the Gathering.

MagicFest Online Weekly Championship Top Decks
Arena Standard Decklists 

28 Apr by The_Magician

Wanna have a look into the Top Decks of the first weekly championship season 2? Let's go.

All of Maro's If/When Day Posts In One Location
Interview Wizards 

27 Apr by Kagros

Here are all of Maro's response for his If/When Day on Magic's future!

Ikoria Limited Strategy Part 2: Aggro-archetypes!
Guide Limited 

26 Apr by Intrepid_Tautog

We've run the numbers. Now let's dive into the cards! What tools and tactics does Aggro wield?

New Details on Secret Lair: Godzilla Lands
News Release 

25 Apr by Kagros

Wizards has officially announced the Godzilla lands and provided details on how to get your cards!

Arena Standard Decklists 

25 Apr by The_Magician

Looking for some Strong Decklists? WOTC just posted the latest MFO and MTGO winning Decks.

FNM at Home: Ikoria Standard Singleton
MTGA Events Singleton 

24 Apr by nathanb1992

Nathan Blackmon lets you know some quick tips and what to expect from the Standard Singleton format.

Jumpstart Release Delayed
News Release 

22 Apr by Kagros

Wizards has delayed the release of Jumpstart, the new supplemental Booster set. Details inside!

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