Why you should use MTG Arena Deck Trackers
deck tracker MTGAAssistant 

14 May by andreliverod

Let us take a look at how Deck Trackers can enhance your MTG experience.

The Standard, Historic and Brawl Metagame May
Metagame MTGA 

13 May by andreliverod

What is hot in the May Meta in the different MTGA Formats? Let us take a look

Website and MTGA Assistant Updates May 2020
AetherHub Updates 

06 May by andreliverod

Here is the update summary for the website and MTGA Assistant for May 2020.

Constructed Ranked Ladder results April Season 16
AetherHub Competitive 

02 May by andreliverod

April Constructed season is over and the results from the MTGA Assistant ladder are in.

Ikoria First week Breakout Metadecks
Competitive Meta 

20 Apr by andreliverod

Almost a full week has passed since Ikoria release. Time to look at some breakout decks.

Free Ikoria Standard Tournament Friday 24th April
Community Tournament 

20 Apr by andreliverod

The Community Tournament is back, now with help from TCGPlayer

The first Metadecks of Ikoria
Competitive Meta 

17 Apr by andreliverod

It is very early in the set cycle but let's take a look at what decks are doing well.

Ikoria Collector Boosters error - No Japanese exclusives included
News Wotc 

16 Apr by andreliverod

If you were looking forward to Japanese exclusive promo cards, you might miss out on these 3.

List of Companion cards in Ikoria
Brews News 

16 Apr by andreliverod

There are ten companions in the new Ikoria set, here is an overview of them.

New Secret Lair: Godzilla Lands
Mothership News 

16 Apr by andreliverod

A new Secret Lair has been announced and it turns out to be basic lands with Godzilla!

Decks to try out in Ikoria
Deck MTGA 

14 Apr by andreliverod

A new set and new brews to play with. Here are some new decks from Content creators and users.

All Instant speed tricks in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
Guide Limited 

14 Apr by andreliverod

A list of all Instant spells in Ikoria, a helpful list for everyone playing limited.

MTG Arena: State of the game - April 2020
MTGA Updates 

14 Apr by andreliverod

Big news for the April update of MTG Arena. Real draft pods are finally arriving!

AetherHub and MTGA Assistant updates April 2020
AetherHub News 

13 Apr by andreliverod

Here is what's new on the website and our extension in April!

The easiest way to reach Mythic rank
Guide MTGA 

13 Apr by andreliverod

Here is how to climb to Mythic rank the easiest way possible to earn a Mythic Qualifier invite.

FNM At Home What decks to play?
Decklists Event 

03 Apr by andreliverod

With access to all the cards in the game, what decks should you try out?

Announcing Prize rewards for Ranked Ladders April 2020
Competitive News 

31 Mar by andreliverod

With the April seaon we are providing cash prizes for reaching the top of our ranked ladders!

Adding social Features to MTGA Assistant with Teams and updating the Metagame
MTGAAssistant News 

24 Mar by andreliverod

Make your own Teams on AetherHub and bring them into the game.

Using Backlinks as a MTG Content creator - its free real estate!
Content Creator Guide 

23 Mar by andreliverod

Backlinking is still important for Youtube videos, here is why. Do not sleep on this!

Ikoria Teaser from Maro
Mothership News 

19 Mar by andreliverod

An early teaser for the new Ikoria set from Maro himself.


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