Outlaws of Thunder Junction Teaser Recap

ChrisCee February 27, 2024 1 min
Outlaws of Thunder Junction Teaser Recap

After tapping into the sleuthing prowess of detectives in Ravnica, the next Standard set now flips it over to a brand new frontier of crime and lawlessness. We all know that Outlaws of Thunder Junction was already going to be the Wild West setting for MTG, but seeing the initial teasers last week finally gives us an actual preview of what it could bring to the game in the next few months.

And so, to briefly recap everything that was teased so far:

Oko Returns

After his story background reveal in Wilds of Eldraine, he's back, and even brought a merry band of outlaws from the Multiverse as well. At least some of the spoiled artwork revealed the next version of Kellan as well. Though, as the teaser announcement hinted, there is much yet to transpire than just having successfully tracked down his father.

Other Initial Teasers

Crime is the way of life for this set, technically defined as any spell or ability that targets an opponent, or anything that they own (library, hand, spells, permanents). A "Plot" mechanic has also been mentioned in at least one card, though no details are explained about it just yet.



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'Wild Western' Lands

Frontier fantasy, as they call it.


Other Details?

Story begins on March 18th, while the set officially debuts (spoiler season) a week later on March 26th!

More teaser artwork at the official announcement page.

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