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Simic Ramp Takes First Place in Both Aetherhub Release Tournaments
Competitive Decklists 

29 Feb by Gapollard1

Looking at the results from the Aetherhub Community Tournaments yesterday

Magic World Championship Pick your winner Odds and Messages
Mothership News 

13 Feb by andreliverod

Remember to vote for your champion in the World Championship XXVI

MTG Arena ranking system and how it works
Guide MTGA 

09 Feb by andreliverod

All you need to know about the ranking system in MTG Arena.

How to get the the Nyx lands in MTG Arena - February Update
MTGA Updates 

09 Feb by andreliverod

With the February 2020 update, we get access to the Theros Nyx Basic lands!

MTGA Assistant version 1.2 Released
AetherHub MTGAAssistant 

06 Feb by andreliverod

Layout overhaul, List of recently acquired cards, played opponents and more

Is Dream Trawler the new Dragonlord Ojutai?
Arena Standard Competitive 

03 Feb by KillaDub

An in depth evaluation comparing Dream Trawler to Dragonlord Ojutai

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 15 - Superbowl Preview and Theros Meta
AetherHub Podcast 

01 Feb by Gapollard1

Previewing the Superbowl and looking at top decks from the Theta meta

MTGA Assistant - An extension made by AetherHub
AetherHub MTGAAssistant 

31 Jan by andreliverod

After months of work, it is here it is. Our own MTG Arena Extension!

Highlighting Some Awesome Work by Aetherhub Content Creator's
AetherHub Content Creator 

27 Jan by Gapollard1

Showcasing a few sweet decks posted to Aetherhub this week!

Theros Standard Metagame Challenge Decks to Play
Decklists Standard 

24 Jan by andreliverod

Top Standard decks from tournaments to play in the metagame challenge

Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 14 - Revisiting the Top 5 Cards from Theros
AetherHub Podcast 

23 Jan by Gapollard1

Looking at the top 5 cards from Theros a week into the Meta

Wednesday Brawl decks January 22nd 2020
Brawl Decklists 

22 Jan by andreliverod

Brawl decks to play on this lovely Brawlsday, something for everyone.

Theros Release Tournaments with 20k gems in prize pool - Sponsored by Wizards
AetherHub Tournament 

22 Jan by andreliverod

We are hosting two release tournaments back-to-back this weekend.

Massive List of Theros Decks by Archetype
AetherHub Decklists 

21 Jan by Gapollard1

A vast collection of decks for every color combination from Theros!

Magic the Gathering: The Color Wheel
Gameplay Guide 

21 Jan by andreliverod

A summary of all the color combo names in MTG and what they mean.

Most popular Theros Beyond Death decks right now
Content Creator Decklists 

18 Jan by andreliverod

The most viewed and downloaded Arena Standard decks in Theros Beyond Death.

Budget Build Series - Mono Black Devotion
Arena Standard Standard 

18 Jan by MTG_Joe

Exploring 3 varied budget builds for Mono Black Devotion in Theros Standard

Theros Beyond Death Limited synergies: Golgari, Dimir, Orzhov and Rakdos
Guide Limited 

16 Jan by andreliverod

We take a look at the synergies for each color pair in Theros Beyond Death

Theros Beyond Death Fresh new decks
Arena Standard Decklists 

16 Jan by andreliverod

Taking a look at new deck ideas for Theros and how we can utilize new cards

Lets Figure Out Simic Ramp
Arena Standard Standard 

11 Jan by Titansfan920

Simic Ramp gets a lot of new toys in Theros Beyond Death. Let's test!

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