Simic Ramp Takes First Place in Both Aetherhub Release Tournaments
Competitive Decklists 

29 Feb by Gapollard1

Looking at the results from the Aetherhub Community Tournaments yesterday

PVDDR is Your World Champion in a Top 4 Marred by a Questionable Format
Competitive Discussion 

17 Feb by Gapollard1

PVDDR wins, but was the format for the top 4 unfair to Carvalho?

The Top 4 is Set at Magic Worlds!
Competitive Discussion 

16 Feb by Gapollard1

Who will be crowned the 2019 Magic World Champion?

Magic World Championship Day 1 Recap and Day 2 Preview
AetherHub Competitive 

15 Feb by Gapollard1

An amazing day 1 at Worlds yesterday full of action and upsets!

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 15 - Superbowl Preview and Theros Meta
AetherHub Podcast 

01 Feb by Gapollard1

Previewing the Superbowl and looking at top decks from the Theta meta

Highlighting Some Awesome Work by Aetherhub Content Creator's
AetherHub Content Creator 

27 Jan by Gapollard1

Showcasing a few sweet decks posted to Aetherhub this week!

Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 14 - Revisiting the Top 5 Cards from Theros
AetherHub Podcast 

23 Jan by Gapollard1

Looking at the top 5 cards from Theros a week into the Meta

Massive List of Theros Decks by Archetype
AetherHub Decklists 

21 Jan by Gapollard1

A vast collection of decks for every color combination from Theros!

Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 13 - What will be the First Theros Card to Get Banned
AetherHub Podcast 

09 Jan by Gapollard1

The Icon Willy B applies for the Bachelor and Theros Spoilers!

Making Esper Stax Work with Theros
Decklists Discussion 

06 Jan by Gapollard1

Will these Theros: Beyond Death cards make the deck viable?

Should Magic Embrace Gambling?
Community Discussion 

30 Dec by Gapollard1

E-sports gambling is trending up. Should Magic get involved?

The Ultimate Guide for Getting your Relatives into MTG these Holidays
Community Discussion 

24 Dec by Gapollard1

How to convince your family to play MTG with you over Christmas

Mythic Rare Podcast - Alexander Steyer Recaps His Mythic Championship Experience
AetherHub Podcast 

16 Dec by Gapollard1

Alexander Steyer joins the Podcast to discuss his experience at MC VII

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 12 - 2020 Will be a Huge Year for Magic
AetherHub Podcast 

13 Dec by Gapollard1

Recapping Mythic Championship VII and looking forward to 2020!

Piotr Glogowski Wins Maybe the Most Stacked Top 8 in History
Competitive Discussion 

09 Dec by Gapollard1

Kanister takes down the trio of Simic Flash players to Win MCVII

Mythic Championship VII Top 8 Preview and Predictions
Competitive Discussion 

08 Dec by Gapollard1

MC VII top 8 is looking incredible! Here is my preview/predictions

An Aetherhub Power Panel Previews Mythic Championship VII
AetherHub Podcast 

06 Dec by Gapollard1

TheNerdySteve and MTG_Arena_Meta join the Mythic Rare Podcast

AliasV: Magic's Fastest Growing Star
Content Creator Interview 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

Get Ready for MC VII with an Aetherhub Full Feature on Caster AliasV

Mythic Championship VII DeckList Immediate Reaction
Competitive Decklists 

05 Dec by Gapollard1

An instant reaction to the Mythic Championship VII decklists

MTG Secret Lair: Love Letter, Money Grab or Something More Profound?
Community Discussion 

27 Nov by Gapollard1

Could the Secret Lair hint at greater cosmetic customization in the future?