Jace, the Perfected Mind Is Way Better Than I Thought - Modern Mill
Discussion Modern 

28 Feb by Genoslugcs

I thought the new Jace wasn't good. After playing it in Modern Mill - I was wrong. Come see why.

The Ten Most Expensive Cards From Phyrexia: All Will Be One - Insane Prices!
Discussion Economy 

26 Feb by Genoslugcs

ONE has some of the most expensive cards I've seen! Come and have a look at the top 10.

Hall of Famer Reid Duke Wins Pioneer Pro-Tour With Indomitable Creativity
News Pioneer 

26 Feb by Genoslugcs

A look at Ried Duke's pro-tour Phyrexia winning deck list and a look at how it works.

Commander Masters Predictions - 20+ Cards Begging To Be Reprinted
Commander News 

26 Feb by Genoslugcs

The first-ever EDH Masters set is official. Here are 24 cards that I think could be reprinted.

March of the Machine - Izzet Burn With Chandra, Hope's Beacon
Deck Modern 

25 Feb by Genoslugcs

Counterspells and Lightning Bolts come together with the new Chandra from March of the Machines.

Whacky Phyrexia: All Will Be One Pioneer Brew - Malcator, Purity Overseer Deck
Deck Pioneer 

22 Feb by Genoslugcs

Taking a look at a spicy Pioneer deck list featuring Malcator, Purity Overseer from the newest set.

First-Ever Colorless Commander Precon Coming In Special New Set
Commander News 

22 Feb by Genoslugcs

Wizards set to release the first ever colorless (Eldrazi) commander precon in a special new set!

How To Stop Venerated Rotpriest Storm In Modern
Gameplay Modern 

19 Feb by Genoslugcs

A look at Modern's newest combo deck - Venerated Rotpriest Storm and how you can beat it.

Ranking The Best Removal Spells From Phyrexia: All Will Be One
Guide Meta 

18 Feb by Genoslugcs

An in-depth breakdown of every removal spell from Phyrexia: All Will Be One

All MTG Formats Explained - What They Are And How They Work
Guide Information 

12 Feb by Genoslugcs

Magic has quite a lot of ways to play the game. Today I'll be going over each format in detail.

The Best Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commanders For Each Color
Commander Guide 

10 Feb by Genoslugcs

A look at the best ONE commanders in white, blue, black, red, green, colorless, and multicolor.

Five Ways To Make Money With Magic: The Gathering
Discussion Economy 

10 Feb by Genoslugcs

My five favorite ways to make money with Magic: The Gathering.

Can't Afford Expensive Commander Staples? - Play These Instead
Discussion Economy 

10 Feb by Genoslugcs

You can build fun, powerful EDH decks on a budget - Just use these alternatives to pricey staples.

Minor Misstep: The Surprising Counter To The Modern Meta's Top Cards
Discussion Modern 

01 Feb by Genoslugcs

A detailed look at Minor Misstep - Is it good or bad and when should play it? Let's find out.

MTG Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Guide Information 

29 Jan by Genoslugcs

A guide to great Valentine's Day gifts for MTG players.

What Is FNM In MTG? - Preparing For Your First Friday Night Magic
Beginner Tournament 

28 Jan by Genoslugcs

A deep dive on Friday Night Magic. How to prepare for your first FNM - Plus tips & tricks to do well

Ad Nauseam Very Much Alive In Modern Despite Simian Spirit Guide Ban

26 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at what Ad Nauseam was pre-ban, losing Simian Spirit Guide, and what the deck is now. RIP SSG

Five Amazing Phrexia: All Will Be One Cards To build Around In Modern
Brews Modern 

25 Jan by Genoslugcs

Today we're taking an in-depth look at five decks built with Phyrexia: All Will Be One cards.

Top 10 Saltiest Commander Cards
Commander Discussion 

21 Jan by Genoslugcs

A look at the top 10 most annoying, oppressive, and salt-inducing cards in commander.

How Cheap Can You Build Priest of Fell Rites In Modern?
Discussion Modern 

20 Jan by Genoslugcs

Seeing how cheap Modern decks can be with an ultra-budget Priest of Fell Rites deck.