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By: andreliverod - 05 Jun 2020

Premium and Traditional Draft Helper Support added!

With version 1.6 of MTGA Assistant, we have added support for all draft modes in MTG Arena. If you want draft ratings and a collection overview of how many of the cards you own while drafting against other people, MTGA Assistant is one of the very first extensions that currently offers this. 

The new version is currently being pushed out and your clients will auto-update to the latest version.

Edit 6 July: Wotc has now added log output for premiere drafts, so more deck trackers will be adding this feature soon. 

How does it work?

Draft ratings work fine for Quick drafts in most MTGA extensions, the mode where you draft against bots and play versus humans. The difference with this mode and Premium/Traditional Drafts is that it provides a full log output of all the cards selectable in the pool and which card you pick. In Premium and Traditional, however, we do not get any draft output at all. Wizards added some a log output in a recent update 21st May that did give some output but it was the bare minimum and not enough for performing the things expected from a draft helper. We do think they will provide a full log output eventually making it easier for deck trackers to read the draft data, so how do we do it?

We rely on our partner Overwolf to use their software to read what cards are presented and picked by the users and using their API we can access this information and preset the user with our data. A lot of users are skeptical to the Overwolf Software platform but they have helped us make the extension we envisioned, provided us with tools to easily make a Windows native App and are helping us with monetization so we can continue to build a useful tool for the community and keep it free. Developing and maintaining takes a lot of effort and we do this on a daily basis.


What draft ratings are used?

The draft ratings used in MTGA Assistant is from ChannelFireball's Luis-Scott Vargas. While we present you with his comments and ratings while you draft, these are not available to browse freely within the app. If you want a full overview of all the ratings you need to subscribe to CFB Pro and view them on their website. Having this data available while drafting is very helpful, for new players this can be crucial to try out the format as they are not familiar with what cards are good in limited. For more experienced players it can be helpful to have a second opinion available before they pick a card. Remember that in Premiere and Traditional drafts you are on a timer as opposed to Quick Drafts, so you have to be quick. 


Draft Logs and Collection comparing

Your drafts are also saved locally in MTGA Assistant, you can go through each of your picks and see all the other cards that were available. This helps you analyze your choices and improve by sharing your picks with other players to get feedback on what you could do differently.


Another useful feature is the Collection compare feature built into the draft helper. With it, you can see how many copies of each card you already own when you draft. If you own less than 4 copies of a card we will mark it with red text to help you see it more easily. If you have to pick useless cards for your deck, why not pick a card you already don't own 4 of. 


Check out MTGA Assistant on our webpage for more information and download link, we hope this helps you out. Support us by sharing the app with your friends!

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