The One Ring MTG Card Has Been Bought By Post Malone

Genoslugcs August 2, 2023 2 min
The One Ring MTG Card Has Been Bought By Post Malone

The wild ride that was the two million dollar One Ring card ended about a month ago when it was found and confirmed real. Since then, we haven't heard much about it; Until now, that is because it's been sold. And the buyer is one that many had hoped would end up with it - Post Malone bought the One Ring MTG Card. Here is everything we know so far.

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Post Malone Buys The One Ring

When the card was pulled about a month ago, the person who pulled it remained anonymous, and much like the One Ring of Tolkien's works, it slowly faded from the players' minds as some time passed. And given the open offers for the card were at just over two million dollars when it was found, it wasn't unreasonable to think the card may change hands without us ever knowing.

post malone buying the one ring mtg card

However, that was not the case. A Tiktok was recently posted announcing that the card had been sold to none other than Post Malone. The owner of the card, Brook Trafton, posted the video showing the card changing hands, several small clips and stills of himself and an ecstatic Posty hanging out.

While there isn't much more than that, Brook had this to say in the caption of the video:

"When I found the One Ring, the first person who came to mind was Post Malone. I have played MTG since I was a kid, and obviously, it would be amazing to keep this card. But for a guy like me, being able to sell it is life-changing. I just really hoped it would go to someone who would appreciate it as much as I do. This is my dream come true; meeting Post Malone and him buying the One Ring card from me is literally a moment straight out of a fairytale."

You can find the video here if you're interested.

Now I know what everyone is wondering; How much did Post Malone give for The One Ring? We don't know for sure, but the word around the web is 2.6 million dollars. And considering that's slightly over (if you think half a million dollars "slight") the highest open bid when the card was found, we can assume that's a reasonable number.

So, while it's not officially confirmed, that number seems to be the consensus. That said, I don't know where people are coming up with that. At the end of the day, suffice it to say; it was a lot.


Many people (myself included) hoped the card would end up with Post Malone. He's such a likable guy with a passion for not only collecting Magic: The Gathering but playing as well. And he certainly has the means to float the bill. With the graded and signed Alpha Black Lotus and now the One Ring, Post Malone has one of the most impressive MTG collections in the world.


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