Magic: The Gathering Glossary - Terms, Lingo, Slang, And Jargon Explained
Discussion Information 

29 Jan by Genoslugcs

MTG has a lot of slang, jargon, and terms. Here you'll find a full list with definitions.

Best Brawl Commanders From Phyrexia: All Will Be One
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A look at the best Phyrexia: All Will Be One Brawl commnaders so far

Most Metal Magic: The Gathering Cards

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To me, heavy music and Magic go hand in hand - A look at my picks for the most metal MTG cards.

Three Different Ways To Build Heartless Summoning In Modern
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A look at three ways to use the massive upside (and downside) of Heartless Summoning in Modern.

Top Five Dominaria Remastered Cards For Modern
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My picks for the best Dominaria Remastered cards for Modern.

Top Standard Decks - January 2023
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A look at the Standard Tournament, Bo1, and Bo3 metagame.

The Easiest Way To Build A Commander Deck - Quick And Simple Method
Commander Guide 

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A fast, simple, and effective method to building a Commander deck, that you've probably never used.

Best Reserve List Cards You Can Buy For $10 Or Less
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The RL has all manner of cards on it - Here are my picks for the very best pick-ups for $10 or less.

Best Removal Spells In Standard
Discussion Standard 

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A detailed breakdown of the very best removal/interaction in Standard right now.

All New Commanders From Jumpstart 22
Commander Discussion 

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A breakdown of all the non-reprint Legendary creatures from Jumpstart 2022

8 MTG Cards To Buy Right Now At Low Prices
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A look at eight recently reprinted MTG cards that are at all-time low prices right now.

The Best Secret Lair Drops Of 2022
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As the year comes to a close, we take a look back at the best Secret Lair Drops of 2022.

MTG Brawl - Format Guide - Rules And Deck Building Explained
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Everything you need to know to play Brawl: Rules, Deck Building, Legal Cards, and More.