The Most Exciting MTG Lord of the Rings Spoilers

02 Jun by Genoslugcs

A look at some of the best/most exciting cards from the newest Lord of the Rings Spoilers.

March of the Machines: The Aftermath Modern Brew - Untouchable Human Tribal
Decklists Modern 

01 Jun by Genoslugcs

Looking at a 5c Human Tribal deck with brand-new cards from March of the Machine: The Aftermath.

Arena Championship 3 - Standard Metagame Analysis
Arena Standard Competitive 

28 May by Genoslugcs

A breakdown of the metagame from Arena Championship 3 - Top decks, cards, strategy overviews & more.

New MTG Site Presents Cards From A Lore Perspective

27 May by Genoslugcs

A new MTG site lets you search for cards and generates their art and flavor text. Go check it out!

MTG Lord Of The Rings Spoilers - Eowyn, Galadriel, & New Sauron

27 May by Genoslugcs

A small set of LOTR cards was recently leaked - Eowyn, Galadriel, & a powerful new Sauron.

Standard MTG Was Left To Die In Favor Of Commander And These Numbers Prove It
Discussion Standard 

25 May by Genoslugcs

An in-depth analysis (with stats) of how WOTC abandoned Standard for Commander, causing it to die.

May 29 Banned and Restricted MTG Leak Is FAKE.
Banlist News 

24 May by Genoslugcs

The May 29th Banned and Restricted announcement leak was faked! The culprit speaks up and owns it.

The Most Expensive Cards From March of the Machine: The Aftermath
Economy Guide 

23 May by Genoslugcs

Aftermath has gotten lots of pushback. However, it has some valuable cards - Here are the top 10!

Days N Daze' Jesse Sendejas Interview: Magic: The Gathering, New Music, & More
Discussion Interview 

21 May by Genoslugcs

I sat down with Days N' Daze & EFTZ vocalist Jesse Sendejas to discuss his love of MTG and more.

Major Changes Coming To MTG Ban System - What They Are, Pros & Cons And More
Banlist News 

20 May by Genoslugcs

Today, I cover the why, the when, and the pros & cons of MTGs new card-banning system.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Isn't A Normal Set - Here's How Draft Works

14 May by Genoslugcs

MOM: The Aftermath isn't a draftable set - I cover why and how you CAN work them into limited games.

The Best Standard Cards From March of the Machine: The Aftermath
Guide Standard 

14 May by Genoslugcs

Here are my picks for the Top 10 cards for Standard from March of the Machine: The Aftermath

Highest Win Rates From Pro Tour March of the Machine - Standard
Competitive Standard 

12 May by Genoslugcs

An overview of the best-performing decks (and cards) from Pro Tour March of the Machine.

MTG Arena Is Coming To Steam
Arena Standard News 

07 May by Genoslugcs

Magic: The Gathering Arena is coming to Steam. Same game, same account, new platform!

Major Changes To Standard: Rotation Moved To Every THREE Years
News Standard 

07 May by Genoslugcs

Standard Rotation goes from every two years to every three! I cover the news, what it's for & more.

Doctor Who Commander Precons - Here's What You Need To Know
News Spoilers 

07 May by Genoslugcs

The Doctor Who commander precon info is in - Names, commanders, lands, planechase & more!

"The Ring Tempts You" Is All Upside - Here's How It Works
Guide News 

07 May by Genoslugcs

The MagicCon preview looked at "The Ring Tempts You." Here's everything you need to know about it.

Commander Masters Precon Spoilers - All Four Face Commanders Revealed!
Commander Spoilers 

06 May by Genoslugcs

The commander for each Commander Masters precon has been spoiled - New Eldrazi, Sliver, Gods & more!

New Sliver Tribal Deck CRUSHING In Modern
Competitive Modern 

05 May by Genoslugcs

Tribal decks have struggled in Modern recently - However, this new Sliver deck has cracked the code!

WOTC Uses Unfinished Art For Alayna Danner Secret Lair - Refuses To Fix Problem
News Wotc 

29 Apr by Genoslugcs

"In-progress" art was used for the Alayna Danner Secret Lair... And WOTC isn't planning to fix it.