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By: andreliverod - 28 May 2020

Figuring out what decks you can build does not need to be hard and tiresome, there are tools that can help you figure out what decks you can build and what cards you need to build them. With MTGA Assistant you always have the latest meta decklists and it will tell you how many resources you need to build each the decks.

Figuring out what you can build can be as easy as this.

The Meta Jungle

Finding the best decks in each format can be done easily with a good search. Whether it is Standard, Traditional Standard, Historic, or Brawl you can find the latest top performer grouped together on AetherHub. Hundredths of decklists to look at and learn, but how do you figure out which of these decks you have the cards for? While the total rarity count is displayed, it is not a fun task to look in your collection and check if you own the cards. Another solution could be to download all the decklists and hover them in the MTGA Deck section to see how many cards you are missing.

Not only is it a question of what decks can you build, but also what kind of archetype do you like? If you see a decklist this website you want to build the tools in MTGA Assistant can instantly tell you what cards you are missing for that deck.

Deck Advisor for the metagame

AetherHub gets decklists from Recent Events played around the world, which in these pandemic times there are few of. But we also collect decks with High Winrates from MTG Arena by using the MTGA Assistant deck tracker. While you can see all of these deck under the MetaHub / Metagame pages, the real magic starts when installing the Assistant. A menu will be available inside of the game after installation where you can bring up the meta pages. It will download the latest meta decks every day and compare them to your current collection and tell you how many wildcards you are missing from completing them! If you have all the cards it will tell you that you own all of the cards.

All that is left to do is click the deck you want and download it. No need to browse the web, it is all available within the game, no need to import and check if you own the cards, the assistant tells you everything you need to know. The best part is that this is up to date all the time with new decks that come in and when bans occur we have a deck check system that will remove decks that are not legal any longer.

 Compare any decklist to your collection

By using the built-in deck search engine on Overwolf an extra tab gets added to AetherHub deck results, this tab will tell you how many wildcards you are missing for a deck. Really useful when looking at some new decks you want to build. There is also a window where you can paste text decklists and it will compare with the collection and tell you what cards you own.


You can download the extension from MTGA


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@Mindcraft We are planning to add that as a premium feature. It is a huge strain on the database to compare tens of thousands of cards to million of cards across decks on AetherHub, so it is not something we can make open for everyone. But still a bit in the future. The next big step for MTGA Assistant is the "play history" during matches.
It would be great to have the option of searching all decks that one can build with their collection
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