2024 MTG Release Schedule: What to Expect in the Second Half of the Year

Genoslugcs June 2, 2024 3 min
2024 MTG Release Schedule: What to Expect in the Second Half of the Year

2023 & 2024 have been unprecedented for Magic: The Gathering regarding the release schedule. We continue to get rapid-fire releases and, at one point, got a look at sets to come more than a year in advance. Things like the Assassins Creed crossover, Bloomburrow, and Duskmourn are coming closer to release as we move into the second half of 2024. So, now seems the perfect time to refresh on the MTG Release Schedule for 2024 and look at what the latter half of the year holds. Without further ado, let's jump in.

2024 MTG Release Schedule (All Upcoming Sets)

Modern Horizons 3 June 14th, 2024
Assassin's Creed July 5th, 2024
Bloomburrow August 2nd, 2024
Duskmourn: House of Horror Q3 2024
Pioneer Masters Q4 2024

Modern Horizons 3

10814_mh3-10-kozilek-the-broken-reality.jpg mh3-102-necrodominance mh3-62-flare-of-denial

The highly anticipated Modern Horizons 3 injects fresh blood into Modern with a powerful dose of new cards, exciting reprints (like the fetch lands), the return of the Eldrazi menace, and more. If you're not up to date, check out the hottest of the spoilers here - Modern Horizons 3 Spoilers

The set will feature 303 brand new cards for Modern (and other eternal formats) that won't go through Standard. The release of MH3 will also mark the implementation of several changes to the games language. All instances of "Totem Armor" will be Umbra Armor moving forward and cards referencing "Tribal" will be replaced with Kindred.

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Assassin's Creed

10824_acr-131-ezio-auditore-da-firenze.jpg 10824_acr-168-the-animus.jpg 10824_acr-137-altair-ibn-la-ahad.jpg

Gear up for a jump into the world of the popular video game franchise Assassin's Creed. This Universes Beyond set captures the franchise's essence, with characters like Ezio and Altair, as well as some historical figures like Da'Vinci and Cleopatra, with new interesting mechanics and abilities to intrigue fans of both MTG and Assassin's Creed.


blb-379-bria-riptide-rogue blb-351-mabel-heir-to-cragflame blb-342-lumra-bellow-of-the-woods

Welcome to Bloomburrow, a plane where adorable little animals rule the roost (or should we say, burrow?). Forget humans – here, squirrels, frogs, mice, and rabbits are the brainy bunch, building a whole civilization and wielding magic like nobody's business. Unlike some other animal folks you might know (leonin, for example), these critters are the real deal – tiny in size, but with big dreams (and even bigger spells).

Just like on Segovia, visitors aren't exactly themselves here. If you're a human Planeswalker strolling in, get ready for a fuzzy transformation! You'll become an adorable animal person, fitting right in with the locals. We're not sure yet if this happens with all travel methods, but hey, mystery adds to the charm, right?

Aside from a few spoilers, all we know is it arrives in August!

Duskmourn: House of Horror

Likey coming around Halloween, Duskmourn promises a hauntingly good time. According to WOTC, the set is is inspired by 70s and 80s horror like The Amityville Horror. The entire plane is a haunted mansion and everything within the set takes place within the walls. In fact, it's not even known for sure if there is an “outside of the house,” which is pretty eerie.

Duskmourn Art

We don't have any spoilers yet, (so also no mechanics ) but I'm optomistic that we'll get some geuninley creepy ones. When spoilers do start to drop, we'll have an article for them. And you can always check out our complete overview of all upcoming Magic: The Gathering spoilers.

Pioneer Masters

Pioneer MTG Logo

Remember Pioneer Masters, the "all digital" set supposed to bring all your favorite Pioneer decks to MTG Arena? Yeah, it's had a bit of a wild ride. Originally planned for 2020, it got pushed back for testing, then put on hold entirely in 2021. Why? Wizards was busy building the Historic format and things got messy. Historic started with "real" cards but then added some digital-only stuff, so Pioneer kinda got lost in the mix.

Players weren't happy, and Wizards scrambled to find a solution. Enter Explorer in 2022 - The format used all the Pioneer-legal cards already on Arena, which is basically what everyone wanted in the first place. Pioneer Masters wasn't on the immediate horizon, but it wasn't totally dead either.

At Gen Con 2023, Wizards announced "tournament Pioneer" coming to Arena by the end of 2024. To get there, they released the full Khans of Tarkir set in Fall 2023, followed by Pioneer Masters itself at the very end of the year. This set will supposedly fill out missing deck options and still be a blast to play.

The wait for Pioneer Masters has been long, but it seems like the finish line is finally in sight.


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