Top Standard Decks - October 2023

ChrisCee October 4, 2023 3 min
Top Standard Decks - October 2023

It is almost exactly one month after Wilds of Eldraine. Which cards made the cut? How was the MTG meta shaped by the new set? And are there brand new decks that penetrated the ranks? Well, we do have one particular color combination that made it back to the top 8 once again thanks to Wilds of Eldraine. But other developments are just as interesting, such as the minor tweaks made for each established ranking deck of the previous listings.

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Standard Tournament Meta - Top 8 Decks

For Standard events, we get quite a got amount of cards from the new decks spread out over several top rankers. Cards like Faerie Dreamthiefimage and Sleep-Cursed Faerieimage, along with top adventure cards like Virtue of Loyaltyimage and Virtue of Persistenceimage became mainstays of a few Esper Raffine deck variants. Mono Red Wins got their Goddric, Cloaked Revelerimage, Charming Scoundrelimage, and Monstrous Rageimage, with Witchstalker Frenzyimage as the sweet newfangled anti-Shelly trump card.

Golgari is the newest addition to the rankings, coming back to the top 8 after a very long time of absence.

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Esper Raffine

19% of the meta

Red Deck Wins

14% of the meta

4/5C Control

14% of the meta

Weenie White

8% of the meta

Golgari Aggro

6% of the meta

Azorius Aggro

5% of the meta

Dimir Aggro

3% of the meta

Bant Control

3% of the meta


Standard MTG Arena: Best of Three - Top 8 Decks

Quite the same development as the tournament meta in terms of adopted cards, but there is one big difference in MTG Arena : Golgari. Black-Green is currently sitting at the top of the ranks at 9.49% of the meta, just right next to Mono Red (8.14%) and the former top Dimir Control (also 8.14%). Oh and, another Five Color deck also made the list in the same way as well: the infamous Bramble Familiar/Invasion of Alara combo deck discussed before.


9.49% of the meta

Mono Red Wins

8.14% of the meta

Dimir Control

8.14% of the meta


4.41% of the meta

Five Color Bramble

3.73% of the meta

Four Color Ramp

3.73% of the meta

Five Color Ramp

3.39% of the meta

Five Color

3.05% of the meta


Standard MTG Arena: Best of One - Top 8 Decks

We know that two or three of them were already lingering around the top 8... but now they're occupying both 2nd and 1st ranks! We have twin variants of Mono Red Wins with 8.80% and 7.16% of the meta, respectively. Selesnya Enchantments clings on at a steady 7.10%, while Mono Black (splashed with 2 green cards) keeps its cool at 4.93%. Golgari is also in the Bo1 top 8, at 7th place, accompanied by, yup, Five Color Bramble, which holds the last 8th place at 1.91% of the meta.

Mono Red Wins

8.80% of the meta

Mono Red Wins

7.16% of the meta

Selesnya Enchantments

7.10% of the meta

Mono Black Midrange

4.93% of the meta

Mono White Soldiers

4.19% of the meta

Mono Blue Tempo

3.02% of the meta


2.60% of the meta

Five Color Bramble

1.91% of the meta


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