Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass overview

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By: andreliverod - 14 Sep 2020

Base content (Free for everyone)

  • 57x Zendikar Rising boosters
  • 5 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style on the Zendikar Rising Mastery Tree)

Zendikar Rising Mastery Pass Content

The Zendikar Rising set mastery goes up to Level 130. All players receive rewards through Level 114, while players with the Mastery Pass will receive rewards up to Level 130 and beyond.


  • Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients Avatar


  • 20x booster packs (x5 ELD, x5 THB, x5 IKO, x5 M21)
  • 10x Zendikar Rising mythic rare Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • 15x Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 131+: 1x Uncommon ICR 


  • Zendikar Rising Card Sleeve
  • Lithoform Exquisite Card Sleeve


  • 25 Orbs (each can be redeemed for a card style on the Zendikar Rising Mastery Tree)
  • 15x Common Card Styles
  • 10x Uncommon Card Styles
  • 10x Rare Card Styles


  • 10x Text Emotes
  • 5x Sticker Emotes


  • 1 Premium Draft Token (Can be redeemed for either a Premier or Traditional Draft)


  • 4,000 Gold
  • 1,200 Gems


  • 5 Elemental-Themed Swappable Pets

Renewal Rewards

In addition to the Renewal Gift, players will receive when logging in after September 17, there will be additional rewards not requiring Mastery pass.


  • Users must have created an MTG Arena account and logged into their account on or before September 17 in order to be eligible for rewards.
  • Individual Card Rewards are from current Standard sets as of September 17, 2020.
  • Limit one (1) activation per MTG Arena account.


  • 10x rare or higher ICRs 


  • Level 3: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon Individual Card Rewards (ICRs)
  • Level 5: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 7: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 11: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 15: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 17: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 21: 2x Zendikar Rising Uncommon ICRs
  • Level 25: 1x Zendikar Rising booster and 1x Zendikar Rising Mythic ICR
  • Level 31: Standard 2020 Basic Sleeve

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