Zendikar Rising Early Access Event Decklists

andreliverod September 15, 2020 1 min

The early access event for streamers is right around the corner. Tune in to your favorite streamer and get an early look at Zendikar Rising. We have gathered some interesting decks provided by users on the site and Content creators participating in the Event. First up members of Team Aether streaming in the event and the decks they are playing:


I stream MTG: Arena and Marbles on Stream.
My preferred MTG decks are fun, slightly off-meta decks that catch our opponent by surprise. Some call it competitive shenanigans.
Feel free to point out another line of play, I converse with my chat frequently. The goal is to grow together and win often!

EA. Felidar Scute ✔️


EA. Land Destruction ✔️



I first began playing Magic: The Gathering in 1995. I've always been an extremely competitive control player, and my goal while streaming is to help other players learn to step up their control game. Most seasons I climb to the top 100 of the mythic ladder, and I'm in the MTG Creator Program.

Rogue Tribal Mill


My name is John, I'm a Twitch Affiliate, I love MTG, Cooking, and Music! Come play games with me!


Other Decks from Content Creators and Users


MTG_Joe - Youtube


[ZEN] Gruul Greenwarden Lithoforming

[ZEN] Orzhov Clerics

Main 60 cards (19 distinct)
Creature (26)
Instant, Sorcery, Enchantment, Artifact (15)
Land (19)