Timeless is the Newest Format for MTG Arena

ChrisCee December 6, 2023 2 min
Timeless is the Newest Format for MTG Arena

Yes, that is absolutely correct. In an official post by WoTC, a new format called Timeless will be added to expand the usability of cards in MTG Arena even further. This coincides with the release of Khans of Tarkir next week on December 12, and of course, would include the rest of the package for the upcoming set.


Timeless in a Nutshell

Timeless is a nonrotating, 60-card Constructed format on MTG Arena that includes all cards, including digital-only and future set releases. It uses rebalanced versions of digital-only cards and original tabletop printings for non-digital cards. The format aims to offer fast, fun, and exciting games with access to powerful cards. Timeless introduces a restricted list, allowing only one copy of a restricted card in the deck or sideboard, based on a card's impact on gameplay. The format includes ranked (Best-of-One) and traditional (Best-of-Three) queues, contributing to a player's Constructed rank.

Other things about Timeless:

  • Original tabletop printings mean nerfs for cards like The One Ringimage, Orcish Bowmastersimage, etc., no longer apply.
  • While pre-banned in regular Historic, fetch lands will be legal in Historic Brawl and Timeless


MTGA Assistant

Timeless Initial Restricted List

The following cards are limited to a single copy per deck (including sideboard):

In addition, players will be compensated with wildcards for excess copies when a card is restricted for the first time and is no longer legal in any format. Unfortunately, there won't be wildcard reimbursement for the three cards above that are restricted at the launch of Timeless.


Why Timeless?

Simply to unlock everything without the need to carefully curate card releases it seems. The decision to create Timeless comes from the accumulation of strong sets, and additional cards are expected from bonus sheets, The List in Play Boosters, and even upcoming sets like Modern Horizons 3 in 2024. Despite the success of Historic as the original "play the rest of your MTGA cards" format, it was still built for balanced diversity, and any sudden significant power level change of the format could affect its current enjoyability.

As an example, Khans of Tarkir fetch lands is pre-banned in Historic, but will be usable (and not restricted) in Timeless.


Release Schedule / Implementation Timing

According to the official post, the rollout schedule for Timeless will be as follows:

  • December 12: Timeless will be launched alongside Khans of Tarkir with Best-of-One and Best-of-Three ranked queues, and a Best-of-One play queue.
  • December 12–14: Midweek Magic will feature the Timeless format and have an additional Khans of Tarkir pack reward.
  • February 2–4, 2024: Players can test their decks and earn packs in a Timeless Metagame Challenge.



This all-out idea that represents a sort of Modern concept was already very vaguely teased during the last WeeklyMTG video/stream, plus a sort of similar message was already being hinted at with WoTC's previous update about current MTGA formats. So, this must have been already in the books for quite some time.

As for how a Vintage-in-concept (but not in total card pool) type of format would turn out in MTGA, we'll have to wait and see. After all, WoTC has more or less the same plan: looking over to see how Timeless will pan out and be received by players within the next few months and years.


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When I hear about the format I had hoped it would be MTGAs copy of Legacy like how Explorer is a copy of Pioneer. NO Digital only cards. But of course it has them. Basically means Historic and Timeless are the same format. Not sure what the point is
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