Lord of the Rings Special Edition Collector Booster: Serialized One Ring Returns

Genoslugcs September 24, 2023 3 min
Lord of the Rings Special Edition Collector Booster: Serialized One Ring Returns

Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth took Magic: The Gathering by storm back in June. Mainly due to the two million dollar 001/001 One Ring card (bought by Post Malone), which was unlike anything we'd ever seen. Now Tales of Middle Earth is returning just in time for the holidays with "special edition" collector boosters that have a whole new line of serialized cards, including The One Ringimage. Today, I'll cover everything you need to know about the special edition Lord of the Rings collector boosters.

We'll talk about some very cool new versions of LOTR cards, what's available in serialized versions, what you won't see, and much more. So, without further ado, let's jump right into the news.

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Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth - Special Edition Collector Boosters

Let me start with a disclaimer. To be clear, when I say "serialized The One Ringimage cards," I don't mean another 001/001 card. The "One-of-One" One Ring has already been found and confirmed authentic and is unavailable in this product. With that said, let's start with the new versions of it you can get in these boosters.

You can find the original spoiler video here. The stuff covered here starts around 54:49.

Borderless Poster Cards

ltr-744-sauron-the-dark-lordltr-743-saruman-of-many-colorsltr-750-mount-doomaragorn, the unifier

There are 20 of these (all mythics from the main LOTR set) borderless "poster cards." The concept behind these is to pay homage to the many bands that have written songs about the Lord of the Rings and acknowledge that many people's first contact with LOTR came from music back in the day. Furthermore, it touches on the concept of how Tolkien's work not only influenced literature but art in general. We've seen this style before with the Legendary Flyers Secret Lair.

All 20 cards featured in this treatment are also available in double rainbow foil serialized (1-100) versions. This includes cards like The One Ringimage and even the Realms and Relics cards featured as box toppers for the main set.

the one ringcavern of souls

The Brothers Hildebrandt Cards

The Brothers Hildebrandt did some very iconic Lord of the Rings artwork in the mid to late 1970s. Now, that art is being applied to 20 reprints from Magics past in Lord of the Rings Special Edition Collector Boosters. You can see a few of the cards spoiled so far below. And one of them, Soul's Attendantimage, is under the radar but a heck of a reprint. It hasn't seen a reprint since Mystery Booster Retail Edition as a foil and is currently a $3 common.

souls attendantsylvan tutorseasons pastexplore

Showcase Scrolls of Middle-earth Cards

Every card from the main LOTR set from June will be available in these Holiday Collector Boosters in a new showcase scroll treatment. This also includes all the new cards from the LOTR commander precons, which is nice. Here is a peak at a few of the spicier cards from the set in scroll form:

ltr-554-orcish-bowmastersgandalf the whitethe one ringltr-565-witch-king-of-angmar

This also means we have nine new versions of the Nazgûlimage, which is very exciting indeed! You can see those (and all other cards) if you're interested, here. Each card will also be available in a "silver foil" version.

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Lord of the Rings Collector Boosters are back on the menu, my friends, serialized cards included. Also, we have reprints not in the LOTR set with The Brothers Hildebrandt art and the entire original set from June in a sharp, brand-new card style. As a big fan of Tolkien and MTG, the Lord of the Rings Special Edition Collector Boosters do not disappoint in terms of content. Now, if we can keep them under several hundred dollars per box, that'd be cool.

Comment and let me know how much you think these will cost come the holiday season, if you'll pick them, and what you think of the new styles. Until next time, take care.


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