Top 5 EDH Combos For Pirate Tribal

Genoslugcs November 2, 2023 5 min
Top 5 EDH Combos For Pirate Tribal

Here soon, Pirates are sailing back into the world of MTG with their own dedicated precon in Lost Caverns of Ixalan. So, what better time to talk about pirate tribal? One of my favorite parts of playing pirates in EDH are the fun combos. Whether it's making treasure, commandeering opponents' creatures, or overwhelming with a relentless barrage of attacks, these Pirate tribal combos are must-play wincons.

Today, I'll give you five of my favorite game-winning combos for the archetype. We'll go over the cards, the requisite set-ups to go off, and what happens when you do. I'll also give some replacement options, and bonus mentions as well. So, all hands on deck as we dive into the Top five best commander combos for a pirate deck.


Best EDH Combos For A Pirate Deck

These combos will be listed in no particular order. Each one only uses a few cards, wins you the game (usually on the spot), and fits a pirate theme. All of these are great options for upgrading the power level of the upcoming "Ahoy Mateys" precon from Lost Caverns of Ixalan too, so keep that in mind once they drop.

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Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Glint-Horn Buccaneer Combo

image image

When it comes to putting combos in my pirate decks, this is one that I 100% recommend, so I'm starting with it.

Malcolm's ability to create Treasures triggers from Glint-Horn Buccaneer's ability to deal damage and fuels subsequent activations. First, you'll need at least two opponents and more cards in your library than your opponent's life totals. Next, have Malcolm and Glint-Horn Buccaneer on the battlefield with at least one card in hand and two mana available. Once you've got that, here's how it works.

Glint-Horn Buccaneer has to be attacking to use its ability. So, attack, hold priority, and activate his ability. This will have you discard a card, draw a new one, and deal one damage to each of your two opponents. Now Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigatorimage triggers and gives you two treasures. You can use these two treasures to activate Glint-Horn again and repeat the cycle, giving you near-infinite damage and looting. 

Dockside Extortionist + Revel in Riches

image image

Both cards are expensive, but you'll get your money's worth if you have them or can afford to get them. They are powerful, standalone cards that come together for a simple, possibly game-winning combination. To make this happen, you'll need Revel in play, Dockside in hand, and your opponents to have at least ten artifacts or enchantments in play.

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Once this is done, you cast Dockside Extortionistimage. When you do, you'll create at least 10 treasures and will be on course to win the game on your next upkeep, thanks to the second ability on Revel in Riches. What's nice is that you can rely less on your opponents the more treasures you naturally have. For example, if you already have four, Dockside only has to make six.

Another card that combos well in place of Dockside is Brass's Bountyimage. It works the same way - Anytime you've got 10 lands or more in play, you're looking at a win on next your upkeep. I recommend you play both Brass's Bounty and Dockside if possible. However, this is a budget-friendly sub for the pillaging pirate monkey. 

Port Razer + Helm of the Host

image image

This combo will generate infinite combat phases, creature tokens with haste, and endless combat damage. To make this happen, you'll need Port Razer in play with the helm attached to it and at least one opponent that can't block Port Razer. Pretty easy, huh? Now, move to combat, and Helm of the Host will trigger, creating a copy of Port Razer.

Declare that token copy as an attacker, going at an opponent that can't block. When the Port Razer token deals combat damage, it triggers, causing you to untap all creatures you control and get another combat phase after this one. And the cycle repeats from the beginning here. Keep declaring your tokens as attackers, and you'll create an endless attacking pirate force.

As a bonus, if you're already playing Helm in your deck, it also combos with Timestream Navigatorimage for extra turns. You'll need both permanents on the battlefield, Helm attached to Timestream Navigator, the City's Blessing, and 2UU mana available. 


Then, go to combat, Helm of the Host triggers and makes a token copy of Timestream Navigator. Activate the token copy to take an extra turn and move to the next turn. Considering you rinse and repeat this, you come away with infinite turns, which is fun for everyone... Well, maybe it's just fun for you. Still, if you're already considering playing the helm, this is also an excellent addition.

Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigator + Lightning-Rig Crew + Freed from the Real

image image image

I've played this in my Admiral Beckett Brassimage since I built it, and it's a fun one that won't break the bank. The setup here requires all permanents in play with  Freed from the Realimage attached to Lightning-Rig Crewimage, which is not summoning sick. With those requisites met, you're ready to go off.

First, tap Lightning-Rig Crew and deal one damage to each opponent. When you do, you'll make treasures with Malcolm, Keen-Eyed Navigatorimage. Crack one of them for blue and use it to pay for Freed from the Realimage to untap the Lightning-Rig Crew. Voilà! You've got infinite damage. Just keep tapping, making treasures, using them to untap, and call it a day.

In my experience, Freed from the Real can be a handy card, even outside the combo. So, don't sweat playing it if you like this combo.

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Coercive Recruiter

image image

You can't have a pirate deck without taking things that don't belong to you. This combo lets you do just that and will allow you to gain control of all opposing creatures. First, you'll need both permanents in play. Next, tap Kiki-Jiki to create a hasty token copy of Coercive Recruiter. When you do this, both Recruiters will trigger. Use one of the triggers to target your Kiki-Jiki, which will untap it. The second one can target an opposing creature.

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With Kiki-Jiki untapped, you're back to where you started and can repeat the process. Each time you complete the loop, you'll have one more copy and be able to steal an extra creature per turn until you've got them all—as well as infinite hasty tokens. If this isn't one of the best combos for a pirate deck, I don't know what is.

If you do sleeve this up, it's worth noting that Kiki-Jiki works with the Port Razerimage combo mentioned above, which gives you some redundancy with your wincons. Just replace the Helm of the Host with Kiki; the combo works the same way.


There you have it, my fellow pirate-playing friends. Admiral Beckett Brassimage is one of my favorite decks, and these combos are dear to me. So, I wanted to share them with others. Especially because she's returning in the new precon! If you plan on picking that up, these combos will be a nice way to upgrade the winning power.

What is your favorite Ixalan tribe? Pirates, Vampires, Dinosaurs, or Merfolk?


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