Bloomburrow Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

ChrisCee July 10, 2024 6 min
Bloomburrow Set Information, Latest Updates, and Spoilers

Bloomburrow is MTG's 101st expansion, set on the unique eponymous plane of mysterious anthropomorphic animals, with the scale of regular things completely outside most planes visited. Its global release date is on August 2, 2024. This set's release schedule also heralds the first time MTG will rotate its Standard format since its one-year extension change in 2023.

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       Expansion Symbol


Expansion Set Code: BLB
Commander Set Code: BLC
Set Size: TBA
Release Date(s): July 30, 2024 (MTG Arena), August 2, 2024 (tabletop)
Card Legality: All formats (special subsets excluded)
Development Codename: Rugby



In a world where animals walk and talk, with an entire civilization of their own, three unlikely heroes find their fates intertwined. There's Helga, a daydreaming frog who'd rather sketch than do chores, suddenly fleeing a nightmarish attack. Then we've got Mabel, a mouse mom whose birthday bash gets crashed by a mud-caked stranger with a wild tale. And Ral is a powerful mage from Ravnica some other mysterious realm who found himself transformed and stranded in a land of giant dandelions.

As their paths tangle in the shadow of an ancient evil, they'll need to pool their mismatched skills before everything is too late...




When casting a creature spell with the ability, you can pay the indicated Offspring cost. If you do, create another copy of it with 1 power and toughness as it is put in the battlefield.


As the spell is being cast, a "gift" is received by your opponent, either in the form of a drawn card or any other permanent. For tokens, it is put into the battlefield before any other effects resolve (if the spell was not countered).


A squirrel-based mechanic. Needs to either sacrifice a Food token or exile three cards from your graveyard to activate. The effect will vary greatly depending on the card using the ability.


Triggers added effects if the permanent with the ability is targeted by spells and abilities that the permanent's owner controls. A different flavor of the previous Heroic mechanic.


This enchantment subtype from the D&D crossover set(s) makes a return in Bloomburrow. To recap, the first-level ability is always the default class effect. You can then keep activating the next-level abilities as a sorcery so long as you can pay the costs.


There are no cards in this set that actually have Storm. But the very busted promising card Ral, Crackling Wit, gives all sorceries and instants with the Storm mechanic as its ultimate loyalty ability.

Paw Modal Spells (Season Cycle)

Not exactly a keyword effect, but some modal cards in Bloomburrow will allow you to choose a number of abilities based on the pre-set paws that are available when you resolve the effect. Season of Weaving for example, lets you choose up to five (5) paws worth of effects, with one, two, and three-paw cost effects to choose from.

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Important Dates

Story Begins
July 3

Start of Debut and Previews
July 9

Commander Deck Previews
July 18

Card Image Gallery Complete
July 19

July 26

MTG Arena Release
July 30

Global (Tabletop) Release
August 2



Bloomburrow will be sold in Play Boosters, Collector Boosters, Bundles, Starter Kits, and Commander Decks.

Play Booster Box

Collector Booster Box

Bundle Box

Starter Kit


Animated Army Commander Deck

Family Matters Commander Deck

Peace Offering

Squirrelled Away


Initial Spoilers

(Main set only)


Debut Video Spoilers

(Main set only)



Debut Aftershow Spoilers

(Includes Bundle and Buy-a-box promos)



Featured Commanders Debut Spoilers


Bloomburrow Treatment Cards

(Featuring transformed, and even a few reimagined, cards for this specific plane! Commander set-exclusive.)



Anime Cards Sneak Peek

(Includes Commander set and Bloomburrow treatment cards)



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