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"Nuts & Bolts Spike spends his energy looking within. He tries to understand his own internal flaws and works to improve them"

TCGPlayer Infinite - The new subscription service

19 Nov by andreliverod

By signing up you are also supporting the AetherHub Community prize pool!

Oko Banned in Brawl
Brawl News 

05 Nov by andreliverod

Nov 5. Oko, Thief of Crowns has been banned in Brawl.

Magic Mana Strike - The new Mobile MTG Game

02 Nov by andreliverod

What is Magic Mana Strike? How do you get access and play it?

Theros Beyond Death cards leaked
News Spoilers 

30 Oct by andreliverod

Several cards from the upcoming set Theros Beyond death has been leaked.

Over 100 Pioneer decks from MTG Online
Decklists Pioneer 

28 Oct by andreliverod

The new 5-0 Lists from MTG Online has been posted. Check out the meta here.

Announcing weekly 10.000 Gem Community Tourneys!
AetherHub Community 

28 Oct by andreliverod

Join in every week throughout December for a chance at 10.000 Gems!

Top 16 decklists from the Mythic Championship Qualifier VII
Competitive Standard 

28 Oct by andreliverod

There was indeed a lot of Elks in the top winning lists of the MCQW.

Top 16 decklists from this weekends Brawl Tournament
Brawl Decklists 

27 Oct by andreliverod

Delve into the Brawl meta with the results from our weekend Tournament!

The Formats is getting out of hand, this will be the downfall of MTGA
Brawl News 

26 Oct by andreliverod

Three versions of Brawl, Pioneer not on MTGA. Boy, this is not good.

Lands for Pioneer - finding the right mana base
Guide Pioneer 

24 Oct by andreliverod

Getting familiar with the Mana options in Pioneer, a list of lands

Annoucing a brand new format! Pioneer
News Pioneer 

21 Oct by andreliverod

Introducing a brand new nonrotating format, Pioneer!

Eldraine Constructed Deck lists
Decklists MTGA Events 

18 Oct by andreliverod

Tired of Field of the Dead? Try out these decks in Eldraine constructed

Eldraine Meta Summary 1 Week with over 100 Decks
Decklists Standard 

06 Oct by andreliverod

Release Weekend is just over, but we already a large amount of deck data.

The AetherHub Mythic Rare Podcast Episode 1
AetherHub Podcast 

03 Oct by andreliverod

We are very excited to present The Mythic Rare Podcast!

Standard Week 1 Meta Lists Eldraine
AetherHub Tournament 

29 Sep by andreliverod

Week 1 decklists from the Weekend prerelease tournaments.

MTG Arena Eldraine Standard the first tourney decks
Meta Standard 

28 Sep by andreliverod

Results from the worlds first Eldraine Standard Tourney.

Mastery Pass Throne of Eldraine
Guide MTGA 

27 Sep by andreliverod

A full overview of the reward track for the Throne of Eldraine Mastery Pass

Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena Standard Decks
MTGA Standard 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Team Aether's favorite picks for the first decks of Eldraine Standard.

Eldraine Pre-Release Weekend Community Tourneys- 60k Gems 60 boosters in prizes
AetherHub Tournament 

26 Sep by andreliverod

Three tournaments over two days with the prize pool sponsored by Wizards.

Throne of Eldraine MTG Arena decks
Meta Standard 

26 Sep by andreliverod

New set, new decks. Dipping our toes into Eldraine with these new decks.