Top Standard Decks - August 2023

ChrisCee August 2, 2023 3 min
Top Standard Decks - August 2023

Well, well, how the turntables. We never really expected Esper colors to drop out of the rankings. But the shuffle over the last 30 days was quite the fickle development. Case in point, players are once again thirsty for mono-black, and it just happened that everybody had the exact same idea. At least... it looks that way from my perspective.

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Standard Tournament Meta - Top 8 Decks

Our first specimen is Events Standard. Here, Mono-Black Aggro quite literally had a fierce return, eating up 24.26% of the meta. Red Deck Wins drops off from 11.88%, down to 2.94%. In fact, it got pushed just right outside the top rankings, at 9th. Taking its spot was Dimir Midrange, currently at 16.91% of the meta. The third place is then given to Esper Raffine Control, sitting firmly at 14.71% of the meta.

Mono-Black Aggro

24.26% of the Meta

Dimir Midrange

16.91% of the Meta

Esper Control

14.17% of the Meta

4/5C Control

10.29% of the Meta

Azorius Soldier

5.88% of the Meta

4/5C Control

4.41% of the Meta

Weenie White

3.68% of the Meta

Orzhov Control

2.94% of the Meta


Standard MTGA: Best of Three - Top 8 Decks

It is a bit of the same story for Bo3, but the deck types are far tighter, especially for the top four slots. Mono-Black climbed all the way back to the top 8 from "irrelevance", though it's in third at exactly 6%. Dimir Control takes center stage instead, from 5.31% last month to 8.67% of the meta, followed very closely behind by Esper Control at 7.67%. Selesnya Enchantments almost suffered the same fate as Mono-Red for events, but at least it's still at 8th (from 6.28% down to 3.33%).

Dimir Control

8.67% of the Meta

Esper Control

7.67% of the Meta

Mono Black

6.00% of the Meta

Mono Red Wins

6.00% of the Meta


5.33% of the Meta

Five Color

5.00% of the Meta

Four Color Ramp

3.33% of the Meta


3.33% of the Meta


Standard MTGA: Best of One - Top 8 Decks

And, of course, the volatile environment of Bo1 gives us almost nothing important to report. Mono Black Midrange gets one step up the ladder at least, from 2.67% to 5.73%, though that's about it. Mono Red Wins gets a second entry below it, at 4.29% of the meta. As expected, the other Mono Red Wins, Selesnya Enchantments, and Mono White Soldiers maintain their positions, with barely any significant difference to the actual numbers a month before.

Mono Red Wins

11.83% of the Meta

Selesnya Enchantments

8.87% of the Meta

Mono White Soldiers

7.30% of the Meta

Mono Black Midrange

5.73% of the Meta

Mono Red Wins

4.29% of the Meta

Mono Blue Tempo

3.58% of the Meta


3.44% of the Meta

Azorius Control

2.53% of the Meta


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