Seven budget decks for Zendikar Rising Standard

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By: andreliverod - 16 Sep 2020

These decks lists were sourced from Reddit and made by /u/CapybaraHematoma and provide a great start for new and experienced players looking to start fresh after rotation. A couple of notes from CapybaraHematoma before we start off:

- The optimal way to build your collection is to wait until you can craft an entire deck that you want to play, whether it's a Tier 1 tournament deck for grinding the ladder and constructed events or a janky minotaur combo deck.

- A "budget" mana-base for a multi-color deck is vastly inferior to a proper mana-base. If you're new to magic then you'll have to reconcile yourself with this: The lands are expensive because they are irreplaceable. This means that most the best budget decks are mono-colored.

- Rare and mythic WCs are the real barrier for building a constructed deck, these decks will be composed almost exclusively of commons and uncommon.

- The good midrange and control cards are usually at mythic and rare, so the best budget decks are slanted toward aggression

- Ugrade paths: There are none. I generally think that it's a bad idea to build a budget deck as a cheap version of a Tier 1-2 deck, a budget deck should be looking to optimize its own gameplan. I don't want anyone to try to spend WCs "upgrading" these decks. Spend your wildcards on a deck you want to build, whether it's a tournament deck or your own brew.


Budget ZNR Mono Black Lurrus


Budget ZNR Red Deck Wins


Budget ZNR Mono Black Devotion


Budget ZNR Mono Green Stompy


Budget ZNR Mono Green Counters


Budget ZNR Mono White Lurrus Aggro