Lost Caverns of Ixalan Limited - Instant Speed Spells To Look Out For

Genoslugcs November 9, 2023 4 min
Lost Caverns of Ixalan Limited - Instant Speed Spells To Look Out For

The release of Lost Caverns of Ixalan is about a week away, and prerelease is right around the corner. When you sit down to play with a brand new set for the first time, how well you know the set (and the best cards it offers) can go a long way in winning games.

The topic of today's article is the instant speed spells that you need to keep your eyes out for. I'll also include a quick list of all the instant and flash spells in the set for quick reference so that nothing catches you off guard. Let's get started.


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Instants To Look Out For In Lost Caverns Of Ixalan Limited

abrade art

Join the Dead


This is some premium removal to keep your eye out for if you or your opponent is playing black. -5/-5 for three mana is very solid, and the fact that it's an instant makes it even better. This can be cast on end steps to use mana efficiently. Also, watch out for chances to use this post-combat after something has been damaged to finish off threats outside of the 5/5 range.

Honestly, this would be a great card without the decent ability. There are plenty of ways to fill your graveyard in the set, and getting the -10/-10 online shouldn't be too hard. Once you do, you'll have a cheap spell capable of taking down even the biggest bombs. The only downside is the double black casting cost.



Abrade is always good in limited. A two-mana instant that deals three damage is solid, but that's only half of the text here. It also has the option to remove artifacts if needed. And with cards like Threefold Thunderhulkimage, Unstable Glyphbridge // Sandswirl Wanderglyphimage, and Chimil, the Inner Sunimage in LCI, you'll certainly want this in your back pocket.

Bitter Triumph


This card can deal with any creature or planeswalker for just two mana. Well, two mana and some life or a card. But still, that's a phenomenal deal! Most times, players will probably be content to pay the life to cast this. However, if you're on the brink of death, you can always ditch a card instead.

That said, if you're looking to fill up your graveyard with reanimation targets or trying to fuel some decent cards, it may actually be an upside to pitch a card to blow up the best thing your opponent has - Keep your eyes out for this one.

Confounding Riddle


This isn't the flashiest instant in the set, but I like it. It's good because it's versatile. It allows people to play some interaction in the form of a counterspell. And also, still have a playable card if they do not need it. The first effect is decent, too. First, it digs four cards deep and can put the best thing (regardless of card type) into your hand. Next, whatever you don't take goes to your graveyard... Which can support many of the cards in the set.

Dreadmaw's Ire


Combat tricks can be big in limited, and this is a good one. Giving a creature +2/+2 and trample is a good deal for one mana. That can make a difference in living and dying in combat and deal extra damage to opponents when you're going for aggro play. Aside from that, if/when you get through for damage with your pumped-up creature, you can destroy one of their artifacts as well. Talk about insult to injury.

Considering you get trample from the spell, getting through for something shouldn't be too hard. And when you do, the value you've gotten for one mana is pretty insane! If you play against someone playing red, keep your eyes peeled for untapped mountains... And be sure to block if you crucial artifacts on board so you don't get blown out.

Huatli's Final Strike


This effect isn't uncommon and is usually a must-play card for green-based decks. It's a pump spell and removal. Note that this isn't a fight spell too. So, with this, your creature won't take damage from whatever you choose. That's a big plus. The +1 could be used aggressively or just make your creature hit a bit harder as a removal spell. Overall, nothing to not like here, if you ask me.

Another Chance


I like having an ace in the hole if your best creatures end up in the graveyard. In a format where you have limited access to game-winning cards, getting your two best creatures back to hand is enormous. There's all the mill effect stapled onto this. Considering there are a high number of cards in the set that care about the number of cards in your graveyard, it has a tad more playability than it usually would.

Fanatical Offering


There are enough sac fodder-producing cards in LCI to make this a card you want to keep an eye out for. If you have an expendable creature token or something similar, you'll get much value for just two mana. Draw two fresh cards, of course, but you'll get a map token, too, which could turn into more cards, land drops, or +1/+1 counters.

In the Presence of Ages


If you find yourself in green during prerelease, do yourself a favor and play a copy or two of this if possible. It can dig four cards deep and put a creature or land from among them into your hand. In green, what else could you possibly need? Whatever you don't put into your hand goes to the graveyard, too, which pulls double duty if you're playing decent cards.

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