Top Standard Decks - April 2024

ChrisCee April 10, 2024 3 min
Top Standard Decks - April 2024

Well, that was a bit of whoopsie, given the perfect timing of the completed spoiler list of Outlaws of Thunder Junction and all last week plus a missed April Fools opportunity. But, as they say, better late than never. We are still technically in the first half of April, we can still account for the last 30 days, plus one week, of MTG Standard meta updates. Which ones turned out to be just a fad from the sweeping changes last month?

We are about to find out.


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Standard Tournament Meta - Top 8 Decks

Boros Convoke finally made it to the events scene! Well, for a long time already, actually. But it has maintained its stride long enough that we still see the deck's effects in tournaments surrounding the rest of the top 8 regulars. Based solely on our records last month, it went from being outside the top 8, to instantly 2nd place as of this article's publishing. As a result of this, however, some of the returning decks like Bant Toxic (which coasted the rankings for a good two months or so) were eventually kicked out.

Esper Raffine

17.31% of the meta

Boros Convoke

12.50% of the meta

Azorius Control

10.58% of the meta

Domain Control

8.17% of the meta

Golgari Aggro

7.69% of the meta

Dimir Aggro

6.73% of the meta

Rakdos Aggro

5.29% of the meta

Red Deck Wins

4.81% of the meta


Standard MTG Arena: Best of Three - Top 8 Decks

So, what do we have here? Dimir suddenly at the very top at 9.37% of the meta, Azorius almost kicked out of the higher rankings from being 2nd place last month (and a week)... and a Temur entry sitting smack dab a 4th place? Yeah, that Analyst + Animist combo sure is going places. That one-week gap really did skew our data didn't it? Other regulars are still here to make things somewhat predictable. Though again, other decks that made a comeback for the last two weeks effectively dropped from the higher rankings.


9.37% of the meta


8.76% of the meta


7.25% of the meta


6.95% of the meta


5.74% of the meta


5.44% of the meta

Five Color

5.14% of the meta


3.63% of the meta


Standard MTG Arena: Best of One - Top 8 Decks

And yes, the popularity bandwagon still doesn't end here. Technically speaking, there isn't much change, since Mono-Red and Boros Convoke simply switched places. But as you can see, the fever of deck has basically swept every Standard sub-format that does not require singletons. In fact, in lieu of what Mono-Red usually does, there's not just one... but two Boros decks in the top 8! Golgari, of all decks, ironically had to make its leave, but at least it made space for Aftermath Nissa's mana shenanigans to wreak havoc.

Boros Convoke

11.89% of the meta

Mono Red Wins

10.25% of the meta

Selesnya Enchantments

3.98% of the meta

Azorius Control

3.4% of the meta

Orzhov Midrange

3.11% of the meta

Temur Ramp

2.67% of the meta

Boros Angels

2.51% of the meta

Dimir Control

1.47% of the meta


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