Top 10 Best Commons in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

ChrisCee November 26, 2023 3 min
Top 10 Best Commons in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan

MTG Standard is always chock full of alternatives that manages to repeat themselves so long as their efficiency allows them to easily fill a slot, or be interchangeable. The Lost Caverns of Ixalan is no different for common cards. But, the overall value seems to be quite more balanced across than usual.

The result? Not one too outstanding, but everything becoming fairly considerable. With the exception of one particular favorite entry, of course.

(DISCLAIMER: Reprints are not included as usual. The assessment for these cards are also more of an overall look for their design, and not a reflection of how they will actually be used in formats such as Pauper and Limited.)

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Miner's Guidewing

This card already has tiny bit more worth than the body of its casting cost. But what puts this in notable territory is its explore death trigger, significantly increasing the amount of value that it can offer. That being said, it is no replacement for any meta card, and would not find itself extensively useful outside Limited unless it is part of a specific deck theme.


Tinker's Tote

A rather unassuming dinky little artifact that does nothing but produce... more artifacts? From a resource perspective, it creates two creatures, two tokens, three artifacts, and gains you three life. Pretty nice little package for a common at three mana. If only there's a way to use this information out of Limited...


Out of Air

Yeesh, another one of those Remove Soulimage clones. But seriously, in terms of utility alone this card isn't bad, and is very much workable in a lot of cases. This is because it basically works like Essence Scatterimage during early game, but still provides you the option to just solidly counter anything later on if strategically appropriate. Can find itself as a fairly nice alternative counter card for certain builds.


Join the Dead

Not exactly the most premium removal on the menu, but it properly fills the niche it is designed for: alternatve elimination that bypasses indestructibility... at common rarity! Of course, even if it is guaranteed to take out your target, the cost and lingering nature of the destruction is still there, which are part of the card's natural limitations.


Tithing Blade // Consuming Sepulcher

A basic edict effect playing the part of its cost and ability extent. That alone already makes it usable enough to be an alternative, but it still provides a little bit more extra utility after it lands on the battlefield. Well... only if you craft it, of course. The crafted artifact doesn't exactly provide the most spectacular of effects, but eh. Added options will be added options, no matter how lame they seem to be.


Greedy Freebooter

The typical one-drop, double-reward type of permanent, but with a tiny bit of deck fixing as an added bonus. Quite the hard worker for any sacrifice theme deck, especially if the menu includes artifacts, since it basically offers twice the available fodder. Its typing generally doesn't matter much, but can be a bit relevant for protection/preservation strategies. Combo it with Fanatical Offeringimage for even more sacc fodder to use.


Etali's Favor

True, this card first needs a target before it works. Indeed, the hitting mana values makes it impossible to just slap it as another Prowess enabling utility. But the potential is definitely there. If averaged across the board, I believe that the roll result dial is tuned quite more towards power plays than absolute duds. Besides, the aura itself isn't that bad, especially if synergized directly for its card typing.


Goblin Tomb Raider

Red once again takes the spot for the best common in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan. There's just too many things that could enable this card, even within its set/outside Limited. Of course, Prowess is still too versatile for it, but it has it own charm. You can even make it run along our recently reprinted hasty cookie boi if you're not much into more hardcore synergies.


Over the Edge

The token modal naturalize card that uses the set mechanic, twice. Not only is it already quite flavorful in its own way, but it manages to jump a little bit over its extended (rarity) line, by doing lots of things with your hand or creature. Might look like a good Limited staple now, but would not be surprising if it quickly finds a home in Standard, post-release.


Poison Dart Frog

My personal favorite common in this list. I mean, what's not to love. An adorable artwork that reflects the very setting of this set, with very flavorful effects to boot. You want ultimate multi-directional utility at common that can also double as chump elimination? Well here's your absolute cutesy option.


Special Mention: Hidden Land Cycle


Would also like to mention these commons. Tapped lands for sure. Nothing more than just usual jank, for sure. But these hold the potential of being a clutch card in the late game, provided that you curate the mana values of your cards in the deck. Possible color limitations might hamper these cards too, but the wacky plays still remain.


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