Universes Beyond - Doctor Who Spoilers at San Diego Comic-Con!

ChrisCee July 21, 2023 1 min
Universes Beyond - Doctor Who Spoilers at San Diego Comic-Con!

It looks like this year's San Diego Comic-Con was the event platform that WoTC used to showcase yet another tantalizing mini-updated of its upcoming Universes Beyond series. These MTG Doctor Who spoilers were not as expansive right now, of course, considering its release schedule slot. But the exciting list showcases the upcoming new abilities, new tokens based on (so far) villains of the show

Perhaps more importantly for fusing the lore of MTG and the franchise, a few new planes and phenomena cards were added. These mostly represent the different iconic scenes of various Doctor Who seasons (and not just places visited by the TARDIS). The relatively recent-ish, but still somewhat classic farewell scene at Bad Wolf Bay. Or the fixed points in time, an absolute event that cannot be changed by time travelers no matter what.


In addition, some of these cards will be featured on Doctor Who Commander decks, most notably The Tenth Doctorimage, which will be included in the Timey-Wimey precon deck.

There were other things shown and discussed on the panel as well. For instance, the supplemental material aimed at WoTC's previous info update, discussions surrounding the new abilities, and even featuring explanations for the inspiration of the brand new artworks teased to the live audience.

But for this post, we only shall focus on the newly unveiled cards. Enjoy!

Plane/Phenomena Cards:


Featured Doctor Who Spoilers:


New Tokens:

(New art and new types)

MTG Universes Beyond - Doctor Who, is scheduled for release this October 13th!

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