Lost Caverns of Ixalan Pronunciation Guide

Genoslugcs November 7, 2023 2 min
Lost Caverns of Ixalan Pronunciation Guide

Lost Caverns of Ixalan is right around the corner on the 17th. If you haven't seen the spoilers, check them out here. The set is looking pretty phenomenal, as are the commander precons. It's a very flavorful and culture-rich set as well, pulling from several Meso-American cultures like the Mayans and Aztecs. That said, native languages like Nahuatl inspire many card names and don't exactly roll off the tongue of English speakers. So, today, I would like to give you a Lost Caverns of Ixalan pronunciation guide.

We'll review all the less-than-obvious card names and how they're pronounced. Beyond that, I'll do my best to paint a clear picture of why the names, phrases, and words sound like they do, where possible. So, without further ado, let's jump into the cards.

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Lost Caverns of Ixalan Card Pronunciation Guide

After scrolling the LCI spoiler list for the main set and the commander precons, I landed on around 15 cards that may give players trouble trying to get out correctly. Now, at this point, I must say that I'm not a linguist or expert in Meso-American languages or culture. So, if you are, and I make a mistake, forgive me. That said, the pronunciations below come from some extensive research, help from ChatGPT, and collaboration with some fluent Spanish speakers.

Ojer Pakpatiq, Deepest Epoch


Pronunciation: O-jer Pak-pa-teek, Deepest Epoch

Inti, Seneschal of the Sun


Pronunciation: In-tee, Se-ne-shal of the Sun

Abuelo, Ancestral Echo


Pronunciation: Ah-bway-loh, Ancestral Echo

Amalia Benavides Aguirre


Pronunciation: Ah-mah-lee-ah Ben-ah-vee-des Ah-gwee-re

Bartolomé del Presidio


Pronunciation: Bar-toh-loh-may del Pre-sid-ee-oh

Itzquinth, Firstborn of Gishath


Pronunciation: Eetz-kwinth, Firstborn of Gish-ath

Sovereign Okinec Ahau


Pronunciation: Sovereign Oh-kee-nek Ah-how

Envoy of Okinec Ahau


Pronunciation: Envoy of Oh-kee-nek Ah-how

Ramirez DePietro, Pillager


Pronunciation: Ram-ir-ez De-Pee-et-roh, Pillager

Clavileño, First of the Blessed


Pronunciation: Clah-vee-lay-nyo, First of the Bless-ed

Promise of Aclazotz


Pronunciation: Promise of Ack-lah-zots

Xolatoyac, the Smiling Flood


Pronunciation: Zoh-lah-toy-ak, the Smiling Flood

Nicanzil, Current Conductor


Pronunciation: Nee-kan-zil, Current Conductor

Pantlaza, Sun-Favored


Pronunciation: Pant-lah-zah, Sun-Favored


There you have it, folks, my Lost Caverns of Ixalan pronunciation guide. I hope you found it helpful and can sit down and play the cards with confidence. Overall, most aren't too hard once you've read them over a few times. If you're an authority on the languages in question, comment and let me know how these are. If I missed any cards you're struggling with, let me know, and I'll try to help you.

Now, here's a bonus question: How do you pronounce Queza, Augur of Agoniesimage? I know a handful of players that gracefully refer to her as "Queso" because they'd rather not take a crack at the name. And that, my friends, is why I know this guide will be needed.


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