Core set 2021 Information

By: andreliverod - 17 Jun 2020

Core Set 2021 has been fully spoiled, it features a mix of new and reprinted cards. The main set contains 274 cards (15 basic lands, 111 common, 80 uncommon, 53 rare, and 15 mythic rare) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. Core Set 2021 has no storyline and there are no Story Spotlights, either. See the full spoiler list here: Core set 2021 Set List

All cards are available in our Deck Builder and Editor. Limited Ratings will be available before release in our MTGA Assistant extension.



Magic Online and Magic Arena release: June 25, 2020
Prerelease: June 26 - July 2, 2020
Launch party: July 4-5, 2020


Card types

The set introduces the Dog creature type, and errata the Hound creature type to all become Dogs.[16] This change was foreshadowed with the test card Ruff, Underdog Champimage.

The set sees the return of the enchantment subtype from Champions of Kamigawa, Shrines.


Planeswalkers and Signature Spells

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image image image image

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image image image image

image image image image


Limited Archetypes and Draft Signposts


Blue/White: Flying matters


Blue/Black: Reanimator


Black/Red: Sacrifice


Red/Green: "Ferocious"


Green/White: +1/+1 counters


White/Black: Lifegain


Blue/Red: Prowess


Black/Green: "Morbid"


White/Red: Go wide and Dog tribal


Green/Blue: Card draw



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