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Mythic Rare Podcast - Alexander Steyer Recaps His Mythic Championship Experience
AetherHub Podcast 

16 Dec by Gapollard1

Alexander Steyer joins the Podcast to discuss his experience at MC VII

AetherHub Site Updates #1
AetherHub Updates 

15 Dec by andreliverod

Welcome to a new weekly article featuring our latest site updates.

Magic Legends, the new Magic the Gathering MMO
Mothership News 

13 Dec by andreliverod

A thrilling MMO Action RPG set across the iconic planes of MTG

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 12 - 2020 Will be a Huge Year for Magic
AetherHub Podcast 

13 Dec by Gapollard1

Recapping Mythic Championship VII and looking forward to 2020!

Theros Beyond Death Trailer and mechanics
News Release 

13 Dec by andreliverod

Theros Beyond Death trailer and mechanics overview has been released

Working with EDHREC and sharing our Commander deck data!
AetherHub News 

11 Dec by andreliverod

We are excited to announce that we are working with EDHREC!

Piotr Glogowski Wins Maybe the Most Stacked Top 8 in History
Competitive Discussion 

09 Dec by Gapollard1

Kanister takes down the trio of Simic Flash players to Win MCVII

Mythic Championship VII Top 8 Decklists
Standard Tournament 

09 Dec by andreliverod

It has been a very exciting weekend, but the best is yet to come.

Mythic Championship VII Top 8 Preview and Predictions
Competitive Discussion 

08 Dec by Gapollard1

MC VII top 8 is looking incredible! Here is my preview/predictions

In Defense of Brawl
Beginner Brawl 

07 Dec by psylosin

Why the new guy thinks multiplayer brawl is swell.

An Aetherhub Power Panel Previews Mythic Championship VII
AetherHub Podcast 

06 Dec by Gapollard1

TheNerdySteve and MTG_Arena_Meta join the Mythic Rare Podcast

Inside Riley Knight's Enduring Rise to Casting Greatness
Community Content Creator 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

Aetherhub's First Full Featured Profile; On Star MTG Caster Riley Knight

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 10 - The Most Interesting Twitch Rivals Decks
AetherHub Podcast 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

Discussing all the action from the biggest Twitch Rivals tournament ever!

AliasV: Magic's Fastest Growing Star
Content Creator Interview 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

Get Ready for MC VII with an Aetherhub Full Feature on Caster AliasV

Mythic Championship VII DeckList Immediate Reaction
Competitive Decklists 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

An instant reaction to the Mythic Championship VII decklists

MTG Secret Lair: Love Letter, Money Grab or Something More Profound?
Community Discussion 

27 Nov by Gapollard1

Could the Secret Lair hint at greater cosmetic customization in the future?

Metagame post Oko-ban - What will the next tier1 metagame look like?
Decklists Standard 

19 Nov by andreliverod

A first look at the new decks to try out post the Oko ban.

Banned and Restricted Annoucement - November 18th 2019
Mothership News 

18 Nov by andreliverod

A lot of bans this Monday, a huge metagame shakeup!

Interview with Bruno from MTGAHelper.com

17 Nov by andreliverod

Introducing Bruno, the man behind the popular MTG Arena deck tracker.

What is new on AetherHub? Compilation of recent features
AetherHub News 

17 Nov by andreliverod

A little summary of some of our features added this year.

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