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All MTG Arena Codes - Free packs and card styles
Guide MTGA 

03 May by andreliverod

List of all reward codes in MTG Arena. Always updated with the latest codes

MTG Arena Quest List
Guide MTGA 

12 Nov by andreliverod

A compiled list of all quests available in MTG Arena

Arena Budget Decks for Throne of Eldraine
Arena Standard Standard 

30 Sep by MTG_Joe

Sharing a couple Arena budget lists for Throne of Eldraine Standard

Standard Week 1 Meta Lists Eldraine
AetherHub Tournament 

29 Sep by andreliverod

Week 1 decklists from the Weekend prerelease tournaments.

Throne of Eldraine Limited Analysis
Limited Youtube 

28 Sep by cncpowerhour

The C&C Power Hour is back with another set review for Throne of Eldraine!

MTG Arena Eldraine Standard the first tourney decks
Meta Standard 

28 Sep by andreliverod

Results from the worlds first Eldraine Standard Tourney.

Mastery Pass Throne of Eldraine
Guide MTGA 

27 Sep by andreliverod

A full overview of the reward track for the Throne of Eldraine Mastery Pass

MTG Arena Mastery Pass Detailed Guide
Guide MTGA 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Is the Mastery Pass worth it? We go over the Mastery pass in detail

Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena Standard Decks
MTGA Standard 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Team Aether's favorite picks for the first decks of Eldraine Standard.

Why Wizards should think a long time before adding curated cards to Historic
MTGA News 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Historic has a lot of potential, but is curated cards a good idea?

MTG Arena Hidden Advanced deck builder options
Guide MTGA 

26 Sep by andreliverod

A list of all hidden search options available in MTG Arena.

MTG Arena Beginners Guide - What you need to know starting off
Guide MTGA 

26 Sep by andreliverod

A guide to what you need to know as a new player in MTG Arena.

Eldraine Pre-Release Weekend Community Tourneys- 60k Gems 60 boosters in prizes
AetherHub Tournament 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Three tournaments over two days with the prize pool sponsored by Wizards.

Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena decks
Meta Standard 

26 Sep by andreliverod

New set, new decks. Dipping our toes into Eldraine with these new decks.

My First Standard IQ
Competitive Tournament 

12 Sep by IglooBoi8

The story of my very first tournament. I went with a few friends in early June to the Frankenmouth IQ. It did not go as expected but we had a blast playing. Especially me as a fresh 18 year old

Magic The Gathering Arena Final Beta Review
MTGA News 

11 Sep by mrpunchingbag

A review of MTGA's final beta state and what we want to see going forward.

Play Standard 2020 MTGA Event Decklists
Decklists MTGA Events 

08 Sep by MTG_Joe

Sharing 20+ Rotation Proof Decklists which can all be played for the upcoming Play Standard 2020 event on Arena

Big Commander and Brawl updates to the site
AetherHub Commander 

07 Sep by andreliverod

We have deployed a lot of site improvements, the Brawl and EDH legality engine has been given a complete overhaul and the default template to how we build Commander decks have changed.

MTG Arena Release date confirmed
MTGA News 

05 Sep by andreliverod

One year has passed since the beginning of the Open Beta. Magic The Gathering Arena is set to go live on September 26th.

Back to back community Tourneys with 20k Gems in Prize pool This Saturday!
AetherHub MTGA Events 

27 Aug by andreliverod

This Saturday 31st August we have two Community Tourneys back-to-back. Get the chance to win 20k gems and 40 boosters by participating.

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