Doctor Who and Wilds of Eldraine Spoiler Updates Reveal Latest Inspirations

ChrisCee July 30, 2023 2 min
Doctor Who and Wilds of Eldraine Spoiler Updates Reveal Latest Inspirations

Continuing from the tantalizing Wilds of Eldraine spoilers from the last MagicCon are... more full-feature artwork for the next few sets. Okay, okay, there's actually quite a substantial amount of spoilers this time. Furthermore, the implications from the art and the names of these cards amp up the new fairly tale themes hype even further. 


And for the latest preview panel at MagicCon: Barcelona 2023, we have even more Doctor Who spoilers that reveal even more character and scene inspirations, as well as further elaborating the new mechanics.

(watch the full MagicCon: Barcelona Preview Panel here.)

Wilds of Eldraine Full Art Basic Lands

New Dual Cycle Lands

These will be introduced in five enemy-colored pairs. They come tapped as expected, and... doesn't seem to be amazing for now (This Restless Fortress compared to Shambling Ventimage, at least). But we've yet to see all of them so I'm going to hold my judgment for now.

Latest Spoilers

(New + Reprints)

Aside from the bombshell update of just one planeswalker per set moving forward, this is quite a very interesting passive effect for the new Ashiok, Wicked Manipulatorimage, which could make or break the card for MTG Standard once again given future spoilers for the set.

Wilds of Eldraine Special Reprints

(with Japanese/Anime Versions)

Please remind me why Doubling Seasonimage is a thing again in Commander Masters with this masterpiece about to be released shortly later? Also, that mistress illustration for the Japanese WOE reprint of Smothering Titheimage feels right on point.

Doctor Who Commander Spoilers Update

New doctors were revealed, plus a few more iconic allies and villains. We even get to see very context-heavy cards that depict some of the series' best arcs and moments! For the Doctor's Companion mechanic, you can have partner commanders with one as a Doctor Time Lord character, and the other not. Essentially a "build your own episode" choice system for choosing the legendaries and color identities, as Gavin said.

So, no The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Spoilers?

A reimagined underground Hollow Earth concept, remade specifically for the plane of Ixalan.

There were also many other artworks revealed for future MTG cards, specifically for the new fairy tale inspirations of Wilds of Eldraine, as well as a few teaser-level images from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan (the design and lore of the set was actually the very first topic of the panel). No new card info, though. For those interested, you can check the rest of the featured artworks at the official Preview Panel update Twitter post.

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@CR5Orca Hmm, yeah I guess I was a bit harsh there. Was originally looking at it purely from a mana-to-stat investment standpoint.
I think the BW land is fine. 1/4 statline is obviously not a great attacking stat line but for a blocking land that's great. MTG doesn't really have any lands that can self animate and are passable blockers. The man land of a slow deck IMO.
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