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Deck Tech Traditional Alchemy
The real clerics
Traditional Alchemy

27 Apr by Nocturnusvampiro

Esta baraja es una revisión de la ya clásica y dominante Esper clérigos. Si revisáis mi perfil encontrareis otra versión más antigua de esta baraja comentada en ingles pero des de la salida de Kamigawa:Neon Dynasty y los cambios en cartas rebalanceadas han ocasionado un meta ligeramente más favor...

Deck Tech Traditional Alchemy
Dearly Beloved
Traditional Alchemy

21 Jan by AdamTheAntPlays



Adam The Ant here with another Narrative / Cinematic Deck tech. Our tale begins right after the official Crimson Vow Trailor. The Humans have had enough and fight back! 

As always these decks change and evolve based on Meta Shifts and playtestign. Be creati...

Deck Tech Traditional Alchemy
AAbzan Clerics
Traditional Alchemy

30 Dec by Nocturnusvampiro

First of all, Happy New Year all!

This is the list that carry me to mythic this season, Abzan Clerics. Everybody knows the power of clerics decks (Esper and Orzhov are more popular) but few knows the reason for play green in this archetype. The answer for this is Trelasarra, Moon Dancer, a...