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Deck Tech Arena Standard
Robber of your Rogue
Standard BO1

25 Sep by billyredmtg

Same ol' BillyRed, slightly different handle. Don't forget to hit that follow button if you don't want to miss any of my content. First off, if you don't have a mono-red decklist and you play best of one, you may be doing it wrong. Mono-green stomp lost too much power with rotation in my opinion, Lu...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Azorius party fun - ZNR
Standard BO1

25 Sep by AncientSpartan

Edit 5! Added of one mind and replaced other support cards. Of one mind is possibly just the best card for this deck. Concerted defense could maybe be three copies. Still it seems really good in key situations. Added in one cloud seer and took out one linvala. I managed to get from 90% Mythic to 94%...

Deck Tech Historic
5 Color - Shrine of the Hungry Terror
Historic BO1

25 Sep by Whistles00111

Some of the gameplay:   Historic            5 Colors Win condition: opponent concedes when they realize whats just happened omg...

Deck Tech Brawl
Purphoros is Boss

23 Sep by Viishnahn

This is not win-on-turn-4 mono-red aggro. This is not bolt-face straight burn mono red. This is Big Red midrange. We may not do much damage the first 4 or 5 turns, but with the right draws we can often outright kill our opponent on turn 6 or 7 from full life with help from Fiery Emancipation, Torbra...

Deck Tech Standard
BW Clerics (Bo3)
Traditional Standard

23 Sep by Gildenmagier

Tired of Omnath? Don't want to play red? Looking for something exciting? Then I've got the perfect deck for you!   I present you Black/white clerics. Aggressive boots on the ground, mean black combat tricks and turn 4/5 kills possible.   ## The nuts Speaker of the Heavens + Cleric of Life'...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Rakdos Sacrifice Zendikar Rising
Standard BO1

23 Sep by Typhon

Hello! This is the Rakdos Sacrifice list that I have been tinkering around with. The list is is still being tuned so check back for any improvements. Like the previous iteration of the deck that was in standard, the deck has the ability to grind matches out, while struggling against decks that go ov...

Deck Tech Standard
Zen Sultai Control
Traditional Standard

23 Sep by SasquatchSenpai

Welcome to my Zagoth Triome the deck. Well, Sultai Control, more aptly named. There's a LOT of Four Color Omnath running around, and I mean, a lot. Now that he has grown an extra arm, Omnath, Locus of Creation is everywhere and it makes sense, he's pure value with a Lotus Cobra or two on the fi...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Fountain of Ugin
Standard BO1

21 Sep by BillyRed

While I do believe I was amongst the first to post a colorless matters deck (not that it matter because we are all in this together!!!), I initially chose to use it in a mono blue shell so I could use counters to stay alive and protect Ugin once he hit the board. Grim_86 gave me several good ideas o...

Deck Tech Traditional Historic
Mono Black Tinybones
Traditional Historic

21 Sep by smoresnbacon

Mono Black Tinybones Control The Gameplan Tinybones, Trinket ThiefWaste NotLiliana, Waker of the Dead At it’s core, Mono Black Tinybones is a control deck that aims to disrupt our opponent’s gameplan by attacking their hand, and generating value while we do so. We generally win with Liliana, Waker o...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Sultai Superfriends v1.5
Standard BO1

21 Sep by SoliloquyNow

So, instead of constantly updating my original Superfriends list, I decided to do a complete rewrite for the updates since there have been some pretty serious changes that I've been making thus far.  If you want to look at the original list, I have it right here for you...

Deck Tech Pioneer
Rainbow Lich Pioneer

21 Sep by BulletTime000

August 2020 edit: I've tweaked the deck a little based on recent pulls/trades I've acquired. But the general idea described below is the same. Enjoy! The deck works better than you might think! Hey, y'all. Thanks for checking out this deck. I love Rainbow Lich - kudos to Ali Eldrazi for the original...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Terror of the Meta
Standard BO1

20 Sep by BillyRed

I was asked for meta answers, so... as requested, I've wasted no time (same day as requested) ruining some of the decks that are running the meta (for now). Goodbye Rogue decks, goodbye scute decks, and without further ado allow me to introduce y'all to Terror of the Meta. Our only turn one play is ...

Deck Tech Commander
Vito Toledo Combo

20 Sep by DAVISHER

  This deck is tailored to search the deck for key cards ASAP.   2 Card Infinite Combo (3 cards technically because you need a source for life gain) Exquisite Blood + Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose+ Any 1 life Gained = Insta-Win!   Blood Tribute OR Exsanguinate are great...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Colorless Matters
Standard BO1

19 Sep by SoliloquyNow

First and foremost, full credit for the idea goes to BillyRed and this list that they posted  For a more in depth description of how things work, you should definitely check their deck out first since this is a riff on it and I'll only be discussing the...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Monument to Ugin
Standard BO1

18 Sep by BillyRed

I am very excited to bring you this deck (75% win rate thus far)! While most of the cards are quite new to standard, you will undoubtedly notice there are several returning faces. I have had very limited playtesting time with this deck, meaning it may end up needing a tweak here or there, but I expe...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Sultai Superfriends
Standard BO1

18 Sep by SoliloquyNow

Hey everyone!  With the new rotation I've mainly been playing Dimir Rogues (and my goodness, it's performing extremely well in the early meta), but I also wanted to have a bit of a project list as well, and since I usually prefer more controlly lists, I decided to throw together a Sultai Superf...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
The Oozes of Oz
Standard BO1

17 Sep by BillyRed

Allow me to lead off by saying it is my main goal to consistently bring the individuals that have offered kind words, followed me, made requests of me, and otherwise shown me support the funnest and freshest content I can. That being said, I have not had the opportunity to playtest this deck as most...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Izzet Tempo
Standard BO1

16 Sep by MrQirn

One last hurray for Izzet Tempo before we lose our favorite flashy pirate: Brineborn Cutthroat Pace The name of the game when playing Tempo is, of course, to control the pace of the game. We decelerate our opponent with Whirlwind Denial, Lofty Denial, and Miscast as well as Petty Theft, Stomp, and S...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Mardu Control
Standard BO1

15 Sep by SoliloquyNow

To celebrate the end of the current standard and the 2021 meta, I brewed up a somewhat janky, but very fun control list for Mardu.  It performs fairly well against midrange and can sometimes last against aggro, but control matchups are really, REALLY tough since they don't really play into the ...

Deck Tech Arena Standard
Frog Dreams (2021)
Standard BO1

14 Sep by BillyRed

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention... but Billy Red is the father of it. Of course I jest, but my actual point is, I got tired of people casting creatures and planeswalkers with abilities that ruined my day, so I decided to do something about it. So without further ado, I bring...