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An Aetherhub Power Panel Breaks Down Mythic Championship V
AetherHub Podcast 

17 Oct by Gapollard1

ThyrixSyx, Captain Jamoke and Dr Spilikin join the Mythic Rare Podcast

The Hopes of a Nation Rest on the Shoulders of Rakdos Sacrifice
Competitive Decklists 

15 Oct by Gapollard1

Power ranking the top 3 most exciting decks for Mythic Championship V

Why the Mythic Championship's are the Greatest Weeks in Sports
Competitive MTGA Events 

14 Oct by Gapollard1

Getting you ready for Mythic Championship V this coming weekend

Merchant joins the Mythic Rare Podcast
AetherHub Podcast 

12 Oct by Gapollard1

A really entertaining conversation with Merchant. A must listen!

The Mythic Rare Podcast - Ep 3 - What if the Joker Played MTG
AetherHub Podcast 

10 Oct by Gapollard1

Aetherhub and The Mythic Rare Podcast are proud to present Episode 3

The Best Deck for Beating Golos Ramp
Arena Standard Decklists 

08 Oct by Gapollard1

Is this the best deck in Standard for beating Golos Ramp? You decide!

Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 2 - A Sit Down with MTG Jeff
AetherHub Community 

05 Oct by Gapollard1

MTG Jeff joins the Mythic Rare Podcast as our first ever special guest!