Magic: The Gathering Marvel Crossover - What You Need To Know + Set Predictions

Genoslugcs October 26, 2023 3 min
Magic: The Gathering Marvel Crossover - What You Need To Know + Set Predictions

After the massive success of the Lord of the Rings set, Magic has been on a warpath with universes beyond releases. And WOTC has now announced an MTG Marvel crossover! Marvel is an absolutely colossal IP that could certainly rival the LOTR in popularity and reach. Today, I'll cover everything we know about the MTG Marvel set and speculate about what we don't know. So, let's get started.

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MTG / Marvel Crossover Set Info

So far, all we have is a teaser video from Wizards announcing "a collaboration years in the making." We also know that this will be a "tentpole" set. In other words, this means a full-set release with a complete lineup of products - Play Boosters will be in effect by the time this hits shelves, but similar to LOTR, this will have Collector Boosters, Commander Decks, Bundles, etc. Everything you'd expect from a major MTG release.

As far as when we'll get to see some Marvel MTG cards, the consensus is that they'll be released sometime in 2025. Quite a ways away, but you've got to consider what all WOTC/Hasbro already has going on the printer in the coming year. Lost Caverns of Ixalan, Doctor Who, Fallout, Ravnica Remastered, Final Fantasy, a second wave of Tales of Middle Earth, the list continues.

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With everything we know so far out of the way, let's speculate on what we don't know. It's pretty straightforward that the LOTR set and the success of the serialized 001/001 One Ring card (that sold for two million dollars) are the blueprint for future universes beyond sets. So, that leads me to my big question.

Marvel MTG Predictions

What Could Be Serialized In A Marvel MTG Set?

I'm sure we'll get all the major heroes from the franchise, and there will undoubtedly be serialized cards in the set. I'm most curious about what will numbered, specifically to a one-of-one. If I had to guess, a 001/001 Infinite Gauntlet would seem like a good candidate. It would also make sense to have limited Infinity Stones, which could have severe, game-altering abilities when combined. Perhaps there would be seven of each stone and one gauntlet to mimic the lesser rings with the One Ring.

Other Possible Inclusions

Aside from numbered cards, I have a few ideas for things that might turn up in an MTG/Marvel crossover set and a general idea of how they'd play:

  • Spider-Man: A card that showcases Spider-Man's agility and ability to create intricate webs that hinder opponents or provide advantages.
  • Iron Man: Highlighting Iron Man's technological prowess and arsenal of powerful suits, featuring abilities representing energy blasts and advanced weaponry.
  • Captain America: Designs that embody Captain America's leadership and unwavering determination, allowing players to bolster their forces and grant abilities to their allies.
  • Thor: Show off the might of Thor through cards that depict his lightning powers and legendary hammer, Mjolnir, as equipment.
  • Black Panther: A card showing Black Panther's tactical prowess and agility, providing players with abilities that reflect stealth, agility, and the advanced technology of Wakanda.

Aside from individual characters (of which I'm sure there will be many), here are some possible ideas for broader concepts.

  • Superpower/ Superpower Tokens: These could represent various superpowers that can be used to activate abilities or grant bonuses to creatures.
  • Heroic Sacrifices: It's hard to be a hero without a sacrifice. A mechanic that allows players to sacrifice creatures for powerful effects that emulate heroic sacrifices made by iconic Marvel characters would make sense.
  • Team-Up Effects: I imagine something that would enable creatures or players to form teams, granting them unique abilities or synergistic effects on the battlefield together.
  • Alter Ego: I would love a line of transformation mechanics that allows particular creatures to switch between their heroic and civilian identities, each providing different abilities and strategic options.


Given that Disney owners Marvel and Disney recently released their own TCG, the news of a Marvel crossover with MTG is a bit of a surprise. However, I've said multiple times that Universes Boyond sets with super rare number cards are the future of MTG. So, I'm not too surprised. After all, Marvel is a behemoth (especially at its height), and this set will be huge! How big? Well, only time will tell.

Until then, comment and let me know what you think of this collab, my predictions for it, and if you think this will be bigger than Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle Earth.



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