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Is Dream Trawler the new Dragonlord Ojutai?
Arena Standard Competitive 

03 Feb by KillaDub

An in depth evaluation comparing Dream Trawler to Dragonlord Ojutai

Magic the Gathering: The Color Wheel
Gameplay Guide 

21 Jan by andreliverod

A summary of all the color combo names in MTG and what they mean.

Most popular Theros Beyond Death decks right now
Content Creator Decklists 

18 Jan by andreliverod

The most viewed and downloaded Arena Standard decks in Theros Beyond Death.

Budget Build Series - Mono Black Devotion
Arena Standard Standard 

18 Jan by MTG_Joe

Exploring 3 varied budget builds for Mono Black Devotion in Theros Standard

Theros Beyond Death Limited synergies: Golgari, Dimir, Orzhov and Rakdos
Guide Limited 

16 Jan by andreliverod

We take a look at the synergies for each color pair in Theros Beyond Death

Theros Beyond Death Fresh new decks
Arena Standard Decklists 

16 Jan by andreliverod

Taking a look at new deck ideas for Theros and how we can utilize new cards

Theros Beyond Death Instant-speed tricks and removal
Guide Limited 

11 Jan by andreliverod

All the instant-speed and removal spells in Theros Beyond Death.

Lets Figure Out Simic Ramp
Arena Standard Standard 

11 Jan by Titansfan920

Simic Ramp gets a lot of new toys in Theros Beyond Death. Let's test!

Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 13 - What will be the First Theros Card to Get Banned
AetherHub Podcast 

09 Jan by Gapollard1

The Icon Willy B applies for the Bachelor and Theros Spoilers!

What's Happening In Historic?

07 Jan by sdparquinn

Not much has been written about Historic. Let's change that.

Making Esper Stax Work with Theros
Decklists Discussion 

06 Jan by Gapollard1

Will these Theros: Beyond Death cards make the deck viable?

AetherHub Updates week 1 2019
AetherHub Updates 

05 Jan by andreliverod

We are close to completing our MTG Arena Extension! Here is a sneak peek.

My Top Ten cards so far in Theros: Beyond Death
Arena Standard Spoilers 

05 Jan by Titansfan920

Today I we look at what cards stand out to me in the first half of spoilers

Should Magic Embrace Gambling?
Community Discussion 

30 Dec by Gapollard1

E-sports gambling is trending up. Should Magic get involved?

Standard Shakeup Decklists December 2019
Decklists MTGA Events 

30 Dec by andreliverod

Decklists and information on the December Shakeup Event

The Ultimate Guide for Getting your Relatives into MTG these Holidays
Community Discussion 

24 Dec by Gapollard1

How to convince your family to play MTG with you over Christmas

AetherHub Site Updates #2
AetherHub Updates 

22 Dec by andreliverod

Complete layout overhaul, the secret project revealed!

Historic Artisan decklists
Decklists Historic 

20 Dec by andreliverod

The Historic Artisan event is coming up on MTG Arena, check out these decks

Last 10k Gem Tourney this year - Happy Holidays!
AetherHub Tournament 

20 Dec by andreliverod

Last Community tourney of the year this Saturday, free to participate.

Mythic Rare Podcast - Alexander Steyer Recaps His Mythic Championship Experience
AetherHub Podcast 

16 Dec by Gapollard1

Alexander Steyer joins the Podcast to discuss his experience at MC VII

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