Modern Horizons 3 - Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

Genoslugcs June 25, 2024 4 min
Modern Horizons 3 - Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

Modern Horizons 3 recently hit shelves and has brought some powerful Modern playable cards. Power level aside, there are also a handful of extremely valuable cards, which are the topic of today's article. From borderless Eldrazi to textured foil dual-sided Planeswalkers, MH3 has 25 cards over $25 and a handful over triple that! So, without further ado, let's get into the top 10 most expensive Modern Horizons 3 cards.

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Modern Horizons 3 - Top 10 Most Expensive Cards

All prices are TCGplayer Market Value.

10. Ugin's Labyrinth $45.86

Ugin's Labyrinth

Coming in at number $10, Ugin's Labyrinth is just over $45. When it enters the battlefield, you can imprint a colorless card (it doesn't have to be a creature) with a mana of seven or greater. If you do, the land taps for two colorless mana instead of one. Granted, you have to have a card to exile and go down a card, but any land that can produce multiple mana (especially on turn one) will see play. The price tag reflects that playability. 

9. Ajani, Nacatl Pariah (Borderless, Textured Foil) $49.70

mh3-468-ajani-nacatl-pariah mh3-468-ajani-nacatl-pariah

Ajani brings some heat for just two mana. Entering the battlefield, he makes a 2/1 cat token, giving you a total of 3/4 power and toughness. But Ajani's real strength lies in cat synergy. Whenever a feline friend falls, he transforms into a planeswalker, boosting your remaining cats and potentially creating another cat ally (with the bonus of throwing around some damage if you have a red permanent).

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Finally, his ultimate offers a potential board reset, allowing your opponents to keep one permanent of each type and forcing them to sacrifice the rest. While not the most devastating wipe, it can be a game-changer in stalled board situations. In it's textured-foil version, it's currently around $50.

8. Ugin's Labyrinth (Borderless) $50.77


At number 8, we have the borderless version of Ugin's Labyrinth. Functionally, the card is the same as the regular version at number 10 - Lands that can tap for two mana are great. However, the borderless version with this sweet art costs around $4 more than the standard version.

7. Ulamog, the Defiler (Retro Frame) $54.29


Spoiler alert: this is not the last time you'll see Ulamog, the Defiler, on the list. This particular version has the retro frame treatment and is currently at $54 and some change. This is pretty impressive considering that this is the cheapest card version available.

6. Ulamog, the Defiler $54.63


We have the regular version at about $0.30 more than the retro frame version of Ulamog. Only time will tell if the regular version will stay slightly ahead of the retro version. Whichever you choose, you'll still be getting a 10 mana 7/7 (plus a number of +1/+1 counters equal to the highest mana value of cards in exile) with annihilator x equal to the number of counters and ward that exiles half of your opponent's library.

5. Emrakul, the World Anew (Borderless) $59.67


Mama Eldrazi is back in MH3! Emrakul, the World Anew comes in at just shy of $60 for the borderless version. In typical Emrakul fashion, this version lets you steal things that don't belong to you. This incarnation allows you to gain control of all creatures target opponent controls.

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On top of that, she is packing flying, protection from spells and from permanents that enter the battlefield the same turn as her. The cherry on top that really makes the card interesting is that you can have all of this for only six colorless mana if you can find a way to discard it and pay its madness cost.

4. Ulamog, the Defiler (Foil Etched) $66.46


At number four, we have our third version of Ulamog, the Defiler. The foil-etched version you see above is currently $66.46. If you're new to MTG and wondering what makes the card so good, scroll up to version number six, where I gave a little rundown of everything the card gives you regarding in-game value.

3. Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student (Borderless, Textured Foil) $71.36

mh3-469-tamiyo-inquisitive-student mh3-469-tamiyo-seasoned-scholar 2

Tamiyo, Inquisitive Student, offers a unique path to card advantage. As a creature, she wants you to draw three cards in a single turn. She creates Clue tokens (artifacts that draw cards) whenever she attacks, fueling her transformation into Tamiyo, Seasoned Scholar.

In her Planeswalker form, Tamiyo boasts a suite of powerful abilities, culminating in an ultimate that draws half your library. Her high toughness and flying make her a resilient threat in the early game, while her transformation offers potentially high value. While reaching her ultimate requires careful resource management, the potential payoff makes Tamiyo a highly sought-after card for decks focused on card advantage and late-game dominance.

2. Sorin of House Markov (Borderless, Textured Foil) $73.89

mh3-470-sorin-of-house-markov mh3-470-sorin-ravenous-neonate

Sorin of House has a lot going for it in its creature form. First, it's probably the easiest of the dual-faced walkers to transform, only requiring you to gain three or more life. And it goes a long way in gaining you to that three life because it has lifelink and extort. The cherry on top is the high defense, which enables it to attack well and block incoming attackers.

On the walker side, Sorin Ravenous Neonate packs a punch, too. First, it retains the extort, which is huge for a strategy to continue gaining life and draining opponents out. The +2 continues to pack on the synergy by making blood tokens, which gain life, too. And then, the -1 turns all that life you're gaining into damage that can target opponents' faces or their board.

I think it's mainly the +2 and the -1 that make Sorin powerful. However, if you happen to get up past six loyalty counters, you can steal an opposing creature, turn it into a vampire, and give it lifelink if you have another white permanent. The price doesn't lie here, and the textured-foil version is currently at a whopping $73.

1. Ulamog, the Defiler (Borderless) $85.11


If you made it this far, you may have seen this coming. If you skimmed and jumped to the number one spot, this is the fourth appearance of Ulamog, the Defiler on the list. The borderless version with the sick art is currently the most expensive card from Modern Horizons 3 at just over $85. In other words, I recommend you keep an eye out for Ulamog here in your MH3 packs. In terms of value, he's what you want to see.


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