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TCGPlayer Infinite - The new subscription service

19 Nov by andreliverod

By signing up you are also supporting the AetherHub Community prize pool!

Mythic Championship Richmond Post Event Analysis
Competitive Discussion 

11 Nov by Gapollard1

Breakout decks and story lines from Mythic Championship VI

First Tournament decklists post-Oko ban
Decklists Standard 

10 Nov by andreliverod

This weekend we held an Oko Ban Standard Tournament with 80 participants!

Mythic Championship Richmond Top 8 Preview
Competitive Discussion 

10 Nov by Gapollard1

Bracket breakdown for the Mythic Championship top 8

Drafting Basics
Beginner Limited 

10 Nov by mh_voltage

An introduction to drafting with some basic techniques and strategies

Non-Oko Standard Decks
Arena Standard Standard 

09 Nov by MTG_Joe

Exploring some non-Oko decks in Standard - Tokens, combo and budget decks!

How to play MTG Arena on Mobile with Steam Link
Guide MTGA 

09 Nov by andreliverod

Playing MTG Arena on mobile is very easy with the Steam Link app.

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 8 - How a MC can be an International Spectacle
AetherHub Podcast 

07 Nov by Gapollard1

How Wizards can build more hype for Mythic Championships

Oko Banned in Brawl
Brawl News 

05 Nov by andreliverod

Nov 5. Oko, Thief of Crowns has been banned in Brawl.

What Would Standard Look Like Post an Oko Ban
AetherHub Decklists 

04 Nov by Gapollard1

Analyzing the meta in case Oko gets banned in a few weeks

Artisan Event Deck Ideas To Get You Started
Brews MTGA Events 

03 Nov by CutestHamster

Get a jump start on deck building for the MTGA Artisan Event coming Nov 3!

Magic Mana Strike - The new Mobile MTG Game

02 Nov by andreliverod

What is Magic Mana Strike? How do you get access and play it?

Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 7- The Top 10 Non Oko Decks, Andre Liverod Joins
AetherHub Podcast 

31 Oct by Gapollard1

The CEO of Aetherhub Andre Liverod joins the Mythic Rare Podcast

Theros Beyond Death cards leaked
News Spoilers 

30 Oct by andreliverod

Several cards from the upcoming set Theros Beyond death has been leaked.

Over 100 Pioneer decks from MTG Online
Decklists Pioneer 

28 Oct by andreliverod

The new 5-0 Lists from MTG Online has been posted. Check out the meta here.

10 Non Oko Decks that can Save Standard
Arena Standard Decklists 

28 Oct by Gapollard1

Looking at competitive and fun options to take on Oko decks

Top 16 decklists from the Mythic Championship Qualifier VII
Competitive Standard 

28 Oct by andreliverod

There was indeed a lot of Elks in the top winning lists of the MCQW.

Top 16 decklists from this weekends Brawl Tournament
Brawl Decklists 

27 Oct by andreliverod

Delve into the Brawl meta with the results from our weekend Tournament!

The Formats is getting out of hand, this will be the downfall of MTGA
Brawl News 

26 Oct by andreliverod

Three versions of Brawl, Pioneer not on MTGA. Boy, this is not good.

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 6- Recapping all the Story Lines From MCV
AetherHub Podcast 

24 Oct by Gapollard1

Recapping Mythic Championship V, talking Field of the Dead, and much more!

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