Insane Duskmourn MTG Spoilers

Genoslugcs July 4, 2024 4 min
Insane Duskmourn MTG Spoilers

Anyone who frequents the MTG side of the internet has probably seen Duskmourn spoilers arrive, and they're wilder than expected. So, buckle up as I break down one seriously impressive batch of Duskmourn spoilers. If you've not seen the latest spoilers, get ready. If you have, let me know if you agree with me on evaluating the cards. I'll also include a visual spoiler section for all the cards that are less note-worthy. Without further ado, let's get started.

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Duskmourn Spoilers

Twitching Doll


Twitching Doll feels right at home in Duskmourn because it manages to actually be pretty creepy. If you look closely at the art, you will see that the entire doll (mouth and whiskers included) is made of spiders. A little gnarly when you consider the name. From a gameplay perspective, it's a win too. It's a mana dork that taps for any color and gets a "nest counter" any time you tap it for mana.

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Then, you can tap it, sacrifice it, and make a number of 2/2 spider tokens equal to the number of nest counters that were on it. This second ability is great because one of the biggest downsides to mana dorks is them being underpowered later in the game when you've got enough mana to do what you wanna do. Twitching Doll mitigates some of this by offering some serious late-game value.

Screaming Nemesis


I had to do a double-take on this one, cause it's stacked. Right off the rip, it's a three-mana 3/3 with haste, which is good. Then, whenever it's dealt damage, it deals that much damage to any other target. So, even blocking this thing is going to require taking some damage. That said, if a player does happen to be targeted with some damage like this, they can't gain life for the rest of the game, which is crazy.

To me, this looks like an even better version of Rampaging Ferocidonimage. It's got a good stat line, built-in burn/removal, and the ability to shut off entire decks by nerfing life gain for specific players. Overall, a very strong card from my read.

Enduring Tenacity

dsk-95-Enduring Tenacity

Enduring Tenacity is Sanguine Bondimage on a body. Considering how much Sanguine Bond sees play alongside Exsanguinateimage for combo wins, Enduring Tenacity will have no shortage of decks to slot into. Not only is it an additional copy of the effect in singleton formats, but it's also cheaper to cast, comes with a 3/4 body, and can be recurred. Make no mistake, this will see some play.

Doomsday Excuciator


Duskmourn is a plane filled with demons and this isn't even the most powerful from a lore perspective. From a gameplay point of view though, it's pretty crazy. And that's not because it's a six-mana 6/6 with flying... It's because when you cast it, it exiles all but the bottom six cards of each player's library. Then, at the beginning of your upkeep, you draw a card.

A few things come to mind when looking at this card. First, is that you're playing with fire. If you cast this, go down to six cards in your library, and draw an extra card each turn, you've put yourself on a pretty short three-turn clock. Next, is that this is potentially a very powerful card in a mill deck.

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Considering it obliterates so much of the opposing library, any card that mills six or more cards will win the game on the spot. There are a plethora of low mana value cards that can do this and it's not hard to imagine having such a spell in hand for the turn after Doomsday Excuciator. And if you don't have one, drawing an extra card each turn is a good way to get it.

Lastly, is that all of this potential "downside" is only if you cast the card. So, if you use this as a reanimation target, you just get the nice evasive 6/6 body, and the ETB will always be there if you should want it at times. This one I'm excited to brew around.

Fear of Missing Out


Fear of Missing Out is a two-mana 2/3 that has you discard a card and then draw a card when it enters the battlefield. The order of the wording here is important because if you don't have a card in hand, this simply nets you a card. Of course, considering it also has delirium, you won't exactly hate having a way to discard cards.

When FOMO attacks for the first time each turn, if you have four or more card types in your graveyard, you untap a target creature and get an additional combat phase. I like that this can function by itself too. Meaning if this is the only creature you have on board, you can still attack with it, untap it, and attack again in the additional phase. And if you build up a board of creatures with vigilance, you could swing with your entire board in the extra combat. I think this is a cool card with A+ art.

Visual Spoiler Gallery

10831_dsk-128-chainsaw.jpg 10831_dsk-41-the-wandering-rescuer.jpg 10831_dsk-95-enduring-tenacity.jpg 10831_dsk-194-overlord-of-the-hauntwoods.jpg dsk-292-come-back-wrong dsk-272-plainsdsk-273-island dsk-274-swamp dsk-275-moutian dsk-276-forest dsk-111-cursed-recording dsk-111-nowhere-to-run dsk-35-toby-beastie-befriender dsk-18-leyline-of-hope


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