Announcing Prize rewards for Ranked Ladders April 2020

31 Mar by andreliverod

With the April seaon we are providing cash prizes for reaching the top of our ranked ladders!

Adding social Features to MTGA Assistant with Teams and updating the Metagame

24 Mar by andreliverod

Make your own Teams on AetherHub and bring them into the game.

Budget Build Series - Rakdos Sacrifice

24 Mar by MTG_Joe

Budget build guide for Rakdos Sacrifice - from 10 rares to Top Tier version!

Using Backlinks as a MTG Content creator - its free real estate!

23 Mar by andreliverod

Backlinking is still important for Youtube videos, here is why. Do not sleep on this!

So you want to be a Content Creator? Here's some tips.

20 Mar by TitanSmashMTG

Thinking of becoming a Content Creator? Here's my quick list of tips to help you get started!

Ikoria Teaser from Maro

19 Mar by andreliverod

An early teaser for the new Ikoria set from Maro himself.

Decks to bring to the Brawlers Guildhall Free event March

18 Mar by andreliverod

Wizards have decided to make Brawl free from March 19th - April 16th.

Deck for Historic Anthology 2

14 Mar by andreliverod

Decks to play with the Historic Anthology 2 release.

Fetchlands reprinted! Signature Spellbook Chandra

14 Mar by andreliverod

An announcement came today from Wizards and Tolarian Community College

Ban and Restricted Annoucement March 2020

09 Mar by andreliverod

Several updates to multiple formats this March, check out what got banned.

Magic Arena with more Historic cards and a Secret Lair tie-in

29 Feb by andreliverod

The MTG Arena format Historic is getting 25 new cards this March!

New Ranked ladder and collection comparing in MTGA Assistant v1.3

28 Feb by andreliverod

The latest patch for MTGA Assistant has been released.

Magic Jumpstart - A new and exciting way to play MTG

21 Feb by andreliverod

Jumpstart is a new way to play MTG and is a hybrid between sealed and draft

PVDDR is Your World Champion in a Top 4 Marred by a Questionable Format

17 Feb by Gapollard1

PVDDR wins, but was the format for the top 4 unfair to Carvalho?

The Top 4 is Set at Magic Worlds!

16 Feb by Gapollard1

Who will be crowned the 2019 Magic World Champion?

Magic World Championship Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview

15 Feb by Gapollard1

An amazing day 1 at Worlds yesterday full of action and upsets!

Magic World Championship XXVI Decks

13 Feb by andreliverod

World Championship XXVI is this weekend and all the decklists are available

MTGA Developers AMAA - February 2020

10 Feb by andreliverod

WotC held an Ask Me Almost Anything Thread on Reddit!

Theros Standard Metagame February

10 Feb by andreliverod

The top decks to play after PTQ MagicFest Phoenix. Here's the top tier meta

Decks for Theros Standard Treasure Event

09 Feb by andreliverod

The Standard Treasure event is right around the corner here is what to play

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