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André Liverød Founder and CEO of, techie, senior IT Network consultant, web dev, and MTG enthusiast. Likes to play with fire. You can follow André on Twitter.

"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"

MTG Arena Mastery System Guide
MTGA Updates 

28 Aug by andreliverod

Here is all the information you need to know about MTG Arenas new Mastery system. A full overview of the levels and how it works.

Purple was revealed as the sixth color of Magic on stream
Mothership News 

01 Jul by andreliverod

Circulating the web right now is a clip from Channel Fireball showcasing a new card back with six colors instead of the traditional five. The hype is real, but is Purple really going to happen?

Magic 2020 Streamer Event spicy deck brews
Decklists Event 

29 Jun by andreliverod

The streaming event for Magic 2020 is drawing near. We have gathered the spiciest of brews from our content creators. If you are in the event or are looking for some new M20 brews, look no further.

Magic 2020 Early Access Streamer Event Preview
News TeamAether 

27 Jun by andreliverod

Magic Core set 2020 will be available for streamers on the 1st of July. This will also be the first showcase of the new London Mulligan rule. A big part of Team Aether will also be playing the event.

Pets are coming to MTG Arena, and so is a new format!
MTGA Updates 

27 Jun by andreliverod

The new State of the beta for June 2019 is out! We finally get to find out what those empty areas on both sides of the battlefield are for. They also revealed the new name for "Standard Plus".

The Super Spiffy Tournament II
Streaming Tournament 

16 Jun by andreliverod

AetherHub is an official sponsor to AliasV's next Super Spiffy Tournament! Compete with 400 other contenders for a variety of different prizes. Tourney Date 14th July

Commence the Endgame Counters Event High Wins Decklists
Decklists MTGA Events 

15 Jun by andreliverod

The Endgame is finally here, equip yourself with one of these lists made by the great people of Reddit. We have scoured the MTGA Subreddit for the best decklists, results are as posted by the authors.

We now have a spoiler section on the website
Spoilers Updates 

11 Jun by andreliverod

Starting with Magic 2020, we now have our own spoiler section on the website. Spoilers will also be shown on the front page feed, displaying the daily spoilers with links to the spoiler page.

The MetaHub, Detailed overview of the current Metagame and statistics
AetherHub Updates 

10 Jun by andreliverod

The new MetaHub is now available on the site. We have separated the user posted decks from the tournament lists. Summaries and statistics are available making it easy to get an overview of the meta.

Storm The Citadel Decklists for Singleton
Event Singleton 

07 Jun by andreliverod

Chapter III Is upon us and the format is Singleton. Here are some decklists to try out in the format. Remember that we are not using the London mulligan rules too!

Partnering up with Cardmarket for European Prices
AetherHub Economy 

04 Jun by andreliverod

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Cardmarketcom! Providing us with MTG Card prices for the European market!

200+ boosters and 160k gems in the prizepool for our upcoming tourneys
Competitive Streaming 

23 May by andreliverod

We have gotten sponsored by Wizards of the Coast with over 200 boosters and thousands of Gems to hold Tourneys for the community. Compete every week in our tourneys hosted by Team Aether members.

Top decks to try out in the War of the Spark Streamer Event
Event Streaming 

22 May by andreliverod

The event is approaching, you might be streaming or watching your favorite streamer play. Here is a collection both of some competitive, fun, interesting and janky brews to try out.

Tier 1 War Lists - Diversity equals bye bye wildcards
Competitive Meta 

20 May by andreliverod

As someone who has to try all tier 1 decks, the current meta situation has me in a bind. It is too diverse for my wildcards to handle. For those of you looking for a new deck, look no further.

Test your drating skills in WAR with Channel Fireballs limited ratings
Competitive Limited 

07 May by andreliverod

Luis is done with all his card ratings, and we have added them all to our Limited Ratings lists and Draft Sensei for you to check out. Check out CFB for the full article.

The War of the Spark Standard Meta Week 1
Competitive Meta 

06 May by andreliverod

The results from the Star City Games Weekend Tourneys are in SCG Open and SCG Classic. This is a short meta overview, and as always be careful with investing too much in early meta decks.

We now have over 35.000 registered users!
AetherHub News 

02 May by andreliverod

It has been 2 and 2 months since the first version of AetherHub went live. We have come a long way since then. To celebrate we have something extra for you first 35k users of the site.

Changing Basic Land art in MTG Arena War of the Sparks
Guide MTGA 

28 Apr by andreliverod

With Wizards still not having a way to manually change the lands in your decks, you will have to manually link cards in a text editor. Here is a list of all lands for you, just import this deck.

The Team Aether League Season Start
AetherHub Tournament 

26 Apr by andreliverod

With War of the Spark MTG_Arena_Meta will be holding the Team Aether League Weekly on Saturdays. There will be weekly prizes and also a seasonal prize

Spicy Day1 Brews from our Content Creators
Brews News 

25 Apr by andreliverod

If your wildcards are burning in your pocket, here is a collection of exciting brews from Aetherhubs content creators you can use them on!