Secret Lair: Showcase: Zendikar Revisited Pre-Orders!
Release Spoilers 

14 Sep by Kagros

A new Secret Lair has been announced! What goodies await inside?

Double-Faced Modal Lands and Their Implications
Discussion Spoilers 

03 Sep by Kagros

The new Zendikar set brings with the new Double Faced modal lands! Lets discuss!

Commander Collection: Green Revealed!
News Spoilers 

22 Aug by Kagros

Lots of spicy news dropping today at Command Fest; this new collection of cards among them!

Secret Lair: Every Dog Has Its Day Pre-Orders!
Release Spoilers 

20 Aug by Kagros

The second Secret Lair in a week has dropped! What goodies await inside?

Secret Lair: Prime Slime Pre-Orders!
Release Spoilers 

17 Aug by Kagros

A new Secret Lair has dropped. Check out what's inside!

Drafting Hyper-Aggro in Amonkhet Limited: It's Back!
Discussion Limited 

15 Aug by Kagros

The aggressive archetype in an already aggressive Limited environment: Hyper Aggro is Back!

Double Masters is a Culmination of the MTG's Past Five Years
Discussion Economy 

09 Aug by Kagros

Come take a trip down memory lane as we explore how Double Masters came to be!

Amonkhet Remastered Release Details
News Release 

04 Aug by Kagros

Amonkhet Remastered is fast approaching! Here's what you need to know!

August 3rd Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

03 Aug by Kagros

A surprise B&R announcement right after the Players Tour. Check out what changes await the metagame!

Mark Rosewater's SDCC Stream Summary
News Updates 

26 Jul by Kagros

Mark Rosewater hosted a stream where he discusses Zendikar Rising! Check out what was discussed!

MTGA July 2020 State of the Game
MTGA News 

15 Jul by Kagros

The monthly MTGA State of the Game has released. Come check out what August has in store for us!

July 13th Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

13 Jul by Kagros

Wizards has surprisingly unbanned something. Come check it out!

Upcoming 7/13 Banlist Update
News Updates 

07 Jul by Kagros

Wizards has announced that the new Banlist update will be on 7/13. Find out which formats!

Several Jumpstart Cards Replaced in MTGA
MTGA Release 

20 Jun by Kagros

Wizards has announced that the Jumpstart release on MTGA will be slightly different than paper

Signature Spellbook: Chandra Preview
Release Spoilers 

04 Jun by Kagros

Check out the new Signature Spellbook cards featuring Chandra!

June 1, 2020 Banned and Restricted Update
Mothership News 

01 Jun by Kagros

Wizards has made a change to the Companion mechanic and updated it's Banlist!

Full Secret Lair: Summer Superdrop Preview
News Release 

26 May by Kagros

The full Secret Lair Summer Superdrop has been revealed. Find out the remaining Secret Lair cards!

Secret Lair: Ornithological Studies Preview
Release Spoilers 

26 May by Kagros

Check out the beautiful new Secret Lair "Birds" Preview!

Secret Lair: Full Sleeves Preview
Release Spoilers 

25 May by Kagros

Come check out the Previews for Secret Lair: Full Sleeves. These are NOT card sleeves.

New Commander Legends Teaser
Interview Spoilers 

22 May by Kagros

Some new information about a now-anticipated Commander Legends card dropped today!


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