Five Ways To Make Money With Magic: The Gathering
Discussion Economy 

05 Feb by Genoslugcs

My five favorite ways to make money with Magic: The Gathering.

Minor Misstep: The Surprising Counter To The Modern Meta's Top Cards
Discussion Modern 

01 Feb by Genoslugcs

A detailed look at Minor Misstep - Is it good or bad and when should play it? Let's find out.

Magic: The Gathering Glossary - Terms, Lingo, Slang, And Jargon Explained
Discussion Information 

29 Jan by Genoslugcs

MTG has a lot of slang, jargon, and terms. Here you'll find a full list with definitions.

MTG Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Guide Information 

29 Jan by Genoslugcs

A guide to great Valentine's Day gifts for MTG players.

What Is FNM In MTG? - Preparing For Your First Friday Night Magic
Beginner Tournament 

28 Jan by Genoslugcs

A deep dive on Friday Night Magic. How to prepare for your first FNM - Plus tips & tricks to do well

Ad Nauseam Very Much Alive In Modern Despite Simian Spirit Guide Ban

26 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at what Ad Nauseam was pre-ban, losing Simian Spirit Guide, and what the deck is now. RIP SSG

Five Amazing Phrexia: All Will Be One Cards To build Around In Modern
Brews Modern 

25 Jan by Genoslugcs

Today we're taking an in-depth look at five decks built with Phyrexia: All Will Be One cards.

Top 10 Saltiest Commander Cards
Commander Discussion 

21 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at the top 10 most annoying, oppressive, and salt-inducing cards in commander.

How Cheap Can You Build Priest of Fell Rites In Modern?
Discussion Modern 

20 Jan by Genoslugcs

Seeing how cheap Modern decks can be with an ultra-budget Priest of Fell Rites deck.

What to play in Historic 2023
Guide Historic 

16 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at the current Historic BO1 & BO3 meta as well as what decks I think you should be playing.

Top 10 Commander Combos - Orzhov (Black/White)
Commander Guide 

14 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at the top 10 Commander combos in Orzhov (Black/White) and how they work.

Most Metal Magic: The Gathering Cards

13 Jan by Genoslugcs

To me, heavy music and Magic go hand in hand - A look at my picks for the most metal MTG cards.

Three Different Ways To Build Heartless Summoning In Modern
Discussion Modern 

07 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at three ways to use the massive upside (and downside) of Heartless Summoning in Modern.

Top Five Dominaria Remastered Cards For Modern
Discussion Modern 

04 Jan by Genoslugcs

My picks for the best Dominaria Remastered cards for Modern.

Top Standard Decks - January 2023
Metagame Standard 

03 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at the Standard Tournament, Bo1, and Bo3 metagame.

The Easiest Way To Build A Commander Deck - Quick And Simple Method
Commander Guide 

31 Dec by Genoslugcs

A fast, simple, and effective method to building a Commander deck, that you've probably never used.

Best Reserve List Cards You Can Buy For $10 Or Less
Discussion Economy 

31 Dec by Genoslugcs

The RL has all manner of cards on it - Here are my picks for the very best pick-ups for $10 or less.

Best Removal Spells In Standard
Discussion Standard 

29 Dec by Genoslugcs

A detailed breakdown of the very best removal/interaction in Standard right now.

All New Commanders From Jumpstart 22
Commander Discussion 

27 Dec by Genoslugcs

A breakdown of all the non-reprint Legendary creatures from Jumpstart 2022

8 MTG Cards To Buy Right Now At Low Prices
Discussion Economy 

24 Dec by Genoslugcs

A look at eight recently reprinted MTG cards that are at all-time low prices right now.