Storm The Citadel Decklists for Singleton
Event Singleton 

07 Jun by andreliverod

Chapter III Is upon us and the format is Singleton. Here are some decklists to try out in the format. Remember that we are not using the London mulligan rules too!

Partnering up with Cardmarket for European Prices
AetherHub Economy 

04 Jun by andreliverod

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Cardmarketcom! Providing us with MTG Card prices for the European market!

200+ boosters and 160k gems in the prizepool for our upcoming tourneys
Competitive Streaming 

23 May by andreliverod

We have gotten sponsored by Wizards of the Coast with over 200 boosters and thousands of Gems to hold Tourneys for the community. Compete every week in our tourneys hosted by Team Aether members.

Top decks to try out in the War of the Spark Streamer Event
Event Streaming 

22 May by andreliverod

The event is approaching, you might be streaming or watching your favorite streamer play. Here is a collection both of some competitive, fun, interesting and janky brews to try out.

Tier 1 War Lists - Diversity equals bye bye wildcards
Competitive Meta 

20 May by andreliverod

As someone who has to try all tier 1 decks, the current meta situation has me in a bind. It is too diverse for my wildcards to handle. For those of you looking for a new deck, look no further.

Pro vs Schmo -or- It's not RNG it's you.
Beginner Competitive 

16 May by AdamantMTG

Self improvement goals should not be about winning, but managing losses, learning and finding how you can do better next time.

Frenzies, and Chandras, and Risks, Oh My!
Competitive Meta 

13 May by ADustedEwok

The first competitive War of the Spark week is over, the Champion to no one's surprise, RDW. RDW from last Standard is the litmus test for this Standard. The issue is, which Value Engine is best?

Per Law Firm's Reddit Post: Class Action Suit Filed Against Wizard's/Hasbro
Discussion News 

09 May by CaptainJamoke

Yesterday, May 8, 2019, an Atlanta, Georgia law firm “Werner Wetherington, P.C.” submitted a Reddit post on /r/MTGFINANCE detailing their recent class action suit against the creators of Magic, etc.

Experimental Frenzy: Deckbuilding and the Scientific Method
Arena Standard Guide 

08 May by Risendragon

A guide to deckbuilding using the Scientific Method and War of the Spark.

Test your drating skills in WAR with Channel Fireballs limited ratings
Competitive Limited 

07 May by andreliverod

Luis is done with all his card ratings, and we have added them all to our Limited Ratings lists and Draft Sensei for you to check out. Check out CFB for the full article.

The War of the Spark Standard Meta Week 1
Competitive Meta 

06 May by andreliverod

The results from the Star City Games Weekend Tourneys are in SCG Open and SCG Classic. This is a short meta overview, and as always be careful with investing too much in early meta decks.

We now have over 35.000 registered users!
AetherHub News 

02 May by andreliverod

It has been 2 and 2 months since the first version of AetherHub went live. We have come a long way since then. To celebrate we have something extra for you first 35k users of the site.

Changing Basic Land art in MTG Arena War of the Sparks
Guide MTGA 

28 Apr by andreliverod

With Wizards still not having a way to manually change the lands in your decks, you will have to manually link cards in a text editor. Here is a list of all lands for you, just import this deck.

The Team Aether League Season Start
AetherHub Tournament 

26 Apr by andreliverod

With War of the Spark MTG_Arena_Meta will be holding the Team Aether League Weekly on Saturdays. There will be weekly prizes and also a seasonal prize

Spicy Day1 Brews from our Content Creators
Brews News 

25 Apr by andreliverod

If your wildcards are burning in your pocket, here is a collection of exciting brews from Aetherhubs content creators you can use them on!

Laddering 101 From a Top 100 Mythic Regular
Competitive Standard 

24 Apr by Andrew5550

With the end of Ravnica Allegiance Season 2 rapidly approaching with sweet cosmetics and/or Qualifiers on the line, crunch time is here! Inside lies a laddering guide from a Top 100 Mythic Regular!

Grixis Expansion
Arena Standard Standard 

23 Apr by Jake_MTG

Wizards has invited me to play on a preview account for the Early Access Event on April 23! Here is one of the Decks im going to be playing tomorrow!

Sponsored Streamers at War of the Spark Streamer event
MTGA Events TeamAether 

21 Apr by andreliverod

The coming War of the Spark pre-release event is Wizards biggest yet. Not only have they invited hundreds of streamers but participants of Magic Fest London also have an invite!

Getting comission payments from posting decks on the site!

21 Apr by andreliverod

With Aetherhub, Content Creators have a unique opportunity to earn commission payments from TCGPlayer by posting decklists on the site.

Congratulations to the winner of Aether League Season two

20 Apr by andreliverod

Our weekly Tourney ended for the season, after thirteen intense rounds a winner finally emerged. A big thanks to everyone who participated!

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