MTG Arena Event Calendar November 2020

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By: andreliverod - 21 Nov 2020

Events ordered by date

November 12–19 Sealed Kaladesh Remastered
November 12–26 Kaladesh Remastered Traditional Draft
November 12–Dec. 18 Kaladesh Remastered Premier Draft
November 13 FNM @ Home Play Anything
November 13 - 27 Throne of Eldraine Quick Draft
November 20 FNM @ Home Historic
November 20 - 26 Historic Brawl Fest
November 27 FNM @ Home Historic Artisan
November 28–Dec. 1 Kaladesh Remastered Draft Challenge
November 28 - Dec. 11 Zendikar Rising Quick Draft
December 4 FNM @ Home Mastermind
December 11 - Dec. 25 Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths Quick Draft
December 12 - Dec. 13 Arena Open - Historic Constructed


Events ordered by type

Sealed: November 12–19
Traditional Draft: November 12–26
Premier Draft: November 12–December 18
Draft Challenge: November 28–December 1

November 13 - November 27: Throne of Eldraine
November 28 - December 11: Zendikar Rising
December 11 - December 25: Ikoira: Lair of Behemoths

November 13: Play Anything
November 20: Historic
November 27: Historic Artisan
December 4: Mastermind

November 20 - November 26: Historic Brawl Fest
December 12 - December 13: Arena Open - Historic Constructed


MTG Arena Patch notes version

  • Optimized how we send information about persistent annotations (mostly so Scute Swarm is less likely to break things).
  • Cards that exile other cards while they're on the battlefield now more consistently show the exiled card tucked underneath.
  • Extra tokens from Leonin Warleader's ability duplicated with Anointed Procession now attack the objective chosen individually for them.
  • Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse now give priority during combat.
  • Removed unintentional 8-second delay after finishing a match.
  • Rank change no longer incorrectly displays after some unranked matches.
  • Call and response (Nice/Thanks, Oops/Sorry) emotes are working again.
  • The Phyrexian Swamp is once again compleat.
  • Commander names should no longer display oversized and block cards.
  • Mana symbols are now correctly vertically aligned correctly the deck builder.
  • Karn, Scion of Urza no longer allowes players to return exiled cards to their hand without silver counters.
  • Rankle, Master of Prank's trigger now shows all chosen abilities again, instead of just the one in progress.
  • Nimble Trapfinder's 'Can't be blocked' ability now correctly triggers when a party member enters the battlefield from somewhere other than the hand.
  • Cycling a land no longer causes it to briefly appear with the wrong card frame.
  • Creatures that had both "doesn't untap" and were phased out didn't show VFX for either. Now they show both!
  • Fixed an issue where copying a creature with multiple creatures mutated onto it, then bouncing the copy would show a blank card going back to the hand. It wasn't really there.
  • MDFCs with the Gingerbread sleeve no longer show her little face when they show the back. . . though we thought it was cute.
  • Tuck in! We tightened up some empty space in the deck select menu
  • Fixed the wrong pet sometimes shown up in the reward screen for the battlepass.
  • VFX for Power & Toughness changes are now better synched.
  • Fixed an issue where ability tiles would show up spaced out instead of being lined up close together.
  • The Social menu button should no longer occasionally disappear.




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