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Dominaria Standard Shakeup best decks
Meta MTGA Events 

18 Aug by andreliverod

The new Standard Shakeup brings in a lot of bans in an attempt to make it more brewer friendly. We take a look at the decks we expect to be at the top in this event.

Exploring Off-Meta Decks
Arena Standard Standard 

16 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some fun Tier 2-2.5 decks like Simic Leyline Ramp, UW Blink, BW Knights and Rakdos Control

Content Creator Events, The Guests.
Brews Streaming 

14 Aug by Maechael1916

First foray into Showing off Other MTG CCs in arena in article form. Featuring T1Glistenerelf, Majin_shinsa, and LevDev. With janky brews, and silly matches as the backdrop to the talk

Singleton Amonkhet Plane-cation Chronicles Decklists
Decklists MTGA Events 

11 Aug by andreliverod

Need some quick wins in singleton or want to enjoy yourself with some cool brews? Check out these decks and tips for the Amonkhet Place-cation event

Aetherhub playing Against MTGJeff - The MTG Arena Budget challenge
Content Creator MTGA 

10 Aug by andreliverod

I had the pleasure of being invited by MTGJeff to a challenge where we built 3-color decks out of commons/uncommons. We had a lot of fun brewing and playing against each other in this unique format.

Rotation Proof Decks Pt 3
Arena Standard Standard 

09 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some potential decks/archetypes which contain cards surviving this upcoming rotation. We look at MonoB Midrange, 5C Golos Gates, GW Tokens and Esper Tempo/Hero

Presenting Team Rank Star and their Content Creators
AetherHub News 

06 Aug by andreliverod

Aetherhub is working with Team Rank star and their content creators, giving them a platform in the MTG community for their content. We are excited to see more Esports teams jumping into MTG Arena.

Playing Counter-Meta in a Meta-Driven World
Arena Standard Competitive 

06 Aug by Mastershake1983

Are you interested in becoming a counter Meta player like myself? Hate the internet and everything it helps create? Want to see it burn? Join me in my analysis of the current meta and counter-brew.

30k Gems in price pool August!
AetherHub Event 

06 Aug by andreliverod

This August we have three events with 10k gems each as first prize! Open for everyone to participate and held in MTG Arena using Aetherhubs Tourney system. 

How to participate in an Aetherhub Tourney
AetherHub Guide 

05 Aug by andreliverod

Our tournament system is completely free to use and you can use it locally when playing with friends or as a streamer hosting events. This is a quick guide on how to use it as a participant.

Red Bull Untapped London Finals Results
Event News 

05 Aug by andreliverod

This weekend the top 8 playoffs of the Red Bull Untapped took place. The results are in and Lino Burgold took home 20.000$ in prize money. See the decklists inside.

Fun Brews for Ixalan Treasures Event
Decklists MTGA Events 

04 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some fun brews for Ixalan Constructed Event with Dimir Artifacts, Simic Hydras and Mirror March Elementals.

Rotation Proof Decks - Pt. 2
Arena Standard Standard 

02 Aug by MTG_Joe

Exploring some potential decks/archetypes which contain cards surviving this upcoming rotation. We look at Simic Ramp, Rakdos Artistocrats and more.

The Case For Making Artifacts Work in the Current Meta
Arena Standard Discussion 

01 Aug by Mastershake1983

Tezzeret and Karn - Can Artifacts find a place in the current Meta? Where is that place? And can it be both competitive and fun? Steel Overseer makes it happen - and here's how.

Field of the Dead is Stronger Without Scapeshift
Deck Standard 

01 Aug by CaptainJamoke

We don’t need no stinking Scapeshift. It's too slow. It's too restrictive. It has a cost. Instead, we play Field of the Dead and support it with cards that naturally bring it to full effectiveness

Rumored MTG Arena Release date 2019? Is the game ready?
MTGA News 

31 Jul by andreliverod

With the rumors of a full game client release this fall. We go over the current Open Beta game client and what features are needed before calling it a full game.

The Art of Sideboarding: Part 1
Beginner Standard 

31 Jul by jahikoi

Part 1 of a 3-part guide on Sideboarding! Join us as we go over basic sideboarding theory, with part 2 following onto more specific examples!

Guide to MagicFest Las Vegas
Guide Tournament 

31 Jul by BotherShawn

Going to MagicFest Las Vegas: Did you forget to book a hotel? Where should you eat? Want something to do when you are done with Magic? BotherShawn talks about his experiences while in Vegas

Love to Hate, Hate to Love
Community Discussion 

28 Jul by Mastershake1983

What card do you Love to Hate? How about Hate to Love? With a diverse meta, there are still some cards sticking out more than others.

Brew of the Week - Jeskai SuperHeros
Arena Standard Brews 

28 Jul by jacksonh630

Want to master Jeskai Superheroes? We get into the details on how to play and sideboard against the other decks in the meta.

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